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Monday, June 30, 2003

I've just realised

D'you know what? I've just realised that it's been three weeks since I reduced my dose of Seroxat by a half. In which case it is time to halve the dose again, which means having half a tablet every other day.

So, no tablet for me tonight and a half for me tomorrow night.

Another thing I've noticed today is that I don't feel quite so tired.

And last night I shaved my legs too. Who knows, perhaps I'll be wearing a dress next!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:16 pm [edit] 

The weekend

Saturday was quite distressing as the cat was in a really good mood and being nice and friendly until Karen and I decided that he needed de-fleaing. This involved me holding him firmly in my arms whilst Karen put a blob of this anti-flea stuff on the back of his neck.

The poor cat hated it. Imagine if someone put a foul-smelling compound on part of your body where you couldn't reach, and wherever you go this nasty smell follows you. Needless to say, the cat was in a very bad mood after this and decided to avoid us. In the end, he went off to my bedroom and sulked.

This made us feel really awful: he'd been in such a good mood and we'd upset him. We kept telling ourselves that it was in a good cause, but that didn't make it feel any better.

I didn't really do a great deal on Saturday. Listened to music mainly, including the new albums by Skin (formerly of Skunk Anansie), and Natacha Atlas (who doesn't seem to have a website!).

In the evening I was looking forward to watching the Mission Impossible movie on BBC1, but as the tennis over-ran it was cancelled. (Boo! Hiss!)

However, all was not lost as there was another episode of Strange, which in my book is the best Saturday night entertainment programme to have been broadcast since Doctor Who (possibly jostling for first position with Randall and Hopkirk Deceased). There was one moment which really made me jump. Great stuff. (Vampire trees, eh?)

After I watched some of the Glastonbury coverage. First on was Moloko. Not sure about the singer's idea of wearing pink stilettos with a black sparkly outfit. They may be fab shoes, dear, but they don't go with what you're wearing. Well, at least she wasn't wearing flip-flops.

Then there were the Flaming Lips, who were... interesting... and then Radiohead.

What is it about Radiohead? Why do people go nuts over them? They are complete SHITE. As was evidenced by this performance, they aren't really very proficient on their instruments, the singer is very very whiney and is most annoying to watch with his screwed up face and head wobbling from side to side. I reckon they ought to team him up with David Gray. They could stick them next to each other at a single microphone and hopefully their two wobbling heads would collide and they'd knock one another out cold!

So, anyway, we had to endure about five millions boring boring Radiohead songs. Well, actually, I think it was four, but it went on and on and was so fucking boring. By this point I was almost giving up the will to live.

After some other rubbish, there was a blessing in the guise of the Super Furry Animals; the BBC actually broadcasting a whole three songs by them.

And then - a special treat - more Radiohead! Arrrgggggggghhhhhh!!

I switched the telly off in disgust and went to bed. When I got into bed, the cat meowed at me and came over and sat right next to me, leant up against my body and had a good purr. I think he'd forgiven me for me earlier cruel deeds, so all's well that ends well and all that stuff.

Sunday saw more of the same really. Just lazing about the house and garden, watching telly, listening to music, etc.

I also had a go at wiring up another guitar project that I'd been working on, only to find that only one of the three pickups was working and that it was humming dreadfully (an earthing problem perhaps). Hmmmm... might have to go back to the drawing board on that one.

Evening came and so I watched The Simpsons, new episode of Futurama (the one with the parallel Universe in a cardboard box - very clever), and then I had a soak in a lovely deep bath. First time I've had a bath in ages, as I normally use the shower. It was very relaxing and I felt great when I came back downstairs to watch 24.

Then watched a bit more Glastonbury (Manic Street Preachers, hurrah!) and went to bed.

Why no Damned coverage from Glastonbury? Bloody BBC! Damn you and damn Radiohead!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:23 am [edit] 

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Saying Goodbye to my Strat

Today has been quite sad in that I am sending off the paisley Fender Stratocaster that I recently sold on eBay. I gave it one final strum this lunchtime, then shrouded it in bubblewrap and laid it to rest in its case. I then had to construct a box around the case. I'm becoming quite adept at making coffins for guitars now. It's possible that the act of packaging them up nice and securely helps the grieving process.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:31 pm [edit] 


This lunchtime, I nipped around to a friend's house with a selection of photos for her to look at (my portfolio!). This friend is having a book on the subject of Transgenderism published and I was one of the people that she'd interviewed over the years. However, she'd lost the photos she wanted included in the book, and the only electronic copies she had were of insufficient quality, so that was why I was taking my photos around for her perusal.

So, some pics of Yours Truly at her most glamourous will most likely be appearing in print again in the not too distant future. Will have to make sure that Shel gets a credit for the photography too!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:55 pm [edit] 

Sorry (again) that I've not been posting much lately. I've been busy doing this and that, and at the moment am re-designing the Teasing LuLu website for the girls. It's going to be really neat - I'm standarizing the design throughout the site, and we're replacing all the photographs with a super set of piccies taken by professional photographer Keith Curtis. I met Keith at the Damned / Teasing LuLu gig in Worthing a few months back and spent ages talking music with him. The man certainly knows his stuff.

Also Louisa sent me their latest CD of Teasing LuLu demoes, and it's fabulous. I'm going to put excerpts of each of the songs up on their website as MP3s.

Look out for these girls - they deserve to go far.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:31 am [edit] 

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

"I made this..."

Look at what Sherri and I built this weekend!
Tele Bits-O-Caster
Tele Bits-O-Caster
Tele Bits-O-Caster

More info over on the Guitar Blog
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:49 am [edit] 

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Sorry, I've gotten behind with my posts again. I'm feeling really exhausted these days, and am not sure what is causing it. (Possibly a side effect of lowering the dose of my tablets in an effort to wean myself off them?)

I was going to tell you all about Brighton on Sunday. So...

I took a leisurely train ride and arrived there shortly after 1 o'clock, and quickly nipped around to the station car park to see if the Sunday car boot sale was still on. Some stalls were closing but there was enough of it still on the go, so I whizzed around the place, and picked up a book about David Bowie for the princely sum of £2.

Karen's train was due in soon after 2, so I made my way back to the station, having to squeeze through a thick columnade of cyclists in order to do so.

Yeah, I realised that it was the London to Brighton cycle ride, but I couldn't figure why all these cyclists were queueing up to get onto a train. Weird. (We worked out afterwards that these were people who had already done the route earlier in the day, and were on their way home).

Karen arrived and we whizzed off in search of refreshment, although we were distracted by shoe shops and the like during this quest. Despite all the temptations that were laying in wait to divert us in The Lanes, we soon enough found ourselves ensconsced in the Kensington pub, where we partook of a couple of cooling beverages and a bite to eat.

Then we went off to find Steve who had just phoned Karen to say that he had completed the bike ride. Neither of us had met him before, and we had to try to pick him out of a great crowd of people. It was mental down by the seafront where the finish line for the race was. I'd never seen so many cyclists in my life. Somehow we managed to find Steve and the Silver Dream Machine. He said he was tired, but we were quite impressed as he didn't look as shagged out as we thought he would after all that cycling.

The three of us made our way through the crowds and headed to the pier, where we had a cup of coffee (Steve), a Coke (Karen), and an ice cream cone (Yours Truly). We chatted about this and that but all too soon it was time to be off on our individual ways, so Karen and I said goodbye to Steve, but not before he had presented us each with a tin of Uncle Joe's Mint Balls from Wigan. (They're very nice, by the way).

At the station, Karen and I had to take separate trains as we were off in different directions. My train was absolutely packed, and I had to stand up in the corridor of the first class carriage. I had to travel like this all the way to Gatwick (I saw a lovely Red Deer out of the window before Gatwick... just thought I'd mention that for the benefit of all you who keep emailing me to bring back the Deer Of The Week feature).

All in all it was a really lovely day. Brighton was packed, but as I pointed out to Steve and Karen, there was a real feelgood atmosphere to the place. Sure, it was crowded but it didn't feel oppressive - something that I would have picked up on straight away.

I was only sorry that it had to be such a flying visit. I wasn't able to catch up with TinTin or Louisa and Captain, or any of the other Brightonites that I know.

I'm seriously considering going back for the weekend of the 19th July - I'd like to book a bed and breakfast for the Saturday night and make a weekend of it. Teasing LuLu are playing a gig that night too, so I'm thinking that I could go to that.

If anyone else is up for it, let me know!!!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:23 pm [edit] 

Monday, June 16, 2003

Had a lovely day in sunny Brighton yesterday with Kacroon and Steve (it was a mini-Blogmeet!), which warrants a nice long blog entry...

Only, I've spent most of tonight on the phone to Shel, and now my tablets have well and truly kicked in and I need to go to bed soon, so I shall have to write it up for you tomorrow.

So, stay tuned...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:00 pm [edit] 

Saturday, June 14, 2003

A bit of a hot one

Phew, it was hot today. I seemed to spend hours walking around Didcot. Indeed, I walked around areas of the town that I haven't seen for about seven or eight years.

My quest was the music shop, Baby John's, as it had recently moved from the row of shops in the centre of the town. I found it eventually; it was a long way to go just to buy some guitar strings.

Then after stopping to buy a bottle of water, I tried to find the short cut back to my house, getting lost a few times in the process, but I made it home eventually.

On my travels, however, I did catch several glimpses of the now legendary Didcot Kite. (I'm talking about the bird of prey, not the wind-borne toy). Apparently a few years back there were only six pairs of breeding kites in the UK (in mid-Wales, I believe), but thankfully they have been thriving and multiplying since then. Most are still to be found in Wales, but I heard that a few were introduced into the Berkshire area in the last year or so. Perhaps our Didcot kite is one of these. It was definitely a kite - I got a good look at it and it had the tell-tale v-shaped tail. Bloody enormous bird, it is too; it looked quite scary, ominous even, hovering and swooping over the town.

Back at home I strung up my battered old Teisco guitar with the heavy gauge strings I'd bought, and then set it up for slide playing with a raised nut giving it an incredily high action. I tuned it to an open D chord and found that it sounds brilliant played lap-style with a blues bottle. I also found that it sounded best using the dirtiest distortion sounds I could find - sounds I'd usually reserve for those heavy metal type wailings.

Not much else to report. Am off to bed soon, as I have to get up early in the morning in order to get the train to Brighton.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:51 pm [edit] 

Friday, June 13, 2003

This news story annoys me. Spike Lee is complaining about a TV company naming a channel Spike TV because he says that it's an infringement of HIS hame, and that when people hear the name 'Spike' they automatically think 'Spike Lee'


Most people that I know would automatically think of the late great Spike Milligan.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:12 am [edit] 

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Just trying to sort out those naughty comments where the comment counter hasn't been working.

I hadn't realised that anyone was actually responding to my recent posts until Steve pointed it out.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:53 pm [edit] 

Cue wind blowing, a lone wolf howling in the distance, tumbleweeds rolling past, etc...

Hello?... Anyone out there?

Hmmmm... it seems all my regular readers have given up on this blog after my recent period of inactivity.

Have you all forgotten me already?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:22 am [edit] 

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Dear Gina,

We are making a series for ITV and we want to meet a new tranny who hasn't ever really been out as a woman much before. I know many people want to keep this a secret but surely more media coverage would encourage a more tolerant and understanding view of trannies. the only way to challenge prejudices is to confront them, not hide. It's a brave thing to do I know, but if you think you know anyone who may be interested, please ask them to call me. Forwarding this would help to spread the word.

Calling All New Trannies !

You're new to the scene and have not yet made your debut...
Taking your first few tentative steps in the world of cross-dressing...

We're making a documentary for ITV and want to feature a novice trannie getting ready to reveal herself to the world. We'd like to film her preparing for her first shopping trip as a woman.

We'd also like a veteran trannie to coach and provide moral support.

Give Vicky a call ASAP on 07813 071 561 / 020 7713 6868 to find out more...

If you could put this on the web and mention it to your clients it would be a good way to get some people. It's fairly urgent as filming starts next week!

Thanks again,
Vicky Gardner
Researcher & Production Co-ordinator
Flame Television
Tel: 0044 (0)20 7713 6868
Fax: 0044 (0)20 7713 6999
Mob: 0044 (0)7813 071 561

posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:34 pm [edit] 

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Coming down

There's still a lot of controversy surrounding the antidepressant Seroxat - see today's Press Release issued by the Department of Health.

I'm glad I'm now in the weaning-off process!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:24 pm [edit] 

Monday, June 09, 2003

Woman Kills Man with Her High-Heeled Shoe... Size 12 US? She's got big feet, hasn't she?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:38 pm [edit] 

Heaven Knows I'm Hungry Now

Another thing I forgot to tell you about when I was away in Wales, was that one day my mum and I went out for lunch in this country house that is owned by Neil Morrissey of Men Behaving Badly fame. (Not to mention the Homebase adverts).

They took bleedin' AGES to serve our food. It was nice food but it was such a long wait, and we think it was only because my mother started fingering her car keys that they pulled their finger out and got us our meal.

The place was quite swish, I suppose, but the decor was vile: a real mish-mash of conflicting styles. There was high tech chrome alongside rustic benches and nasty modern art prints. In the restaurant area there was again a mix of styles: farming ephemera alongside African masks, I ask you! The colour schemes on the walls was equally scary, especially the dark dark purple in the main bar and restaurant area. The whole place looked like it had been the subject of one of those TV makeover programmes, when some pretentious charlie such as Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen is let loose to re-decorate some poor sod's house.

I expect Neil Morrissey likes it, though.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:51 pm [edit] 

Sunday, June 08, 2003

A few things...

Not posted for a while, although I have been meaning to for the past few days but never quite got around to it. Quite a few things have happened since we last spoke, so here's a quick round-up.

One my last Friday in Wales, my mum and I went to see Limehouse Lizzy in Narberth. In case you hadn't guessed, they are a Thin Lizzy tribute band, and were thoroughly excellent. They played the entire "Live and Dangerous" album (25th Anniversary of that album, y'see), then after a break they came back and played a selection of the band's other hits such as "China Town", "Killer On The Loose", "Do Anything You Wanna Do" and "Whisky In The Jar". I am lucky enough to have seen the real Thin Lizzy twice (plus Philip Lynott in his post-Lizzy band, Grand Slam) and these Limehouse Lizzy guys were bloody accurate. "We've had a lot of practice," the singer/bassist Wayne told me afterwards. Recommended.

Karen talked me out of going to see the police, re: our neighbour and the arson attack, but they called on us anyway, so I did have a few words. Apparently, the police say they are 99.9% certain that they have caught the culprit, and I have been assured that the idiot next door can be in no way held responsible.

He's still a git, though.

This Wednesday just gone, Annie and I went to the Brixton Academy to see Marilyn Manson. I must say that I didn't think they were that shocking despite the two female dancers who gyrated and performed contortions that left nothing to the imagination, and ended up wearing little more than plastic boobs and plastic genitalia. I quite enjoyed the music, although I only knew about half the songs (and obviously I knew "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This" and "Tainted Love"), but I hated the audience. Woah! I thought Damned audiences could be a bit raucous, but this lot were ridiculous. The crush was beyond belief, and I was dripping wet with sweat. As for the crowd surfers - complete bastards! I don't want a 15-stone man landing on my head, thank you very much. I lost my temper a bit with a couple of these gits, and have to admit that I punched a couple of them. Stupid arses! Perhaps that's what missing my medication does to me.

Oh, and the support band - Queen Adreena - were absolute SHITE and are a contender for the WORST BAND I HAVE EVER SEEN. The guitarist was particulary scary as he looked like an alien with a bizarrely shaped head.

And I'd never seen so many guys wearing make-up gathered together in one place, either. Not that it lasted in that sweaty environment.

Friday, I went to see my Doctor and I have some GOOD NEWS!!! I am now in the process of being weaned off the Seroxat, and for three weeks I am to take half a tablet a day, then for the next three weeks I take half a tablet on alternate days, and then I give up the tablets altogether. After two weeks on no medication I have to see the Doctor again to check on how I'm doing, but I'm hoping that I'm going to be able to come off the medication and start getting back to normal.

Yesterday, I met Gillian for lunch at Gino's - our fave Italian. It's her birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY if you're looking in!!!

Then I went to the record fair at Oxford town hall, and came out with a bunch of CDs (Bowie, Marilyn Manson, The Stranglers, Bentley Rhythm Ace, and - ermm - The Human League). After this, I nipped down the Cowley Road to see if they had the new Vox Brian May special guitar amp in stock at the music shop. They'd sold the last one that morning, but they put one on order for me, so I should be able to get it sometime next week. Looking forward to that - I tried one out at the Guitar Show in London the other week and it had an excellent tone.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:39 pm [edit] 

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I've come back home today, and to a right proper mess. There was a fire next door on Friday night - some arson attack against the wanker that lives there (stupid bastard had most likely provoked it) and the front garden is destroyed. Apparently the fire brigade had broken into the house, as the gas line out the front was severed, and they opened all the windows in case the gas had gotten inside. There was no sign of the cat to begin with, but Karen said that he turned up after half a day.He seemed pleased to see me when I got home anyway.

So, not happy at all. I want to find out who the landlord of next door is and get that bastard evicted. He has been nothing but trouble since he moved in there in March, and is a dangerous liability. So, off to see The Police tomorrow.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:51 pm [edit]