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Monday, May 16, 2005
You're the high class girl. You're elegant,
sophisticated, and enjoy the luxuries of life.
You are confident, fair, and diplomatic. You
could be royalty for all I know. People like
you a lot, but be sure they don't like you for
your money or anything. That's bad. Pick out
your real friends from the crowd.

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Apparently, which is a bit of a laugh, considering.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:50 pm [edit] 

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th, and I'm back!

Well, I suppose the closing minutes of Friday the 13th is as good as any to start writing something in the ol' blog again after my "little breakette" of the last couple of months.

Not that I'm superstitious, course. I mean, I will avoid walking under ladders, but that's not superstition, that's common sense. You're liable to end up with a pot of paint tipped over you or something.

In the current issue of Fortean Times there is a fascinating article on the origins of the superstition of Friday the Thirteenth.

Originally it was two separate superstitions: Friday was Hangman's Day on which people were executed, and so was thought to be an unlucky day, and then there was the superstition of the Unlucky 13, that is, that bad luck would be the consequence if 13 people sat down at a table for dinner - the origins of this being the 13 people at the Last Supper.

As for Friday the 13th being recognised as a superstition in its own right, this began on the Stock markets.

I especially liked the tale the town of French Lick, Indiana, where a law was passed that all black cats were required to wear a bell on Friday the 13th so that people could avoid them! (I myself have a black cat, and he HATES bells - I always have to remove them from his collar when I buy a new one for him).

Anyway, very interesting stuff. The guy that wrote the article, Nathaniel Lachenmeyer, has written a book "13: The World's Most Popular Superstition", which is all about the unlucky 13 and about superstition in general.

So, yeah, I'm back... there's loads of stuff I suppose I ought to catch up on, and fill you in about, but I'll talk about that later. Writing this initial post breaking my own silence is the starting point. It all gets easier from here on in. (I hope!)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:49 pm [edit] 

Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, I got a Valentine's Day card from the cat ("I love you more than fish"), so that was a first.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:49 pm [edit] 

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Feeling crap

Sorry that I've not been blogging. I find it hard to get myself motivated when I'm depressed. The horrible situation with the neighbours is still ongoing. Recently we had the Environmental Health in with one of their recording devices. I just hope that the analysis of the tape comes out in our favour and those bastards get evicted. Last night they were again playing music and shouting so at 01:30 or thereabouts I went down and had a go at them. However, they will most likely have forgotten about it by next time.

Today I've been to the Doctor's and I am not at all happy. I've been put back on bloody Seroxat again. Great. (That is sarcasm, by the way).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:33 pm [edit] 

Friday, January 28, 2005


Last night, after a session at the gym I may add, I went to see a gig under the banner of "Deliverance" at the Elm Tree in Cowley Road, Oxford. It was, believe it or not, a country-themed evening, not my usual kind of music but there you go.

We were there really to see the lovely Piney Gir who had a country band (guitars, bass, pedal steel, drums) backing her rather than her usual two guys with synthesisers. She did a number of songs from off her "Peekahokahoo" album, although these were performed in a country style (although "Greetings, Salutations, Goodbye" was recorded in a country style to start with). On the whole, it all worked out very nicely, although one song was abandoned because the lead guitar player couldn't remember how it went and the rest of the band seemed to thing in was in 3/4 when it should have been in 4/4.

Piney herself was resplendent in one of her fab 50s style dresses and had a mental pair of Dorothy-esque glittery red high open-toed wedges on her tootsies. Oh, and instead of the usual Yamaha "key-tar" synth around her neck, she was playing an accordian. Far more appropriate.

All in all, a good night out, although Ghost did seem intent on driving us all under a lorry on the way there!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:28 pm [edit] 

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hey, I've just noticed... Simon at Simon's Skip is blogging again. Hurrah! I thought he gave up a while back. He certainly went quiet for a long while and then announced that the blog was to be no more. When did that all change then? It's going to take me ages to catch up again!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:04 pm [edit] 


Oh, at last Blogger lets me log on! Well, a lot has been happening since last Friday when I posted last (foretting my mini birthday post).

On Friday itself I went to see Julian Cope at the Royal Festival Hall. Last time I saw him (at Oxford) he was playing solo - just him and a guitar - but this time he had his whole band with him - I think I prefer it that way. It was good value for money - about three and a half hours of solid music. Bizarrely Cope and his band came on stage first and did a complete set, then it was time for the support act (Comets on Fire, or something. They were just noise merchants), and then Cope came back and did a second set.

He did all his usual going out into the audience thing whilst singing, everyone grabbing him, snogging women etc, but for most of the songs he was playing guitar (a Gibson Flying V faded cherry jobby, just like mine) so he had to stay up on the stage for these songs. Loads of great songs included "Hanging Out and Hung Up to Dry", "Spacehopper", "Highway to the Sun", "Raynard the Fox", and even a couple of Teardrop Explodes songs "Bouncing Babies" and "Reward"! There were also a bunch of new tunes from the latest album "Citizen Cain'd" but I've not received my copy yet so have yet to familiarise myself with them.

"Raynard the Fox" closed the proceedings, and he did the long rant at the end, then climbed his budgie-perch mike stand, ripped his t-shirt, and went at his bare chest with the top part of the mike stand. I'd read in his autobiography that he'd cut himself like this on stage in Japan years ago, and I was cringing as he did it. I don't know if he was bleeding but he had some very nasty looking red marks on his chest. I could have done without that bit, to be honest, as I'm quite a squeamish person. (A lot of people have been talking about this Dr Gunther von Hagens chap dissecting bodies on Channel 4 television... I don't know how they could watch it personally. Is the world getting harder-skinned?)

Saturday, Sunday... blah blah blah, oh I can't remember. I don't think anything of any particular importance happened.

Monday was a crappy day, just felt really depressing (and according to the BBC website scienctists had announced that it WAS indeed the most depressing day of the year. There's scientist's for you, up to their old tricks again).

Tuesday was my birthday, so in some ways that was still depressing. I had only two cards when I woke up, and one of those was from my great aunt and it was actually a notelet not even a real card and featured a picture of a butterfly. Now anyone who knows me will know that I HATE butterflies. I loathe the bloody things, the mere sight of them can turn my stomach. So I had two cards, only one of which I could put up on the mantelpiece because I couldn't bare to look at the other. (Hey, I'm not the only one, apparently Nicole Kidman hates butterflies as well).

After work I went to see the psychic medium Derek Acorah live on stage at the New Theatre in Oxford. He's the guy that regularly appears on Living TV's "Most Haunted". When I first saw him on telly, I thought "What a load of old crap", then I started getting really into it and being impressed at what he does, and then in more recent months I've been getting more cynical again. I definitely approached the whole evening from a sceptical stance. I wanted to see for myself the sort of thing he does, and try to decide for myself how "supernatural" it really is.

I can't say that I was really convinced by his "powers", although he was quite entertaining. Some of the things he was coming out with, things that were supposedly being conveyed to him by the spirit contacts he was claiming to have made for people in the audience were just too generalised, and when the person in the audience who thought they might know the spirit person he was talking about didn't recognize some aspect of what he said, he'd just fob it off by saying that it must in that case be something that's about to happen in the future.

However, there was one woman in the audience who kept saying yes to everything that Derek came out with (supposedly from her dead mother). That one was a bit more impressive beacause of the number and nature of things that she verified (how could he know all that?), although I'm not prepared to say it was paranormal or any such thing, especially when you consider the talents of Derren Brown who does not claim to have any paranormal powers at all but uses misdirection, subliminal messages, psychology, etc to make people think he can read minds, etc. (I'm going to see him in May, too!) So anyway, viewed as entertainment, it was fair enough, but I don't think I really buy into it.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:13 pm [edit] 

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:11 am [edit]