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Sunday, March 31, 2002
So, Shel's here this weekend, and has been doing lots of computer surgery stuff for me. We've set up a temporary system to see me through until we get around to building the new super computer (still waiting for half of the components to arrive). So, yeah, it's great; now I can use a computer without it crashing every 5 minutes.

We've got pizza and wine for tonight, and Shel's been re-styling some of my wigs ... the living room looks like it's been invaded by tribbles! Going to get glammed up later and try a few of them out. I'm already trying to get in the mood; have dug out a pair of high heels and am preparing myself mentally.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:06 pm [edit] 

Saturday, March 30, 2002

Queen mother dies... which is a bit of a bugger on Rolf Harris' birthday.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:14 pm [edit] 

Hhhhhmmmm... I'm still thinking about those Fernandes guitars. If I was to compile a wish list of expensive toys I'd put one of these on it:
  • the Revolver Pro which has all the features I'm after including sustainer and locking tremolo - pity about the boring sub-Stratocaster body shape;
  • the Native Pro - really cool body shape, much more indie looking but pity it has only got the classic tremolo and not a locking one;
  • the Monterey Pro which also looks quite cool in a Les Paul kinda way, especially the wine red coloured one. No tremolo at all on this one though. But then again I never use a tremolo arm anyway, although this might be because the standard tremolos such as the one on my Strat just send the guitar so out of tune that I can't be bothered with it. Hence the desire to try out a locking trem, which supposedly keeps all the strings in tune.
Whatever, it'd have to be a Pro model; all the Elites and Deluxes and what not are certainly well out of my price range. I think the Pro might be pushing it too, but is not outside the realm of possibility, especially if I can do some kind of part exchange deal. (Watch out Hohner Custom Shop Bass 6 guitar, your days are numbered).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:40 am [edit] 

Friday, March 29, 2002

Oooooh! Today has been a nice sunny day. Just as Gillian had predicted for our lunch trip out. We walked to the Perch and sat in the sunshine, talking, drinking Cider, and looking at Gillian's holiday snaps from Italy. Quite a nice way to spend a bank holiday, but sitting in the sun and drinking alcohol doesn't half make you feel sleepy!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:58 pm [edit] 

Last night, Annie and I went to King's Head in Putney Bridge for this Total Rock Fest thing. Caught up with Dktr Philosophikus, Claire and the Die So Fluid crew. Which was nice. I asked Drew what his new guitar was, and he said it was a Maverick. I thought it might have been a Fernandes (similar headstock shape), explaining that I'd been thinking about buying one (with the sustainer system), and Drew said he could get me a good deal on one if I'm interested.

I'm so tempted.

Anyway, there were five bands on and Die So Fluid were the penultimate band to play on the bill, so we had to endure three metal bands before they did their set. Actually, the first, Million Dead, had potential; they were quite young and enthusiastic, and had some interesting song structures going on. And at least the singer didn't try to do all that guttural bellowing into the mic stuff that the other bands went in for.

The next band, who I believe were called Palehorse, were also quite young and seemed to have the same drummer as the first band (most likely he was filling in for someone in one of the bands). Their line-up was vocalist, drums, bass guitar, and another bass guitar. Ooh! Radical... Nah, not really, it's been done before and it's been done a lot better! They made a hell of a noise... just loads of feedback and low frequency rumblings which made me think my ears were going to bleed. The shrieking, croaking singer jumped down into the audience and stayed there (possibly too feeble to climb back onto the stage) whilst the two bassists spent most of their time with their backs to the audience, facing the amps to wring the feedback out of their instruments. Which was especially scary as one of the bassists was quite monolithic and had a bad case of builder's arse going on. Which we really wanted to see. Not.

The next band were just shite, but the metal element in the crowd seemed to like them. I thought it was quite violent, nasty stuff.

Then Die So Fluid came on and proved that a heavy band can sing songs with lyrics you can understand, and that they can be melodic and that they can exercise a bit of dynamic range in their playing.

We didn't see the last band as it was getting late and we both had long train journeys ahead of us. I said goodbye to Annie at Paddington and went and got myself a bean burger from Burger King and then boarded my train. It took bleeding hours to get home, as there was a points failure outside of Reading and we just sat there waiting for about an hour. I didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning, which was well over an hour later than I should have been back.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:41 pm [edit] 

Did anyone else turn their computer on today to find that Microsoft WindowsShiteTM thought that the clocks went forward last night and advanced the computer clock an hour?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:36 pm [edit] 

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Oh my gawd!!! What am I letting myself in for?

(I've just been looking at the websites of the other bands on the bill tonight. Help!)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:44 pm [edit] 

Trying... to... stay... awake...

I dunno why I'm so tired really. Possibly the pint at lunchtime didn't help.

But, I'm off to London straight after work. Am going to see some noisy rock bands at this Total Rock Fest III thingie. I only really want to see Die So Fluid; I couldn't give a monkey's arse about any of the others.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:35 pm [edit] 

Errrrr... actually it was a bit sickly.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:13 pm [edit] 

We were all in the pub just now at lunch time, and someone mentioned the McDonald's Creme Egg McFlurry, and someone else kindly volunteered to go and get us one each!

posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:51 pm [edit] 

Daft conversation in the office. A colleague and friend of mine is busily marking up a year planner wallchart with a bunch of coloured felt-tip pens:

Me: Hiya! What are you up to?
She: Colouring in. How about you, what've you been doing?
Me: I've been doing the dot-to-dot.
She: Ooh! Did you get anything good?
Me: Yeah, a donkey!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:44 am [edit] 

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Tonight I shall be listening to a CD-R of songs by Natacha Atlas which I burnt earlier from AudioGalaxy downloads. It's mainly North African Arabic music, and she's got a lovely luxuriant voice, even if you can't understand what she's singing. Reminds me of the music I heard out in Egypt when I was over there in October 2000... actually, bearing in mind that she is Egyptian, it's quite likely I did hear some of her music out there.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:19 pm [edit] 

Oh, to hell with it...

This last couple of days I've been buying lots of computer bits and pieces so as to build this new super computer.

Last week I bought loads of paint, wallpaper and all the necessary tools to get the decorating done. I also splashed out on a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I think I deserve to buy something fabulous as well, so I've just been and ordered another pair of those fabulous stilettos from the Jayne Winters Collection, like my gold ones in the photo in the left hand margin, only these are in black and should go with more outfits!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:09 pm [edit] 

Thanks to Karen for posting this story on The Liar.

Are those Caramacs I spy?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:57 pm [edit] 

Hurrah, found a source of cheap memory for my new computer...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:52 pm [edit] 

I'm going to try to leave the office slightly early today, as I want to get home in time to catch a delivery tonight. I've been buying bits and pieces for my new computer (I spent £300 on dabs and Jungle yesterday) and the case and the CD-RW are coming tonight, or so I've been told.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:04 am [edit] 

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Most of you will find this entry a bit boring, so skip over it if you will, but there were a few comments from one or two of you about the guitars you can see in that picture of my room (yesterday). At the far back of the pic and lurking in the shadows is a bass guitar that I built myself from spare parts. I'm not very keen on that instrument to be honest, although it plays alright and was OK for recording with.

In front of that is an off-white coloured six-string with a jazzmaster-shaped body. This is in fact a Hohner Custom Shop Bass 6 or baritone guitar, which I've used as a bass guitar on some recordings and also on some twangy low lead guitar parts.

Behind that and leaning against the side of the amp is an Eko Ranger 12-string acoustic, which I bought years and years ago shortly after Bauhaus brought out their final album, Burning from the Inside. Daniel Ash was my absolute favourite guitarist and I was inspired enough to buy an acoustic 12-string, and had soon taught myself to play most the songs on that album (damned if I could remember them now, though).

Leaning against the front of the Vox AC-30 amplifier are my two paisley pink Fenders - a 70s style Stratocaster and a Telecaster. I bought the Strat back in 1988 because I'd always wanted one, and I loved the over-the-top bad taste paisley design. I later bought the matching Telecaster when I was looking for a second guitar when I trying to get a band going. The Tele was my preferred guitar for playing lead on when recording, being much more "ballsy" in tone than the Strat, which I thought was more suited to rhythm playing as it had quite a "glassy" sound. For playing with the band it didn't really matter which I used on which song because they were both played through a barrage of effects pedals, distortion, delays, etc, so I could have been playing anything.

Not pictured are my experimental fretless guitar (which once upon a time was a Vox cheapy but seeing as I ripped it apart and rebuilt it, there's not much original guitar left) and my Aria Legend plexiglass guitar, which is my favourite and lives downstairs (which is why it isn't in the photo). Oh, and my Aria Elecord Deluxe electro-acoustic which my Dad is currently borrowing.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:27 pm [edit] 

I haven't got much to warble on about today... except that so far today I've managed to guess (or rather remember accurately first time) three distinct different passwords. Don't worry, I've not turned hacker; two were for accounts I set up for myself AGES ago, and the third was the FTP password for the work website (it displays asterisks in my FTP program so it's no problem for me logging in, but I had to supply the password to someone else and thought "Shit, I never wrote it down"). So, anyway, I'm quite pleased with myself for these amazing feats of memory,
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:44 pm [edit] 

Monday, March 25, 2002

Ooh, ooh... mucho excitement... the Exquisite Corpse that I contributed to is available for all to see here. The top quarter is mine.

I wanna do another one now! Hopefully next time I won't get the first segment to work on, so I'll have the challenge of making the transition from the previous segment. I'm looking forward to it already.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:41 pm [edit] 

videos Let's take a closer look at that stack of video tapes in the photo of my bedroom (below). It may be just my imagination, but if we study the titles of these, does a pattern emerge?
  1. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - all about a sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania. Allegedly.
  2. "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" - a bunch of drag queens tour across Australia in a pink bus.
  3. "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar" - a bunch of drag queens tour across America in a Cadillac.
  4. "Ed Wood" - the story of the guy behind some of the most awful but nevertheless entertaining movies ever... who just happens to be a transvestite.
  5. "Plan 9 From Outer Space" - the so-called worst movie ever, made by none other than the cross-dressing Ed Wood.
  6. Various Eddie Izzard tapes - stand-up comedian... who just happens to be a transvestite.
  7. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" - lots of crossdressing by the cast in this one, athough usually of the old crone variety.
  8. "Jungle Book" - the little boy Mowgli is brought up in the jungle by the animals, including Baloo the bear who enjoys dressing up as a lady ape much to the delight of the King of the Swingers.
  9. "David Bowie Greatest Hits" - including "Boys Keep Swinging" in which Dave drags up to become his own female backing group - all three of them!
  10. "Monkey" the entire series - cult classic based on the ancient Chinese legend. Lots of crossdressing here from the each of the trio of Monkey, Sandy and Pigsy, who accompany the boy priest Tripitaka, who any fool can see is really a girl in priest-drag (the lip gloss and eyeliner are a dead giveaway), and where even Buddha himself (or herself) takes on a female aspect.

posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:37 pm [edit] 

Here's a couple of photos of my newly decorated (and tidy!) bedroom:
Gina's bedroom, pic 1
It's possible that the colour balance isn't quite right, you know what it's like with digital cameras, but it should give you an idea of what all that hard work last week was in aid of.
Gina's bedroom, pic 2
In this second picture we see the troublesome corner of the room, where I've had to attempt to stack piles and piles of video cassettes tidily. The three crates and the black bag on top of them are all filled with the now legendary Gina Snowdoll shoe collection. Yep, that's all high heeled shoes in there! Also note there's a smattering of my guitars here; the intention is to mount some of these onto the walls of my room and free up a bit more floor space.

As for the didgeridoo (for Rolf Harris impressions): no comment.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:31 am [edit] 

Sunday, March 24, 2002

By the way, folks, my computer is still screwed. I'm lucky if I can stay on-line for five whole minutes without a crash or a blue screen of death.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:28 pm [edit] 

I've just watched a film called π which I videoed last night. Fantastic visuals, musical score and pacing. Not entirly sure what it was all about though; a bit of a headfuck of a movie.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:08 pm [edit] 

Saturday, March 23, 2002

I was watching Jonathan Ross' chat show last night and Eddie Izzard came on. Now, I was prepared for the worst; I used to be an enormous Izzard fan, but think that in recent years he's become lazy, complacent and - damn it - arrogant. He rarely comes up with any new material, he simply recycles his old stuff.

But on Jonathan Ross last night he was hilarious, back on his old form. If only he could sustain that funniness which he must naturally possess for an entire stand-up gig without resorting to cop-outs such as the aforementioned recycling of material. Or perhaps he's simply better in small doses such as these appearances on chat shows. Perhaps he should do what Bill Bailey has done in Black Books and get himself into an appropriately surreal sitcom. I think it's time for Eddie Izzard the TV who doesn't do TV, to do TV. If you follow my meaning.

Just no more cows please.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:39 am [edit] 

Friday, March 22, 2002

And while I'm having a moan, why doesn't someone tell the BBC that Lenny Henry isn't funny any more? Streuth!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:08 pm [edit] 

It's not fair... no sooner do I get all my decorating done and look forward to some relaxation than I get a bloody cold... sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, feeling shite... *groan*, *grumble*....
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:06 pm [edit] 


I've got a lovely new bedroom. I spent the morning trimming off excess bits of wallpaper, cleaning the windows and my floor length mirror, and whilst the pasting table was up I took the opportunity to repair some of the wallpapering in the bathroom. I then re-installed the telephone back in my room (the wire had been ripped out - I clipped it back into place again).

The afternoon was spent putting things back into my room (which seemed to take FOREVER), tidying up, vacuuming, etc. I feel so relieved that it's done, that I can't describe the feeling. OK, there's still one or two minor jobs to be done such as a little bit of gloss paintwork in the bedroom, but there's no hurry for that. I'm just going to collapse in a heap tonight, crack open another bottle of wine and unwind.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:51 pm [edit] 

Phew! This decorating malarkey don't half take it out of you. Still, I've got most of the big jobs done now!!! Just all the tidying up and trying to get the house back to normal to do now.

I still reckon I'll be at it tomorrow. Still lots to do but it's all the little jobs.

Anyway, people have been asking what colours I chose for my room in the end. Well, for the paintwork, i.e. the walls above the dado rail, I chose a colour called "Camomile" (which looks more like vanilla ice cream to me), and below the dado rail I used a marble-effect striped paper in yellow and light orange and which complements the vanilla ice cream paint nicely. So, yeah, it looks a bit yellow - without being a bright garish yellow - but it makes it a bright, sunny room, and that's good in my book. It's not a room for being depressed in. I like it!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:34 pm [edit] 

Thursday, March 21, 2002


I've finished for the day, and got most of the hard work out of the way. I started at 9:30 a.m. and worked through to 9:30 p.m. with short breaks for coffee and meals (and quick checking of the email). And I'm knackered. I just had a bath to relax and because I was filthy dirty... covered in paint and wallpaper paste, and feet black with newsprint off the newspapers I'd put on the floor.

But even my bath was interrupted when I heard this almighty crash... I leapt out of the bath and ran naked into my bedroom (forgetting that I'd taken the curtains down) worried that all my hard work had somehow self-destructed. OK, I realise that falling wallpaper most likely wouldn't "crash" as such, and I don't even know if paint can fall off a wall, but I was just fearing the worst. As you do.

Luckily my newly decorated bedroom still looked wonderful. Must be the cat knocking things over downstairs, I thought to myself. But when I got downstairs, there he is, sitting as good as gold on the sofa where I last left him. And nothing seems to be out of place. Must have been the neighbours making the almighty crash. Bastards, ruining my bath like that!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:09 pm [edit] 

Someone has found my blog with this search.

Flippin' cheek!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:40 pm [edit] 

Music for decorating:
Kraftwerk, Der Robotmix
Der Robotmix, a megamix of Kraftwerk songs, bootleg CD. Wonderful!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:37 pm [edit] 

Too busy painting to blog...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:00 am [edit] 

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

I'm tired and achey and covered in paint. My fingernails are all split and dried up. And covered in paint. Grrrrrr... Bloody decorating. It's taking forever to do.

The washing machine did arrive this morning before noon, but only just made it, arriving as it did at 11:55 a.m. I had to connect the damn thing myself which meant crawling into the hole in the kitchen where the washing machine would live so as to connect up the hoses to the water supply (I had a lamp in there with me so I could see what I was doing). But I found that the hoses wouldn't reach with the washing machine where it was; that I would have to pull it further into the space in which I was crouching. Which would have meant that I'd be stuck there and not able to get out. I ended up having to move the fridge freezer so as to get in and out of the gap that way. It was a right bloody puzzle trying to work it all out. It was like one of those kids games where you have to move around numbers on a grid into the correct sequence. But this way I was right there in the middle of it!

Anyway, I sorted it all out in the end, but it took a while getting there.

Then, after a shopping trip to Tesco to grab some necessaries, it was back to the bedroom and decorating. And let me tell you that I'm now feeling so demoralised. I only got two walls done, and even they look like they need touching up, as the paint is thin in odd places. I found the paint pads a bit odd to use - the damn pad kept slipping out of the holder and I'd have to cram it back into place getting myself covered in paint in the process. I was so annoyed with it in the end that I resorted to using a good old-fashioned paint brush, although I must admit the paint pads gave a much more even coverage.

The paint itself is supposed to be a "one-coat" variety, but that's a laugh. Especially where I'm having to paint over the stencilled leaf pattern that was there before. The damn things kept showing through... it's just so annoying

I also began cleaning the bathroom ceiling ready for painting. Great chunks of paintwork started flaking off and I've got this great big bare patch through to the plasterboard ceiling. Surely I can't paint straight onto this, not even with special waterproof bathroom paint? Or can I? I think it might need some kind of sealer first. Help!!!! I'm getting out of my depth here, folks.

Anyway, after all that hard work it was time to eat, so I did a little cooking and made an impromptu vegetarian chilli with various ingredients that came to hand.

And it was vile. Blandest thing I've tasted in ages. Normally I'm quite a good cook, but this was plain disappointing. Which just about sums up my day, I'm afraid. I'm disappointed that I didn't get more painting done in the bedroom; I was disappointed with my chilli; the weather outside is miserable (and disappointing) and I'm feeling kinda fed up.

To hell with it! I'm going to go open a bottle of wine. I think I deserve a drink.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:48 pm [edit] 

Damn... I somehow managed to forget all about the Louis Theroux programme on BBC2 last night. Did anyone tape it?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:30 am [edit] 

I'm just taking time out for a coffee break. This morning I have already painted the gate on the driveway. It's a big double-gate, 7 feet high, and I used up an entire big can of Cuprinol.

I'm still waiting for the Washing Machine to arrive. Karen organised that on Saturday and told me that it would be delivered on Wednesday morning. Well... they've only got an hour. Unless of course they have their own bizarre definition of what constitutes a morning, like my old friends at British Gas.

Years ago, when I was living in a flat in Summertown, Oxford (Inspector Morse land!), I had some dispute with British Gas re an outrageously high gas bill for a single tiny heater in the bedroom that was hardly used. On three occassion I arranged half day off work to wait for the British Gas representative to come around so we could find out what the problem was. I'd arranged this by phone, and in each instance was give a choice of "a.m. or p.m." I chose a.m. each time, but never did the Gas man appear, so I had to declare it a wasted morning and go to work. Phoning British Gas afterwards they told me that their man had tried going round to me flat. "At what time?", I asked. "12:30" I was told. I tried to explain that 12:30 was not morning; that they had specified a.m., i.e. anti-meridian, before Noon, before 12 o'clock. I really had to spell it out as if I was talking to a very simple child. The woman on the phone just answered back that "At British Gas, a.m. is up until 1 p.m."

Outrageous! I could have understod - just - if they had specified "morning or afternoon", but it was very definitely "a.m. or p.m." in this case.

So, I expect that this Washing Machine delivery may be similar. That I may have to wait until 1 o'clock for it to turn up. Grrrrrr... and I need to go get some shopping. I've not even got any bread with which to make toast.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:17 am [edit] 

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

So, as planned my Big Sis and I went up to London. We went to St Katharine's Dock near Tower Bridge and had some of the most fabulous pizza on the planet at The Dickens Inn (some of the old Izzardites crowd wil remember that place, we went there a few times). Then after lunch we had to go and find the place where my sister's course was taking place, so we went on to Moorgate. I bade her farewell, and then what did I get up to, do I hear you ask?

Did I go to Oxford Street and look for some fabulous dresses?

Did I go to Camden and look for some fabulous heels?

Did I go to Charles H Fox in Covent Garden and stock up on fabulous make-up?

Did I do something a bit more rock'n'roll and go to Denmark Street and lust after fabulous electric guitars?

No... I did none of the above. I got back onto the Circle Line to Paddington and caught the train home, where I spent another hour and a half finishing off stripping the wallpaper in my bedroom.

Eeeeeks and Double Eeeeeks! I'm getting all domesticated.

Scary, innit?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:41 pm [edit] 

Anyhoo, after another night on the sofa (remember, my room is being decorated), here I am waiting for my sister to arrive. She's coming down from Cheshire this morning. She has a course to attend in London this afternoon, and wants to leave the car here and we'll go into London together, have lunch, etc.

It's a day off from decorating... back to that with gusto tomorrow!!!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:56 am [edit] 

Bastards! I've just received a letter from ntl, my ISP, telling me that further to their email of January (what email?) they are going to start charging for their internet service. I'm bloody disgusted with them. I already have ntl cable television and two ntl phone lines. Is it really too much to expect to have the internet service gratis? I don't think so.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:54 am [edit] 

Monday, March 18, 2002

Phew! I'm very tired and feeling worn out. I was on the go with my tidying and decorating (or rather, preparation for decorating) until 7:00 tonight, with only a couple of short breaks. It took ages to clear my room out. Now Karen's room is filled with my stuff, as is the living room floor. I don't know how it all could have fitted into my room in the first place, and my room didn't have TARDIS-like "Bigger on the inside" properties last time I looked.

I took a pile of books and videos down to the Animal Sanctuary charity shop. They were only the tip of the ice-berg that is my hoard of stuff, but every little helps, surely.

And this afternoon, I was trying to vacuum my room once it was clear, only to find the existing vacuum cleaner to be on its last legs. I don't think it actually sucks any dirt up; it just moves it about a bit... and leaves a trail of extra dirt in its wake, seeing as it has a great big crack in the bottom.

But anyway, it's out in the dustbin now, as I decided it was time to send it to vacuum cleaner heaven. So, I nipped out to the shops again and bought myself a Dyson. Wow! I'm like a kid with a new toy. That machine is amazing! Such brilliant design - everything where it should be, all logically laid out, and Hell, does it work or what? I've never seen these carpets look so clean. They look like new.

Sorry, you'll have to forgive me waxing lyrical about domestic appliances. I think it must just be a phase I'm going through.

Then I began stripping the wallpaper in my bedroom. I've done about half of it, but decided to stop at 7:00 pm as I know the neighbours have a little kiddie and they probably don't want to hear my scrapings. Thoughtful aren't I?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:38 pm [edit] 

If anyone is interested in getting stacks of back issues of Fortean Times magazine or early issues of SFX then please drop me a line. They'll get chucked out otherwise. I think I have quite a few copies of Guitarist too.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:48 pm [edit] 

Today the intention is to get started on the decorating, tidying up the bedroom (i.e. moving stuff OUT, and having a throw away) and stripping the wallpaper. And if it had been sunny, I would have liked to have gone outside with brush and bucket of Cuprinol to make a start on painting the gate. Guess I'll have to wait to do that bit.

Then in the afternoon I was planning to go into London as Wreckless Eric is doing a solo gig at the Jazz cafe in Camden. Last night it occured to me to check the details of the gig, and Arggggghhhh! it's a Blockheads gig with Eric as the support act. Which, sure enough - checking on the Jazz Cafe website - is sold out. Grrrrr... That keeps happening to me these days. Iassume you can get tickets on the door because I think the gig is smaller and more low-key than it actually is.

Anyway... I'd better get on with the tidying up, I suppose...

Thanks to the lovely Karen for the Caramac!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:10 am [edit] 

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Bugger! and Arse! I missed tonight's installment of 24. Grrrrr...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:46 pm [edit] 

Phew! Busy weekend. Sherri came over Friday night, and did lots of computer surgery stuff for me on Saturday, then Mum and Dad came over and we went out for lunch at the Doctor Who Pub in East Hagbourne (The Fleur De Lys which featured in the Doctor Who story, The Android Invasion - I showed Shel the tape afterwards). Then Sherri and I went to Do It All where I spent loads of money for the imminent decorating spree - paint, wallpaper, paste, a bucket to mix the paste, pasting table, etc. That lot came to a pretty penny, I can tell you.

Then today there were various other little tidying up around the house jobs to do too. We went back to Do It All again, as I wanted to buy some stackable container boxes to put the now legendary shoe collection into. Shifted my old Vox AC-30 amplifier downstairs, and I found a funny video of when I was lead guitarist in a punk band back in 1990, and I played some of it for Sherri. Which made us both laugh. Eeeeks! How much was I trying to copy Daniel Ash of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets fame? I had big hair, all sticky-uppy, a bit like Danny used to have, except mine was orange! Oooh-errrr... I was also lusting after the Fender Telecaster thinline guitar I was using in the video. That was a lovely instrument, but not mine - I'd borrowed it for the video so it would look like I had loads of guitars.

Speaking of guitars, I offloaded one onto the parents as my dad had been saying that when he retires later this year he'd like to have a go at learning an instrument. So, I dug out my old red Aria electro-acoustic guitar for him to "borrow"; it's actually quite a yummy instrument but I hardly ever touch it anymore. As I recall I bought it about ten years ago for £350 which was £200 cheaper than it should have been. Apparently it was "shop-soiled" which actually meant it had a bit of glue on the back. Which I easily scraped off.
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Friday, March 15, 2002

I just did a Google search for valerian, and found this page which informs me that:
Valerian has an effect on the nervous system of many animals, especially cats, which seem to be thrown into a kind of intoxication by its scent. It is scarcely possible to keep a plant of Valerian in a garden after the leaves or root have been bruised or disturbed in any way, for cats are at once attracted and roll on the unfortunate plant. It is equally attractive to rats and is often used by rat-catchers to bait their traps. It has been suggested that the famous Pied Piper of Hamelin owed his irresistible power over rats to the fact that he secreted Valerian roots about his person.
So, now we know.
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So, late last night I had a couple of brandies and about an hour before I went to bed I took two valerian tablets. Then just before bed I took another two, and was feeling nice and sleepy. I remember lying in bed thinking that I felt snug and tired and hoping that this night I'd actually fall asleep. And that's the last thing I remember. Hurrah! It worked.

So, what's with this valerian herb then? It obviously has some special powers. And what's more, the cat seemed to like it. I noticed that the tablets left a peculiar scent on my fingers, and before I went to bed I said goodnight to the cat and stroked him. He was very interested in the smell of the valerian in my fingers, and was sniffing my hand and looking excited and rubbing his head against me, and all that stuff that cats do. Then he grabbed my hand with his paw and didn't want to let go - a little too over-enthusiastically as he sank his claws in and I can still see the marks now.

So, I was wondering, is the herb valerian related to cat-nip?

On an interesting side-note, I recall that Gary Numan used to call himself Valerian in the early days of Tubeway Army and before he dreamt up the Numan name after finding inspiration in the Yellow Pages. Again, I think this had something to do with the plant having special powers. I wonder why he didn't call himself Cat-Nip?
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Thursday, March 14, 2002

Taking heed of Elisabeth's suggestion, I've bought some valerian... let's see if that helps me sleep tonight (although I'm so tempted to take it now).
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Another night with very little sleep. I'm feeling absolutely shattered.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Oh yeah, and when I nipped out earlier to buy a sandwich for lunch, I had a look in the local sweetie shop to see if they had Caramac. Didn't see it. So, the burning question is: Is this confection still available? A special prize to the first person who can find me a bar!

(N.B. It does not count if you find one that's been lurking in the pocket of a pair of trousers you were wearing years ago... it MUST be a non-soiled bar).
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Hurrah... it's back!

It must have been that big Hello that did the trick; woke 'em up.
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Wakey wakey Blogger type people... bloody Blog*Spot is dead!!!!!
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It looks like blogspot is down at the moment.

So, I'll have to talk to myself again.
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Hurrah! Nice to get some feedback from you good people out there. I'll have to ask questions like that more often.

Bearing in mind that most of my questions were inspired by my imminent decorating spree, here are my own answers:
  1. "Burning Skies" by Tones on Tail

  2. I too was reminded of the existence of Caramac by Ulrika's Nigella Lawson impression on Shooting Stars the other night. I always used to like it... it was like a caramel flavoured candy bar with a chocolatey texture. Not had one for years. I wonder if they still make them?

  3. The spider question was the first of my decorating-related questions, as my room has loads of spiders in it so I shall have to get rid of them before I can start painting, etc. Karen, who I share the house with, accuses me of breeding them in there. Mostly I leave them alone, as I don't really mind them (it's moths that I really hate), but I often do have to have do the glass and paper thing if there is a spider elsewhere in the house, 'cos Karen hates them and screams. Anything for a quiet life.

  4. Currently the bedroom walls are magnolia above the dado rail, and papered beneath, with a subtle striped magnolia patterned wallpaper.

  5. I haven't decided, which is why I was asking you guys. But I need to buy paint this weekend!
So... any more decorating suggestions will be gratefully received.
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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

OK... no-one is talking to me. Have I been sent to Coventry or what?

This situation requires some direct questions:
  1. What's your favourite song?
  2. So, the concensus of opinion is that white chocolate is poo and isn't really chocolate anyway, but what about Caramac? Love it or loathe it?
  3. What do you do when encountering a spider?
    (a) leave it alone, it's not doing any harm,
    (b) squish it,
    (c) go to elaborate lengths to capture the spider (often involving an empty glass or jar and a piece of paper) and then chuck it out the window, or
    (d) cower behind a cushion or something and scream at someone else to deal with it.

  4. What colour are your bedroom walls? (trying to get ideas here)
  5. What colour should I paint mine? (Don't say black or you're in big troub... I ain't a teenager!)
So... that's enough for now, I reckon. I await your replies.
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One thing I hate about BlogSnob is that it gives you spurious links in your stats, where other blogging type peoploids haven't really linked to you, it's just their BlogSnob ad at work. I wish there was a way of filtering these out on the stats page.
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Next week I'll be having the house to myself (well, me and the li'l kitty) so that means... decorating. Yuk! I hate decorating but it's got to be done, and what better time than when Karen is away so I can borrow her room as somewhere to temporarily house my junk? It's going to be a busy week though. Got Sherri visiting at the weekend, plus my parents, and in the week my sister too! Not to mention trying to squeeze in a Wreckless Eric gig. Yikes! I hope I get some sleep before then or else I'll be like one of the living dead.
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Oh dear, there was a girl out in the street just now wearing a pair of fabulous shoes, not dissimilar to my pair in the photo in the margin here, but she was wearing them with the scruffiest pair of jeans ever, and she was making the most awful noise as she walked... y'now, that horrible heels on pavement sound you get when someone can't be bothered to pick up their feet and the heel scrapes on the ground. It was cringe-worthy.
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As threatened yesterday, I've majorly downsized the ol' GeoCities website. It was becoming something of an albatross around my neck, to be honest, so I've basically got rid of about 90% of it.
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Nooooooooooooooo... Bloody alarm clocks. Bloody having to get up to go to work when I feel like I've only just managed to drop off to sleep.

It isn't fair!

I don't know why I seem to be suffering from insomnia so much at the moment. And when I do finally get to sleep I enter a world of nightmares, like on Sunday when I was having a such a terrible nightmare that I got up early and made some breakfast rather than try to lay in.

I might have to get some brandy in... see if a dose of that helps send me off.
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Monday, March 11, 2002

Hhhmmmm... I just had a rather graphic message posted in my guestbook on the old GeoCities website. I would delete it if bloody Yahoo/GeoCities would actually move faster than a geriatric snail. Which makes me think once again that it's high time that I deleted the whole of that website.
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Re: The Mothman Prophecies which Gillian and I went to see on Saturday. Well, we thought it was quite a good movie, although not a great movie. Which is more than the UK press could say for it, where it was largely slated; I expect they couldn't see beyond the supposed X Files similarities, which is quite short-sighted on their behalf.

Nice use of cinematography, camera angles, scene fade-ins and outs, visual symbolism, etc. Richard Gere was - if anything - understated for a change in the lead role. There were a couple of genuinely scary moments - nothing vile, just good ol' fashioned creepiness. There were the obligatory Hollywood-required bolted-on elements to the story... the wife, the love interest (the female cop at Point Pleasant), and perhaps the whole thing had been made a bit more coherent than John Keel's (the real-life John Klein) version of the events. Nevertheless it was all quite entertaining.

What was truly alarming was the number of bloody children in the cinema. Gillian and I felt like we were the oldest ones in there! It was quite simply NOT a children's film. The kids were getting bored... they were going up and down to go to the toilet, talking and giggling, playing with their mobile phones, etc. They should have gone to see Monsters Inc (rather them than me). I noticed that the film had a 12 rating, which is fair enough as there was nothing really gross in it, but as I said, it wasn't really a story for children. Also, some of those kids looked nearer to 8 years old, rather than 12 and upwards.
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It's lunch time and I'm just having a little play with the design of this here blog. I think I'm going to want to tweak it some more, but first I need some food, so I'm going to nip out for a bit.
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Note to self... when making a pot of coffee, remember that water is a key ingredient.
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Eeeeeks indeedy!

I couldn't post this weekend because of my continuing computer problems. I haven't been feeling too hot either, but I've crawled into work today anyway, only to find that my two immediate colleague are both off sick and I'm the only person in the department. And one of those off sick is our IT guy and guess what? We've got all sorts of IT problems here at the moment. Arrrggghhh! He'd better phone in at some point. I mean, he's off to the States tomorrow so he needs to let us know the status of things, passwords, etc.

I can feel a major stress coming on.
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Saturday, March 09, 2002

Oh dear. Not feeling too good. I had a somewhat fevered sleep last night, and for some reason my left arm has been feeling numb and feels as if there might be an almighty bruise coming near the elbow. I have no idea what might have caused that, although I started feeling headachey at work yesterday afternoon, and then felt decided odd walking home from the station. I actually had trouble keeping myself awake as I was walking. A very odd sensation.
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Friday, March 08, 2002

Ooohhh... Blogger is back!

Hurrah! I thought we were going to have to correspond with one another via comments all day.

Anyway, it's nearly time to go home. And not a moment too soon, 'cos I've started to feel all headachey and sicky. I was planning on watching crap Friday night TV and having a glass or two of wine tonight. I hope my head is up to it.

Then tomorrow I'm meeting Gillian again, and we're going to see The Mothman Prophecies, followed no doubt, by something to eat (I hope). I've read a lot about Mothman as Fortean Times ran a special on it in their last issue.
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Thursday, March 07, 2002

To the very very sad and pathetic individual calling itself "Gina Cruise" and using the IP address of : Fuck off and die you rancid piece of excrement.
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Today I'm feeling irritable. Cranky. Fed-up. And tired.

In case you hadn't noticed.
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I spent best part of my lunch hour using PhotoShop to make a new banner for the head of this blog. And then I decided I didn't like it.

Back to the old drawing board then... *sigh*
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Why do some people make such a damnably disgusting munching sound when they eat that can be heard miles away? I want to be sick now, having had to listen to that for half an hour.
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Hopefully the ad at the top of this blog should vanish. Soon. It's a first year's birthday present from me to my blog!
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Hhhhhmmmm... so I have no taste, eh? So, I like eating things that taste like lard, do I?

Well, in today's sandwiches (no, it's not lard before any of you Smart Alecs pipe up) we have Vegemite, which - in my book - is wonderful stuff, and although similar to Marmite, has the edge over it.
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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

I'm bored and fed-up with this... I have been struggling with HTML forms all day, and more importantly, the JavaScript that handles the required fields and so forth. It just ain't working, despite the fact that I've used the same damn code before and it's worked beautifully. The answer is most likely staring me in the face, but I just can't see it. Grrrrrr...
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Mmmmmmmm... White chocolate chunky Kit Kat...

(Please feel free to comment. Even if your name is Mel and you want to say how white chocolate is just like lard. *G*)
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And no, I didn't change my mind, and haven't gone in to the Kilroy programme. I sincerely hope that no other trannies were duped into appearing either. Although, I know that won't be true. Shame.

The only way via the medium of television for transvestites to get the public on their side and break down some of the tabboos surrounding the subject of crossdressing, would be if a high profile soap opera such as EastEnders had a storyline in which one of the characters - preferably a popular character who the audience could relate to - came out as being TV.

These talk shows such as Kilroy are a waste of time.
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You may have noticed the "Shoes by: Jayne Winters Collection" thing in the margin... Well, Jayne Winters emailed me recently asking how I got on with the shoes that they managed to get to me in time for the Christmas party towards the end of last year. They were really helpful and pulled out all the stops to make sure I got the shoes on time. Also they've got quite a nice little range of shoes with some nice price tags attached! I've seen some of the very same shoes in London selling for much more than these. So yeah, give 'em a whirl if you're after some fabulous footware.

Anyway, I promised to give them a link. It doesn't mean that I exclusively wear their shoes; far from it. But I do feel that they are the most deserving company wanting a link that I have dealt with in the last year or so.

There was another company who got in touch with me - Banana Shoes - asking for a link. They had quite a fabulous catalogue of shoes and said I could have a pair of my choice for half price if I linked to them on my website (the GeoCities one which, before you ask, is more or less abandoned now... I can't be bothered with it). But when I got in touch to arrange the half-price pair they simply ignored me, and I never heard another word from them. I was less than impressed.

Unlike the aforementioned Jayne Winters who were more than helpful. So Hurrah! for them, and Yah! Boo! Sucks! to the other lot.
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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

This is a story that I am relaying from a guy calling himself Leeratbag who posts on the Official Damned website message board. Someone had commented that the music on the latest Snickers advert (in the US?) sounded suspiciously like The Damned's "Neat Neat Neat", and Leeratbag added that:
My mate Paul was on his way home at the end of a particularly drunken and sleep-deprived weekend. On his way he passed two billboards; one about Marathon changing its name, one from the Scottish Tourist Board. Shortly afterwards I received an addled phone call. "Is Snickers really the new name for Scotland?"
Which I thought was hilarious.
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What a load of tosh! This story is quite blatantly untrue. Or at least the notion that if Will Young - the Pop Idol winner - is not allowed to sing both songs from his double-A-sided single (which sounds rather meaningless in the CD age) on Top of The Pops this Friday, then he will "will become the first number one artist available to appear on the show to be missing in the programme's 38-year history" is a load of tosh. (Phew! What a convoluted sentence. Sorry about that.)

What about Frankie Goes To Hollywood who reached No1 in January 1984 with the banned "Relax"?

And what of the Sex Pistols' "God Save The Queen", which we all knew was the real number one single at the time of ol' Betty the Two's silver jubilee in 1977, despite the fact that the compilers of the chart didn't want to admit it?

Also, all this this talk of it being against the show's policy to play both sides of a double-A-side on the one programme is nonsense too, as I recall The Jam doing just that with their "A Town Called Malice"/"Precious" single in 1982, and I think in more recent years Oasis played both songs from a single of theirs too (my memory is a bit more fuzzy on that one, but I think I've got a better memory that the people at the BBC by the sounds of things).
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Gina and Jamie
Dere GiNa,
Congratchulashuns on the aniversry of yor weblog malarkey. I fink it's pukka, and I loG on evry day to chek wot your doing.
You're pal, Jamie (the nekkid chef)

P.s.Thanx for teeching me how too make ToAst.

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My computer and I had a bit of a falling out last night. I told you it's been playing up with continual errors, blue screen of death, etc. Last night it was being a complete bastard, and I'm ashamed to say that I nearly trashed it.
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Arse! Looking through the job section of The Guardian yesterday, I saw that an assistant editor is required for Doctor Who Magazine. A few years ago I would have killed for a job like that. Two minus points though: (1) the job is in Tunbridge Wells, and (2) it's the old "must have good Quark Xpress skills" routine again.

Now, I don't have Quark Xpress skills. All my typesetting and editorial days were spent using bloody CorelVentura as the DTP package, which I know isn't the industry standard (unlike Quark), but why don't these damn job advertisers realise that all these programs are much of a muchness and the same basics apply; it's all the same damn concepts.

I'm really going to have to invest in some Quark Xpress training so I can put the damn thing on my CV, and open up the range of jobs I can apply for.
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Monday, March 04, 2002

You'd think that I'd have something more momentus to write on the Anniversary of this 'ere blog, but... errrrrmmm... no, 'fraid not, can't think of anything to say really.

Sorry 'bout that.
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Happy Blog Birthday to me,
Happy Blog Birthday to me,
Blah blah blah ...
Yeah! You know how it goes.
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Sunday, March 03, 2002

I've just noticed: This blog will be celebrating its first birthday tomorrow!

Wow! A whole year I've been doing this. And some of you said I'd never keep it up.
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This from Vicky Lee of WayOut Club and Tranny Guide fame:
Yes "victims". I highly recomend that you turn down any invites to appear on this show. Past experience proves that the programs researchers will promise the earth (and probably mean what they say), However during the recording Mr Kilroy does whatever he likes and when it comes to cross-dressing, transvestites, transsexuals, transgender (call it what you will - after all he will!) that means putting words in peoples mouths cutting people off and generaly injecting his own predudices and preconcieved concepts. The audiance of this show (like most other similar shows) will have people planted in it to try to wind you up trip you up. To be fair much like everyday life. But it is the host of the show (unlike most other shows) that you have to beware of. This show is unlikely to further the understanding of the transgender phenomena and will probably make you appear to be a "twat" I have been on this show 3 times and each time the experience was worse. Read the full report of my last (and I do mean last) Kilroy experience on > WayOut News.
Which kinda corroborates what I was saying, doesn't it?

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The computer is still really dodgy. I'm trying to post this before Internet Explorer crashes on me (yet again). Apologies to anyone who's emailed me in the last couple of days... it's very difficult to respond to things at the moment. It's tricky enough getting to read the mail in the first place, let alone replying to it!

Yesterday I had arranged to meet Gillian at 1:00pm. It occurred to me as I was in the shower that the record fair would be on at Oxford Town Hall (1st Saturday of the month), so I made my way into Oxford early. I came away with some goodies. At one stall I bought three CDs for £20, these being "Lodger" by David Bowie (and I thought I already had an enormous Bowie collection - I have quite a bunch of bootlegs that I often forget that I don't have some of the proper albums), "Pioneers Who Got Scalped" a double CD anthology by Devo (who are really a band I should have been into years ago), and "Der Robotmix" which is a 75 minute long megamix of Kraftwerk tunes, and a really well done mix at that - very clever. Not bad for less than seven quid each, eh?

Then on another stall I found "Gotham" by Bauhaus, which is a collection of their live recordings from the reunion tour of 1999. Speaking of Bauhaus, I ought to say a few words about guitarist Daniel Ash and his band. Apparently yesterday he was due to start a tour in the US promoting his new album, but the band were involved in a bad car crash, and from what I hear the bassist, Patina Creme, was very severely injured. Now, I don't know her, but my heart goes out to her, and I'm sending my love.

Anyway, I met Gillian in the Goose for a drink or two. She said that she wasn't really up for doing much (we had been talking about going to the cinema) as she was recovering from a freak flamenco dancing accident (I kid you not). So, we just had a few drinks and a bite to eat, and a good old chat.

Discussing exercise, Gillian asked me if I could touch my toes. "Why on earth would I want to touch my toes?" I asked, "...Unless I was going to paint my nails?" I added. Gillian thought that was hilarious, so I may well be quoted on that.

Back at home, I watched the new animated version of Mr Bean on telly. Lots of people will make disparaging comments about Mr Bean. It's hardly high-brow humour, let's face it. It's pure and simple slapstick, and as visual comedy it works very well. It's a world apart from Rowan Atkinson's other comedy creations such as Blackadder with all his clever word play. I suppose it highlights the versatility of the man. I think that the Mr Bean movie, Bean, was taking the simple Mr Bean concept too far. The character was being taken to places he was never intended to go. Anyway, I'm getting off the point. The thing is, I exprected to hate and loathe the cartoon version of Mr Bean, but ended up enjoying it. It was very well done and the whole concept simple as it is - lent itself to animation very easily. Possibly Mr Bean always was a cartoon character, even when Rowan Atkinson acted him in the original live action series. It was a cartoon series waiting to happen.
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Friday, March 01, 2002

As some of you know, I'm a bit of a guitar nut. I have a fondness for weird instruments, witness the fretless six-string electric guitar I built about 20 years ago. So, anyway, I was just having a browse on the web and found just about the most mental looking guitar I'd ever seen - which is Pat Metheny's 42-string Pikasso guitar! And if you want to hear what it sounds like, download "Into The Dream".
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I've had another email from the Kilroy producer, trying to get me to change my mind about appearing in the programme. This is what my friend Gillian thinks of it all:
I really hate this sort of programe - trivialising eveything and encouarging people to slug it out in public - and they call this entertainment?

I think it is just cheap and tacky TV and only an outlet for Robert Kilroy Silk's massive ego... Good that you are steering clear of it. I cannot understand the current vogue for everyone lining up to humiliate themselves on TV in the name of being famous for five seconds!
I think once upon a time, I would've done it. But I'm just not interested.
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I obviously spoke too soon yesterday about the state of my home computer. It is well and truly buggered. Shel reckons it might be the processor to blame now. It's very frustrating.
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