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Tuesday, December 31, 2002
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:05 pm [edit] 

Monday, December 30, 2002

All change

Well, I've just put in an order for a nice chunk of webspace, and a domain name, etc, so come the new year I will be a dot com! Oh yes, so that'll mean me migrating this blog and all my other various bits and pieces, photo galleries, etc, over to the new host.

So, expect the URL for this blog to change in the very near future - you can probably guess the address yourselves - but I won't announce it officially just yet.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:22 pm [edit] 

Top Tens

It's a bit much when at the end of the year I can't even nominate a full Top 10 albums of the year (see my Top 10 Albums of 2002). Well not without cheating, anyway.

I've just added The Osbournes' Family Album which is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for me, as it's a compilation album and I'm nornally not a fan of compilations (unless they are ones that I have personally compiled on CD-R).

With compilation albums you always get at least one or two duff tracks, because someone else's idea of what makes a good compilation will never fit in with your own idea. In the case of the Osbourne's album the duff tracks are John Lennon's "Imagine" (a vastly over-rated plodding yawnworthy song from a vastly over-rated so-called "genius") and Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" (which apart from already being dire enough in its own right, drove me up the wall when a guy I used to share a house with insisted on playing it repeatedly late at night when I wanted sleep, sweet sleep). But what makes the album unique are the snippets of dialogue between the songs courtesy of Ozzy and Co. Added to that you get TWO versions of "Crazy Train" (Ozzy's own and Pat Boone's cover which became the theme of the TV show) plus the pink-haired brat Kelly's fantastic re-working of Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach".

I suppose I can always press the skip button for Lennon and Clapton.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:35 pm [edit] 

What a waste

What a complete waste of time it's been coming into work today. There's nothing doing and the place is as quiet as the grave. It really wasn't worth getting up this morning at 7:45 for this, especially after I'd had a bad night's sleep (or lack of) once again. Do I really have to come in again tomorrow?

Also, tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I hate New Year celebrations. I always think it is something to commiserate rather than celebrate.

Anyway, I've got absolutely sod all planned and even if I was invited out somewhere now, it would be too late to do anything about it, as having to work tomorrow means that by the time I get home in the evening I wouldn't have the time or inclination to get made up, dressed, whatever, for going out again.

Come to think of it, I've not even got any alcohol in the house. Perhaps I ought to go shopping tonight after work, then tomorrow night have a few drinks, watch a few videos, etc. I've got the Peter Kay video to watch, thanks to a certain someone. (Thank You, by the way! You know who you are.)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:10 pm [edit] 

Now, this is getting a bit silly:

Which Damned member are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:25 am [edit] 

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Ho Ho Ho

Well that Christmas malarkey is over and I'm back home again, shattered and tired. I didn't get the opportunity to blog whilst I was away so apologies to any of you who tried tuning in to see if there had been any updates over the last week.

Thankfully, the whole Christmas with the family happened without the often obligatory family arguments. Indeed, all went exceptionally smoothly with the only upsets involving the kids getting irritable or fighting (or in the case of my nephew, getting a strop on and locking himself in the toilet because my Mum beat him at Pinning The Nose On Rudolph).

Christmas Eve was spent with me helping the kids make decorations for their house - first of all paper chain strings of snowmen, with each coloured in individually, followed by strings of teddy bears, Santa Clauses (the one I drew somehow involuntarily ended up looking like the DJ John Peel), and then Angels (my niece drew one wearing sunglasses), and - errrmmm - a string of robots, a string of elephants, a string of wise men (or kings, with a pirate thrown in for good measure), and just to be on the safe side another string of robots.

We weren't overly sure what relevance robots and teddies had to Christmas, but I improvised and pointed out to the kids that they could likely have been toys left in the stocking from Santa. Phew! got out of that one, I thought.

I also played the kids some CDs of Simpsons songs, having forgot that The Ramones' "Happy Birthday" to Mr Burns ended with "Happy Birthday you old bastard." Whoops! I had to implore the kids to forget they'd heard that. Similarly we also watched some videos of Futurama, and I'd forgotten some of the language and situations in that were quite "adult" too (e.g. "Bender what are you doing in the bathroom? Are you jacking on in there?" in the episode where Bender the robot is abusing electricity). Luckily most of it went over their heads.

For some reason on the morning of Christmas day my Dad's biggest concern seemed to be that there were still some Christmas cards to hang up from one of the beams across the ceiling and that we had lost the piece of yellow string that he had put aside for the job. My Mum found another somewhat grotty piece of string and then accidentally knocked it into a sink full of water. So, my job was to dry out the string - I microwaved it, would you believe - and then to hang up the cards. But over the next few days as the string dried out it stretched more and more and the cards were hanging lower and lower with each pasing hour.

Oh, various other things happened, but as I say most of it was without incident. Yesterday we all went to my sister's house which is in this little village right down in a little bay by the sea. I got very emotional towards the end and didn't want to have to come home. I don't really want to go on about what upset me so much, the passage of time, everyone getting older, living so far away from my family, etc, because it'll make me feel sad all over again.

And then I had a really bad night's sleep having somehow convinced myself that my parents house might be haunted. I don't know why I suddenly decided upon this after all these years. (How many years? Fifteen? Sixteen? More?)

Anyway, now I'm back home and am happy to see my li'l kitty again, who I missed enormously. Not so happy about the prospect of going back to work tomorrow though.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:02 pm [edit] 

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Away for a week

I'm just taking time out from packing my bags to write this blog entry. In just over an hour I shall be taking a series of trains (three trains? I ask you, is the British Rail Network incompetent or what?) to Wales where I shall spend the next week with my parents and family.

I will try to post perhaps once or twice whilst I am away, using my Dad's computer. But if that's not possible I'll be back on the 30th December.

Have a good holiday, everyone, and I'll squeak to you all later!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:01 pm [edit] 

Those Damned Photos AGAIN

It seems that no sooner do I find a image host for my photos and upload them all, that the bloody thing starts playing up and won't let people look at my pics.

If you'd like to see my Damned at Croydon photos you could always go to The Damned Yahoo!Group, but you'll need to join the group before it'll allow you access to the photo galleries.

Sorry about that folks. This whole image business should be much easier. And for some reason I cannot FTP files to my webspace at which is where I keep all the graphics and images for this blog and for the guitar blog, not to mention The Liar (which we don't mention because no-one can post at the moment because the template is "broken" and I haven't gotten around to re-coding it).

So, things to do in the new year include: buying a decent amount of webspace from a reliable provider, and most likely a domain name or two too; moving the blog(s) over to the new webspace; transferring all images across to the same webspace; and deciding the future of The Liar, whether to re-code it, revamp it or just bin the idea.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:51 am [edit] 

Friday, December 20, 2002


You can tell it's Christmas! has gone all festive!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:19 pm [edit] 

Photos!!!! The Damned at Croydon

At last, I've managed to find somewhere to upload my photos to share with you all! Please see here for the complete set.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:19 pm [edit] 

It's so annoying... I really wanted to post here my Damned photos from the Croydon gig but for some unfathomable reason I cannot get FTP access to my webspace. Grrrrr...

I've been considering alternative webspace (nothing that I have to pay for, but it needs to be "transparent" so no GeoCities or AngelFire, etc) but have only come up with a bit fat zero.

So, no new photos or graphics for the near future then.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:51 am [edit] 

Thursday, December 19, 2002

24 Hours in Croydon

Meeting Kacroon
The Damned at the Fairfield Halls, 17 December 2002

Croydon. Many of my teenage Saturdays were spent there back in the days when I lived in Bromley. My friend Mark and I would take the 119 bus into Croydon and visit all the record shops, including Bonapartes (which used to have a giant cut-out of Elvis Costello over the doorway) and Beano's which was an amazing 2nd hand record store.

This Tuesday I arrived in Croydon ahead of schedule which was quite impressive as my first train had been delayed, and as I had some time to kill before I was to meet a certain someone for lunch, I had a wander around and found the pub where The Damned fans were all going to meet in the evening, and then I found the new Beano's records and had a quick look in there. Then I wandered over to the Fairfield Halls where I was to meet the certain someone herself, namely Karen.

Now Croydon was much like I remembered it, only some of the old buildings had been torn down and other buildings put up. Much like anywhere really. The old Bonaparte's Records was long gone - it must have been ripped down when they built the new East Croydon station. Oh, and the last time I was there (back in 1998 or 99 I think when TinTin dragged me to a gig) they didn't have the trams either.

Now Karen had only known me from on-line where my appearance is - how shall we put it? - much more elegant, so I didn't want to alarm her by appearing in my male aspect, so I was wearing some make-up. Not too much so as to turn heads on the street, but just enough to soften my face and to make me look facially a bit more like my photos.

Anyway, Karen soon appeared and I waved across to her and we said our hellos and it all felt a bit weird since we had spoken so often on the internet but never met before, but I think after a minute or so any awkwarness had melted away, and so we went off to find somewhere to get a bite to eat.

We found a bar and had a couple of drinks and, after some palaver, managed to order some food, and we chatted about all sorts of stuff. Karen is so funny; I know a lot of us think her blog is brilliant but some of the stories she was telling me and which she has never written about were just so hilarious that the blog would not do them justice. For example, the time she and a friend wallpapered a Volkswagen Beetle! And the story of her and Bob at the VW Bus weekend was dead funny too, especially when she acted out the parts of some of the people she met!

I was so pleased that we got on well in real life; I always thought we would. But the time soon flew past and Karen had to get back to work, so we bade each other fair well (but will meet again in Brighton next year when Steve does the London to Brighton cycle thingie), so with a little regret, as I'd been having such a nice time, I set off wandering around the Whitgift centre (where I got lost) before stopping for a cup of coffee and then I made my way to the Fairfield Hotel where I would be staying.

In the afternoon, I had a little rest for about half an hour or so, but soon it was time to get ready for the evening, so I got changed (Damned t-shirt, pvc jeans, leather jacket and big boots) and re-did my make-up, and soon enough I had ventured outside again and made my way to the Dog and Bull in Surrey Street.

Eloise called me over as soon as I got through the door. "I'm the only one here so far," she explained. "Oh, in that case I'll come back later" I retorted. Oh, I'm so nasty sometimes! But Eloise knew I was joking (or was I?) and we chatted etc, and soon enough Kitten and Ghost arrived, and then other people arrived who we knew, and after an hour or so there must have been about twenty-odd Damned fans filling up the room adjacent to the bar.

There were too many people for me even to begin naming names... looking back I can't even really remember everyone who was there... Errrr... well, I'll have a try, there was Nigel Horror Taxi, Stimpy and Twinkle, Al Fiendish and Phanny Tasmagoria, Valerie and Phil (I think - Captain's brother - as Eloise pointed out although, I thought she said he was "Captain Quiver" and I was watching him to see if he had a nervous twitch), Pippi and Teflon... and... and... Oh... See? I've lost track already.

We all then traipsed off to the Fairfield Halls and after discovering the secret of how to get a ticket for the aftershow party (just ask Jed nicely at the merchandise stall!) we went into the gig itself and watched the second half of The Blockheads' set. Who were on very good form, incidentally. I think they are better when they do their own vocals, rather than have guest vocalists (Mark Lamarr, Phill Jupitus, etc) as they were turning the band into a novelty item that way.

Met various more fellow Damned message-boarders (really, I can't name them all - it's a blur!), then the mayor of Croydon took the stage and announced The Damned (the mayor being a major fan) and after an intro of "Beauty Of The Beast" featuring Monty at the grand piano, Captain came out sweeping the stage with a broom, the joke being that he used to be a cleaner at the Fairfield Halls many years back. In fact, he was supposedly a toilet cleaner, and in his honour a string of toilet brushes had been hung up over the stage.

What can I say about the performance. Bloody excellent, that's all! Plus all the usual looning around from Captain (and yes... he really had it in for that Christmas tree, which inevitably ended up in the pit behind the security barriers). Complete track list was:
Street of Dreams
I Fall
Disco Man
I Just Can't Be Happy Today
13th Floor Vendetta
Under The Floor Again
Thrill Kill
Neat Neat Neat

Love Song
Smash It Up

"Croydon" was Captain's little solo-spot when he sang this old single from off of his first album which tells of how he'd be back at the Fairfield halls "in my own right, giving concerts in my own peculiar way". His backing singers were the fabulous Teasing Lulu - Louisa, Becci and Lucy - and who I will be telling you more about later!

"Smash It Up" ended in the now traditional chaos, first with Pinch kicking over his drum kit and quitting the stage, and then with the bog brushes bei gowered (nearly onto Patricia's head while she was playing bass) and being thrown out into the audience by Captain. It was funny to see Damned fans clutching these brushes after the show. "Treasured items" that probably cost about 99p from a cheapo hardware shop.

Afterwards we went backstage to the aftershow party, and I spent most the time chatting to the Teasing Lulu girls, but also caught up with a few more people I know from the Damned message board and also with the good Captain himself (I was teasing him about his business card that he was giving out - "Captain Sensible, Musician, Songwriter, Broadcaster"... "Broadcaster? You're hardly Michael Parkinson are you?") but he got me back when we all posed for a photo and when he planted a great big kiss on my cheek ("Gerrroff"!).

I didn't get to chat to Dave Vanian or Patricia Morrison (it was very busy) but Pinch came over and said Hi ("Ah, it's Mr and/or Mrs Snowdoll!" "Oh, so the female part of me is married?"), shortly before all chaos broke out when Someone Who Shall Be Nameless first distributed the contents of a packet of porridge oats (porridge oats? I have no idea what they were intended for either) over all and sundry and then for an encore emptied the ice and water from the beer cooler (which was several gallons worth) all over the floor, upturned a table and initiated a bout of table surfing!

And no, it wasn't Captain. He was hiding in the corner trying to distance himself from all the chaos, no doubt as he'd be the one to be given the blame.

The Fairfield security staff were not very happy, and soon things were wound-down and we had to trek back to our various hotels. Mind it was nearly 2 in the morning by this point.

I slept well in my hotel bed, having a really bizarre dream involving members of The Damned and the Teasing Lulu girls, and awoke to my alarm call in time to grab some breakfast. Then I went back to my room, read for a while before I had to check out.

For lunch, I met my old friend Mark, and we went to Pizza Hut and partook of the buffet there. And then it was time for me to make my weary way back home. And weary it was too for having been in those big boots so long my ankles were knackered and feet covered in blisters...

It felt so good to be back home, but what a fabulous 24 hours! I'd met up with a best mate of over 30 years standing, met a newer friend in Karen, seen my fave ever band do a great gig and gone to the aftershow party... What more could I want?

There's another review of the gig here
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:16 pm [edit] 

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

More amusing search requests

  • The Singing Drunk Reindeer download - hmmmm... sounds hysterical. (I'm being sarcastic).
  • Rainforest pics Indian Flying Fox - Yes! I have plenty of these... I was saving them up for a forthcoming "Flying Fox of the Week" feature.
  • Ginger transvestite
  • Gene responsible for red hair - Do I see a trend here?
  • "The Damned" parrot "Grave Disorder" - actually, I do know what this one is about - there was a parrot in the studio where The Damned recorded the "Grave Disorder" album... nice to know it has some fans out there!
  • I want June 2002 Email addresses of Farmers in Australia - Well, yes, don't we all? But they're going like hotcakes, and can't be had for love nor money. It's the Christmas toy that every kid wants this year!

posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:05 pm [edit] 

Oh, why is Blogger being so POO these days?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:43 pm [edit] 

The wanderer returns

Well, I've just got home from 24 hours in Croydon and am feeling absolutely shattered, although in a satisfied way rather than an emotionally-drained kinda way.

I'll write a full report on my Croydon trip later, as I don't have the energy right now, but before I go I'd like to say that it was absolutely wonderful to meet Karen (a.k.a. Kacroon) at last.

More later...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:41 pm [edit] 

Monday, December 16, 2002

Ta-ra to my Tele

Today I had to send off the final guitar that I'd sold recently, my paisley pink Fender Telecaster. I'd taken it into work with me and first thing there I was trying to box it up, and getting in a right old pickle with a roll of bown sticky tape, when one of the girls came around and said the courier had arrived to pick it up. "But I'm still packing," I protested, "and I've not printed the address labels out yet!"

Thankfully a couple of the girls took charge of the boxing and the brown tape, whilst I printed off the label, and the Tele was sent on its way. Not a very fitting end to a much-loved guitar, but it was all such a rush that I didn't have time for any remorse.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:45 pm [edit] 

Not guilty

Really, we weren't drinking that much on Saturday night, but Gillian has just emailed me reminding me of our conversation:
"We were talking about water beds. And how they need to be heated in winter. And comparing them with vibrating beds that you find in American motels. And if you plug a water bed in would you get the same effect. And then we thought if you fill a water bed with jelly you would have the same wobbly effect. We thought about going into Sainsbury's and asking the assistant how many jelly cubes you would need to fill a water bed. And whether if you peel the bed off afterwards you would have a bed-shaped jelly instead of a jelly-filled bed. It was a very inspiring conversation!"
All this discussion had stemmed from me telling the tale of the water bed that my sister and her husband had bought for their house in Wales (a holiday home, no less!) and that when they stayed there one weekend recently just after taking delivery of the bed, they hadn't realised that the water in the water bed would need heating up first, something that would take ages given the volume of water. In the cold weather the bed was freezing and they ended up sleeping on the floor.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:46 am [edit] 

Sunday, December 15, 2002

The weekend

Well, it hasn't been the busiest of weekends, but I've been happy enough in my own way. Yesterday I just went shopping in Tesco in the morning, read the paper and late afternoon went out to Oxford to meet Gillian for a few drinks, a chat and a bit to eat. We ended up at the Eat As Much As You Like chinese buffet. Oh dear, some of the starters were incredibly fatty deep fried efforts... I'm glad that I took two fat buster tablets beforehand! And for some bizarre reason the restaurant seemed to be filled with people (mainly women) with incredibly loud and annoying laughs. We could hardly hear ourselves speak.

We weren't out late and I was home in time to watch the Clint Eastwood movie "Fistfull of dollars" on Channel 4. (As I write this on Sunday night "For a Few Dollars More" is on, but I'm tired and will probably go to bed soon.)

Today I tried sleeping in most of the morning, but the cat and the noisy neighbours conspired to make sure I was kept awake, so I got up and visited Didcot Sunday market where I bought a pair of boots that I sorely need. We're talking guy clothes here, so nothing exciting. My previous pair of boots had been just about to give up the ghost - they were in a right state. I either had to replace them or start wearing my high heels as a guy (which would look weird).

This afternoon and evening I played CDs, watched videos and telly, and that's about it really. But occasionally I like doing not much at all. I like to take it easy sometimes. Anyway, there's going to be a few hectic days coming quite soon!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:19 pm [edit] 

Saturday, December 14, 2002

In the last 24 hours I've had some classic bizarre search requests end up at this blog, such as:
  • How to make nice furry pencil cases and books for girls - what do you think this is, Blue Peter? Speaking of which...
  • Blue Peter presenters stockings - John Noakes in suspenders? Peter Purves in tights? Eeeeks! (Actually, we always used to call him Peter Pervert... as you do)
  • Elisabeth Sladen pictures naked - she was Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who. Dunno why someone thinks they'll get some naked pics of her, although I think she did once appear topless in some television play or other - I seem to remember being quite shocked at the time. Anyway, I've met her a couple of times and she's a lovely lady so watch out what you say about her, internet pervs!
  • Manicurist gits - I have no idea what this means but now I have this mental image of Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as the Old Gits running a beauty salon...
  • free pics of girls getting nasty with drums while nude - "getting nasty with drums"? What in the name of Arse is that supposed to mean? The intelligence of some of these people who make these search requests is very questionable.

posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:55 pm [edit] 

Friday, December 13, 2002

Booked up

Well, I'm all booked up at the hotel for Tuesday night in Croydon, for that is the night of The Damned gig at the Fairfield Halls. I was thinking that I could get the train home afterwards, but the last train leaves East Croydon station at 23:13 or thereabouts, and I'm not sure how late the gig is going to be. Also, if it's like last year's Damned Christmas gig, the festivities will continue afterwards, and I don't want to miss that if I can help it.

The room at the hotel does mean spending more money than I can afford really, but I don't think I really want to be wandering the streets late Tuesday night with nowhere to go, and I should be allowed one extravagance at this time of year. Hell, I've just sold all those guitars, I don't see why I should have to live like a pauper.

I don't know who I'm trying to justify all this to really. Myself, probably. Just agree with me.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:26 pm [edit] 

The do

Well, in the end the office Christmas do yesterday wasn't so bad. I'm not really a great fan of all the nonsense and hysteria that surrounds Christmas (I'm openly a member of the Bah! Humbug! Brigade), but on the other hand I'm not one to turn down a free lunch. Actually, it hadn't occured to me in the morning when I got dressed, but the "Heathen" long-sleeved t-shirt I was wearing just about summed up my stance re all things festive.

Lunch was italian, which always goes down well with me. Thankfully there were no crackers or stupid paper hats, although some of the girls did insist on singing very badly. I had a couple of glasses of wine, but because I'm not supposed to be drinking much, I went onto the orange juices when we went on to the pub afterwards.

I was going to sneak off at around 5 o'clock but I got talking to one of the girls who was feeling a bit depressed, so we discussed life, the universe and everything (Oh, alright, we discussed jobs, prospects, love and relationships) and as the conversation was getting into those heavy areas we decided that a few double brandies were in order.

So much for me not drinking.

In the end I left at around 7 o'clock, went home and just watched some telly and videos and wished that my headache would go away.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:02 pm [edit] 

Thursday, December 12, 2002

It couldn't happen to a nicer man.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:13 am [edit] 

Feline alarm clock, pt 2

So, in a cunning ploy to stop the cat's "feline alarm clock" behaviour (see yesterday's post), I put the heater on in my bedroom about half an hour before going to bed so the room got nice and toasty and warm, and then I made a little "nest" out of some clothes at the end of my bed and took the cat up to bed with me. Sure enough, he curled up in the "nest" and went to sleep, and seemed like he'd be settled for the night.

Then this morning I was woken by cat-like crying. But it wasn't the cat, it was next door's baby. Poor thing was just bawling and bawling and getting no attention from its parents. Well, as I said, this woke me up and I had to go off to the bathroom, which woke the cat up, and he decided he had to nip downstairs and presumably out through the cat flap and into the garden to answer a call of nature himself. So, with the infant next door still crying I tried to go back to sleep, and succeeded for a short while until I heard a-scratching and a "chirrupping" outside my bedroom door. The cat was back and now he wanted food. If only next door's baby hadn't woken us up, then my plan would have worked! Curses!

The poor child was still crying when I left for work. It must have been left to cry in that room for... what? An hour and a half? Two hours? What loving and considerate parents it must have!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:29 am [edit] 

Oh dear...

We've got our office Christmas do today. I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to it. Thing is, I'm not supposed to drink much anyway, so everyone else will be getting pissed and I'll be on the orange juice or whatever. I think I'll make my excuses and sneak off early.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:33 am [edit] 

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

And another one...

Another search request (rather charmingly mis-spelt*) that led someone straight to this blog.

Awwwwww, shucks...

* Unfortunately, if you spell it correctly you just get pages and pages of links to... errrmmm... well... you know... I daren't use the "p" word here but it rhymes with "corn".
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:23 pm [edit] 

Weird search requests

I get some bizarre search requests leading people to this blog of mine. This one for example... what on Earth can it mean?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:49 pm [edit] 

eBay hit by credit card scam. So beware!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:13 pm [edit] 

Watch dogs and alarm cats

The cat has over the last week or so got himself into a new habit and it is very irritating. Instead of sleeping on my bed at night, he now prefers to sleep downstairs, but - and here's the annoying part - has decided that in the morning he should act as my alarm clock so as to get me out of bed to feed him. The trouble is, his idea of what time I should be getting up is not in accordance with my perception of what constitutes an acceptable hour. This morning he was sitting on the landing outside my room, scratching the carpet and making this noise I can only describe as "chirruping". It wasn't even 6 o'clock, but I decided that the only way I was going to be allowed to go back to sleep again would be if I went downstairs and put some food down for him. This was after trying taking him into my room and hoping he'd settle down on the bed in the warmth, but he just jumped off the bed and scratched at the door.

What I have observed through many years of feline ownership (or should that be "partnership"? or is it they who own us?), is that cats will adopt a pattern of behaviour for a week or two, and then they get bored with it and abandon that particular behaviour. It's like when we bought him a basket years ago - he loved it and was sitting in it all the time. For about a week. Then he got bored of it and found a new place to sit for a while: on a chair, in a box, on a newspaper, in a bag, on the windowsill, etc. Once I sneakily re-introduced the basket and he sat in it again for a day or so, but he never went back to it again after that. I think he figured out what I was up to. "No, you can't fool me by bringing out that old basket again. Been there, done that..."

But I hope he gets bored of this "feline alarm clock" business soon, because it's driving me barmy. It's too cold in the mornings to have to be getting out of bed to make special visits to the kitchen to feed the cat.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

No news

Errrrmmmm... yeah.

Things are a bit quiet around here. (Cue wind blowing, tumbleweeds, etc). I haven't really got anything to say. There is no news.

Which reminds me of this letter I read in the current edition of Fortean Times (I read it only yesterday... Oh what a long memory I have!):
...I recently came across this snippet on the BBC Written Archives website: "On Good Friday 1930 listeners in the evening were told, 'There is no news.' Piano music was broadcast instead."
Can you imagine that happening today? They'd turn the lack of news into a major news event. We'd be subjected to clips from around the country to gauge the reaction of the public, broadcast agencies and newspapers alike to the fact that there was no news. The reasons for a lack of news would be analysed in minute detail, and there would be a Newsnight special debating the whole issue.

Actually, sometimes I already think that there is no news and that the news that is peddled to us is either "invented" or else is scraping the bottom of the barrel and hardly truly newsworthy. These days, it seems, absolutely anything can qualify as news. I mean, Big Brother, Pop Stars and all that kind of so-called reality TV nonsense. None of that pile of bollocks should be newsworthy.

And at the moment we have this fuss about Cherie Blair using the services of a known con-man to help her buy two flats in Bristol. So bloody what? She didn't actually break the law, as this particular deal was not bent. It's irrelevant. "Oh, but she's married to the Prime Minister, she should set an example" the self-righteous all scream out. Well, no one seemed to mind that when she was prime minister, Margaret Thatcher's son was an Arms Dealer. And not to mention the things that Dennis used to get up to. That was really newsworthy, but was conveniently suppressed by the media at the time.
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Sunday, December 08, 2002


Last night Sherri, Tamsin, Tammy and I all went out to December's Trans-Mission night in the Barbican area of London.
Gina and Sherri, Saturday 7th December 2002
We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and the time quite literally flew by. It was great to be out as part of the Fab Three (Tamsin, Sherri and Yours Truly... plus special guest Tammy) once again.
Me (in very high heels), Sherri, Tammy and Tamsin
What more can I say? I spent most of the evening chatting to people, and catching up with friends. It was lovely to see Debbie, Nicki, Joanne, Stella, Lauren, Mia, Amber, BobbyJo, Leanne, Vicky, Barbara, Carmen... Oh, I dunno... the list goes on. My poor legs though! I was on my (stilletoed) feet all night long. Sherri came off worse in the foot department though, and some careless tranny trod on her toe with her high heel. Ouch!

I think I surprised a few people, not only because of my new hairstyle (which I've only been seen out in public with once before) but also because I was wearing a short dress - something that I hardly ever do. The truth is that it was a dress that I bought from River Island back in 1998 and which turned out to be too small for me and which I've never been able to wear. Until now! However, I did leave a trail of glitter behind me... I think that was the only way people were able to find where I'd got to... just follow the trail of glitter!

We went back to Tamsin's at approx 2:30 and having divulged ourselves of high heels we all settled on the sofa (and Tamsin on her bean bag with Timmy the Tiger - Ooh-errrr!) and watched Eddie Izzard's "Circle" video. I think we all finally got to bed by 5:30... Eeeks! I'm knackered now.

Tamsin kindly cooked us all breakfast in the morning (well, later in the morning). Sherri dropped us off at Paddington, after a very surreal conversation in the car between Sherri, Tammy and I, that somehow ended up on with us developing an idea for an Austrailian TV show called "Chrysanthenum Hunter". I think you had to be there, but it was bloody funny and I don't think even Eddie Izzard could have kept up with us.
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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Just on my way out to London in a few minutes. Will squeak to you all later.
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Thursday, December 05, 2002

Dressing Up

I'm supposed to be going out this Saturday night (or as Sherri would say, "You are going out!"), which might help take my mind off recent worries. It's got to be better than sitting at home and dwelling on things.

In times gone by I would very often buy a whole new outfit for such an occasion, but right now times are hard and I can't afford such extravagance. Actually, looking back, I've only bought one dress and two pair of shoes (i.e. girl's shoes, high heels for going out in) this year. Which has to be an all-time low for me.

So, what I'm having to do this time, is to make do with what I've already got. Fortunately for me I've lost a lot of weight and quite a few inches in recent months and there's all sorts of things in my wardrobe from years back that I can suddenly fit into again! I've just spent the last hour or so trying on dresses, seeing what fits. It was all quite exciting. Anyway, I've made a short list of three dresses that I'll pack for Saturday and I'll ask Shel and the girls which one they think I should wear. I also need to decide on a pair of shoes, although right now my inclination is to wear my black and clear platform stilettos, which will make me nice and tall and slim.
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Here comes the science...

Last night I performed an Important Scientific Experiment. That is to say, I performed a side by side analysis (i.e. taste test) between Marmite and Vegemite.

Vegemite won hands down, having an all-round yummier flavour.

So there!
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Crappy Christmas

Grrrrr... I've been trying to get on with lots of coding this afternoon, but all the girlies in the office have been faffing about putting Christmas decorations up. (Bah! Humbug!)

One of them came around with a crappy piece of gold-coloured plastic holly and tried to put it on my computer. "No, I don't do Christmas decorations," I explained. "But you've got to," she answered.

When she went I threw it on the floor.

I am not a big fan of Christmas. I like getting to see the family, etc, but am not one for all the commercial crap that goes along with it. I'm just buying small presents for immediate family. That's it. I don't do decorations and I don't do Christmas cards.
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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Haik-ewe poem - Sheep used to create random haiku poetry.

Damn! That's dangerously close to my idea to use choreographed whelks to spell out song lyrics.
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Star Wars: Enough Already

Crappy battle droid
A scene from "Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace" featuring a close-up of one of the battle droids and illustrating quite nicely just how crappy they really were

Last night they showed Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace on ITV. I hadn't seen it before although I had heard a lot about it. One thing that I hadn't realised was that it was a CARTOON. That was a major disappointment. If I want to watch a cartoon there are those that do it a lot better, e.g. The Simpsons.

For me these cartoons (Oh, sorry - computer-animation mixed with live action flicks) betray a suspension of disbelief. It is much easier to believe in a completely computer-generated universe such as the one that Shrek inhabited. A mixture of virtual and real elements creates far too many textural and visual inconsistencies in the quality of the overall product. They just don't match up very well.

As to the story-line... well, it was a very boring non-story. Some crap about trade routes and oppression by some race that looked like they'd been sneezed out of a rather large someone's nose. Or something. The story was irrelevant really, and seemed to be a mere afterthought to all the effects and computer-animation. Incidentally, a few years ago I did try reading the novel (I got it half price off Amazon and thought I may as well give it a whirl). It was turgid, boring, badly written shite. I couldn't finish the book, it was just so LAME.

As to the characters, well Ewan McGrogor as the young Obi Wan Kenobi was hardly trying, was he? Call that acting? Then there was the obligatory annoying kid that you always get in these movies. Some little brat called Anadin or something silly that sounds like a headache tablet, who - we are supposed to believe - will one day turn into the evil tyrant Daft Vader. There was also some young girl who was supposed to be some kind of Queen and who looked like she'd been putting her make-up on in the dark; either that or she was rationing her lipstick supply by only painting a little bit in the middle on her bottom lip. Or possibly she was on her way to a Worzel Gummidge convention dressed as Aunt Sally.

The robots were there, R2D2 bleeping away as usual, and an early version of the gay robot C3PO which (the story tries to make us believe) the annoying brat Anadin had built. Once more, all suspension of disbelief is lost, as this is highly unlikely. The kid looked like he'd get confused if you asked him to build a house out of Lego, let alone anything more complicated. Later on in the story the C3PO robot seemed to be forgotten; perhaps it was a case of one annoying character too many.

And the baddie robots. They were crap. They looked like they had been assembled from the cardboard tube inners of toilet rolls. They hardly looked threatening, unlike the white-armoured storm troopers of the original movie.

I won't even mention that Ja Ja Binks thing. What is the point of a supposedly key character if you can't understand a word it is saying?

Oh, and there was some other fellow wielding a double-ended light sabre, with an interesting red/black skin rash going on, and who was obviously long overdue a visit to the dentist as his teeth had bored their way up inside his head and were protrouding through the top of his skull.

In short, this movie was a load of bollocks. I give it 0 out of 10 for wasting my time.
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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Happy Birthday Mad Meowy Creature

The cat, 10 years old today!!!Happy Birthday to my little kitty who's 10 years old today. It seems only yesterday that he was a kitten. He's still as nutty and as playful as a kitten at times. I made a big fuss of him when I got home from work tonight. He's been a good friend to me over the years, and a few years back when I was at my lowest ebb it seemed that he was my only friend. I wouldn't be without him.
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Give him a pay rise? Please, no, don't encourage him.
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Another anti-tranny news story:
Transvestites shown door on Manila train
MANILA (Reuters) - The high heels may fit but the passenger wearing them had better be female to ride a new rail coach designed to combat harassment of women in the Philippine capital. An official from Manila's Light Rail Transit Authority said transvestites, no matter how convincing, would be barred from boarding.

"That special coach is specifically for the protection of female passengers," Saturday's Philippine Star newspaper quoted the official as saying. "I don't think we can allow any men."

Neither the official nor the paper said how the authority planned to check that cross-dressers did not sneak aboard.
Tsk! Those pesky trannies, eh? When will society be safe?
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I'm a little bit behind with the news at the moment, but this story appalled me: Mexico's transvestite ban draws gay protest.

What about basic human rights? What about freedom of expression?

And we're supposed to be living in the 21st Century.
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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Sorry everyone. Things aren't too good at the moment and I don't want to talk about it. You'll have to excuse a lack of posting about my personal life at the moment. Not that I ever said anything of a personal nature anyway, but I think I'm going to be saying even less from now on. If I can think of other things to discuss I'll update the blog, but otherwise things might be quiet around here.
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