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Thursday, February 28, 2002
Eeeeeks! The producer of the television chat show Kilroy has asked me if I'd like to appear on a programme they're doing next week "looking at transvestites aiming to explore the reasons behind cross dressing, and how it affects partners and family/friends" and which they hope will "tackle some of the prejudices surrounding transvestites".

Naturally, I've declined this offer. Sit in a studio audience in full Gina mode, alongside people who may have these prejudices as mentioned above? No thank you. I mean, I'm not exactly feeling wonderful about my self image right now. I've not even seen a photograph of me that I've liked since 1998.

Anyway, they're bound to go over the same old ground and get absolutely no-where. I've been "out" as a TV (or TG or whatever lame half-arsed label you care to slap on me) for six years or so now, and I've given up wondering and/or analysing what it's all about, as I'm no closer to knowing now than I ever was. I can't see what great enlightening conclusions they are going to come up with in half an hour.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:02 pm [edit] 

Last week I was concerned that someone might have nicked my name. It seems that this happened for real to Katie Jones of when a book was published using her domain name as its title. What an utter cheek! Don't you think that Katie's open letter at least deserves some kind of response from the almighty corporation that is Penguin Books? (This story comes via Tom at

What if someone turned the tables on Penguin? For instance, I wonder how Penguin would react if I acquired the domain name which is available and up for grabs (as are variants such as and, despite the fact that it sounds suspiciously similar to the title of a best-selling book published by Penguin. I bet they would not like it.

Actually, I think someone should do just that.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:38 pm [edit] 

For those of you who have been searching for it, I believe this is the chat room that Johnny Vegas was talking about in Room 101 the other night: Beauty's Castle (I mean, he said it had a pub, and sure enough...)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:32 am [edit] 

So, after much strain and effort and countless phone calls to Sherri ("What do I do now, Shel?"), I think I've fixed my computer. Up to a point, that is. I actually had to take memory out to get rid of the nasty blue screens and error messages. And then I had to move the remaining memory card. Which was a bastard.

I was in a foul temper after all that, and in need of a drink, so I nipped out to Tesco and treated myself to a nice bottle of brandy. Yum!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:02 am [edit] 


Annie and I were going to see Die So Fluid do a a gig in London, but I've just found out that the bloody thing is sold out. Grrrrrr... I've never had to buy tickets beforehand for one of their gigs before. Who are the headlining band? I can't remember. It wasn't a name I'd ever heard before. Feeling really pissed off about the whole thing.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:59 am [edit] 

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Please read Terry's tribute to Spike Milligan who died this morning.

I wish I could have written a little something by way of tribute too, but all I could manage was to go and hide in the toilets and cry.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:14 pm [edit] 

Update (re: previous entry): Just now I could stand it no more and phoned up my bank to ask them if such a thing was possible. They hardly set my mind at rest. "It's possible for a hacker," I was told. "Anything's possible."

So, all I can do is keep checking my statements and look for any irregularities.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:55 pm [edit] 

This has been concerning me too: Last night I received what I thought to be an annoying sales call. But it was a bit unusual in that the guy had an American accent and said he was calling from California (if I remember correctly). He said his company had been looking at a list of people/businesses in "the City of Didcot" (City?) and had come across my name. He asked me if my name was indeed G ------, which I confirmed, and then started on some spiel about American computer software being much cheaper than the software we buy in the UK - at which point I cut him off and said I wasn't interested.

Karen asked me what the phone call had been about, and then went on to say that this had happened to a friend of hers, who found that by confirming his name on the telephone he had effectively (somehow) made it possible for some unscrupulous person to help themselves to a large chunk of money from out of his bank account.

Is this possible?

I need to know. It's really worrying me, and I even had a bad dream about the whole situation last night. Should I phone my bank and tell them what happened? And if so, what should I actually say without sounding like a complete idiot? Or is it my credit card company I ought to be speaking to?

Help me someone, I don't know what to do here.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:14 am [edit] 

I think this person is of the mistaken belief that Google is much more powerful than it actually is. Doesn't you heart go out to him?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:00 am [edit] 

Grrrrrr... I spent most of last night on the phone to Shel trying to find out what could possibly be wrong with my computer, which has been suffering from error messages, blue screen of death, crashing, etc. It's most annoying. I think it's well and truly f***ed.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:52 am [edit] 

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

OK, so The Liar has been on hiatus for the past two weeks. Sorry about that. I've been too busy and my thoughts have been elsewhere. It's not as easy as you might think writing utter bollocks, y'know.

Anyway, having said that, I've made amends and posted a couple of new stories today. I could be really annoying now and say, "Enjoy". (I hate it when people do that! Aarrrrrgggh!)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:09 pm [edit] 

Speaking of Shooting Stars, in last night's programme we were treated to Matt Lucas (a.k.a. George Dawes, Marjory Dawes, et al) doing an uncannily accurate impression of Jamie Oliver. Oh, I wish I'd taped that.

And previously to that in Never Mind The Buzzcocks, there was more Jamie-related hilarity courtesy of Mark LaMarr. Hhhhmmmm... I'm sure these people are jumping on the bandwaggon that I set a-rolling.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:45 pm [edit] 

I can't figure out why this blog - which is nearly a year old now - is STILL not listed on the Blogger directory. It should be on this page.

I get the feeling that someone doesn't like me.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:02 am [edit] 

Overheard on the train this morning: a man on his mobile, calling a colleague to say that he was on time.

I'm not overly fond of the over-used and tired expression Get A Life, but in this case it certainly applies.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:28 am [edit] 

Last night, I think, it was Johnny Vegas TV over at BBC2. First he was on Shooting Stars and then he was on the very next programme as Paul Merton's guest in Room 101. When I first saw Vegas on telly a year or so ago I didn't know what to make of him, but now I've got used to his style I find him hilarious. He seems also to project this aura of pathos, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not, but it makes you think that he's a good honest down-to-earth kinda guy.

Anyway, one of his choices for Room 101 (a show in which guests choose their own particular pet hates and irritants with a view to recommending that they be put into the Orwellian room of horrors) was internet chat rooms. He was talking about how he'd been addicted to internet chat (and one in particular called Beauty's Castle - must look that up sometime) and how it's really about a bunch of people pretending they're all someone they aren't. I was crying with laughter. "It's so true, it's so true..." I kept saying. And it is. I should know, I was seriously addicted to internet chat rooms (mainly of the transgender persuasion) myself a few years back. But I'm over it now. I weaned myself off. Honest, guv.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:08 am [edit] 

Monday, February 25, 2002

Yesterday I went into London and met Annie. We went firstly to the Tate Britain where we looked at some "serious" art, then we made our way - taking in the now non-wobbly Millenium Bridge - to the Tate Modern, where Annie had a good laugh at the art there. I had to agree with some of her points. An unpainted and slashed canvas is crap. As is one covered entirely in the colour blue. Pointless. And Damien Hirst's Pharmacy was, well, just a pharmacy. Where is the art in that? It'd be OK for a set in TV drama or the theatre but as art it's worthless. We also had a chuckle at the enormous queues of people waiting to buy tickets (at £10 a head) to see the Andy Warthog exhibition. More fool them. Especially since most the pieces were there to be seen for free before the exhibition. Not that they were much cop anyway.

Then we made our way - in the rain - to Leicester Square as we wanted to go to Chiquitos to eat. But, what was all this? Crowds of people, barriers, security personnel, police...? Turns out it was the BAFTAs! Somehow we managed to get through to the restaurant where we ate, as you do in such establishments, and then we went outside again. There were numerous supposed celebs and/or film industry people trolling along the road, the occassional cheer from the crowd and camera flashes going off left, right and centre. We didn't recognise anyone. Lots of blonde women in posh frocks and expensive-looking high heels and guys in dinner jackets or tuxedos or whatever you call them. We wanted to get over to the other side of the street so asked a security bod and policewoman at an opening in the barrier if we could nip across. "BAFTA?" asked the security bod as we approached. "No, we want to cross the road," said Annie. (Afterwards we reflected we should have replied "Yes" and nipped along to the ceremony; seen how far we could have got. Not very most likely but it would've been funny). Anyway, whilst Annie was trying to persuade the policewoman and security bod to let us across the road, a well-dressed woman comes up behind her, trying to get past and through the gap herself. "Didn't you see who that was?" I asked Annie. "No," she said. Well, it was the ol' Puffin Smuggler herself, Celia Imrie. (I have to admit that I felt a pang of guilt as I saw her... What if - I thought to myself - someone had seen that story I wrote about her and brought it to her attention? I know it is crazy, but I half imagined her to turn on me and say, "What's all this business about puffins, eh? You've got some explaining to do...")
Celia Imrie as Gertrude with Master Chalk in Gormenghast, and a puffin, yesterday
We tried for a few moments to see if we could spot any more celebs, but it was difficult seeing through the crowds and we were getting well and truly rained upon. Although we didn't see anyone else who we recognised, every now and again we would hear a big cheer from along the street as someone got out of a limo with darkened windows, so there must have been some famous bods there. Anyway, Annie only wanted to see celebs so she could shout out and jeer about how worthless and overpaid they were.

So, we went on to The Comedy Store where we watched some very talented although not quite so celebrated actors doing comedy improvisation. The line-up was Josie Lawrence, Jim Sweeney, Richard Vranch, Andy Smart, Stephen Frost and Lee Simpson (see: Very clever stuff, and very funny. I've always liked Josie Lawrence in particular (seen her many times on Whose Line Is It Anyway?), and have to add that she looks quite yummy in the flesh. Eeeeks! Is that sad or what?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:31 am [edit] 

Saturday, February 23, 2002

John Thaw

Oxford's adopted son, John Thaw, the much-loved actor who brought Colin Dexter's books to life on the TV screen in his portrayal of Inspector Morse, has passed away (story on BBC News wesbite).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:57 pm [edit] 

Friday, February 22, 2002

Can anyone suggest any good movies to see? Gillian and I have been discussing this as we thought we might go out next weekend, see a movie, grab a bite to eat, that kind of malarkey. She suggested "A Brilliant Mind" which she described as the "story of brilliant mathematician". Which I thought sounded pretty boring. I mean, it's not as if I'm after a film with car chases (Gillian reckoned there weren't any in this film) but I want something reasonably intelligent without being something that would send me to sleep.

Mind, having just viewed the trailer on the movie's website, it appears there could be some kind of conspiracy sub-plot going on, which might keep me interested. Looks like there might be a car chase too. And if not, there's almost certainly lots of nifty chalk on blackboard work.

But, yeah... Other movie suggestions, anyone?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:40 pm [edit] 

Oi! Who left me out of the loop? No-one told me that the BBC had dropped Jamie Oliver! (Isn't that photo SCARY?)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:42 pm [edit] 

Hhhhmmmmm... I've been trying to find this Kylie Minogue "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" remix featuring the backing from New Order's "Blue Monday", so have been downloading various versions of the song from AudioGalaxy. I found one entitled "Cant get you out of my head (new dance mix)", but when I played it back, it's just the regular version of the song with a repeating loop of some miserable bastard saying "Stop downloading that f**king shite song from off of my PC" over the top of the music.

What a complete arse! It's hardly in the spirit of AudioGalaxy and file-sharing, is it? If he doesn't like that "shite song" then why is it on his PC? OK, so it's someone's idea of a joke, but I hate destructive nasty "jokes" like that. Once again, it's maliciousness at work. What kind of a mind would think of doing that in the first place? I mean, the effort it must have taken to do it. Pathetic.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:47 pm [edit] 

OK, we have comments again. With this system I can delete unsavourary messages, and ban users, so hopefully shouldn't experience any more trouble.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:19 pm [edit] 

Hooray for Meg who has cleared up all that Sweet FA business, and points me in the direction of Why Do We Say? and The Answerbank. It seems the origin of the expression was Sweet Fanny Adams after all.

So your Granny and your Auntie were right all along. No, not the ones who work down the docks; I mean the nicely-spoken ones.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:50 am [edit] 

Ooh! Mounting excitement! I can hardly wait. There's only one section left to be completed on the Exquisite Corpse that I contributed the first piece to recently (see the corpse lists for details of works in progress - the one I'm part of is EC0113).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:59 am [edit] 

Isn't it funny how innocuous little expressions and everyday phrases can well and truly confuse our cousins from across the Atlantic ocean, and vice versa? I was just reading some posts on the message board on Daniel Ash's website, and a couple of people were foxed by the expression "Sweet FA" (title of a Love and Rockets song and album, and also used by their old Bauhaus chum Peter Murphy in the lyrics to one of his songs).

What could it mean?, they were asking. One guy suggested that: 'Sweet FA could refer to the early "Sweet" song, or maybe the sexual conotations implied in that song. I have read that Daniel was heavily influenced by 70's glam, so this may be the meaning of the elusive FA.'

The "elusive FA", eh? Hands up who doesn't know what it means?

Well, it ain't Football Association, not in this instance. Indeedy, it isn't. Sweet FA means "sweet fuck all" which is a bit like saying "bugger all" which I suspect is a British expression too. However, your Auntie or your Granny would be more likely to susbstitute "sweet Fanny Adams" rather than use the naughty word.

Depending on the kind of vocabulary that your Auntie or Granny would use, of course. For all I know she (or they) might swear like a docker.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:19 am [edit] 

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Another weird coincidence. I seem to be experiencing lots of these recently. You know I said I was compiling CD-Rs of 70s music that I'd downloaded from AudioGalaxy? Well, I was trying to remember some tunes that I'd not heard for years. One, I remembered and went and found was "Magic Fly" by Space (not the Liverpudlian band who gave us "Female of the Species"; this lot used to dress up as astronauts on Top of the Pops, although I expect that in reality the record was most likely made by session musicians). So, anyway, yesterday I finally got to hear this song for the first time in years, or possibly even decades. And now, I've just heard it again on Channel 4's spoof Japanese betting show, Banzai. Eeeeeeks!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:56 pm [edit] 

OK... I think I understand. Apparently there was an American doll made in the sixties going by the name of Gina, and these dolls are quite collectable. Like other dolls, Gina had various outfits she could wear, and these included a winter outfit - something she could wear out when it was snowing ... So (I hope you are still following this), it's entirely feasible that a collector might refer to a Gina snow doll. Possibly. Anyway, it seems that a couple of these Gina dolls have recently become available on auctions at eBay, and somehow Yahoo and Google have been picking up this.

Isn't that bizarre?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:03 pm [edit] 

It's very odd... I think somone somewhere has nicked my name. I've been doing various searches and the name "Gina Snowdoll" keeps occurring in documents on sites such as and, but if you try to link through to them you get re-directed to eBay. Is this some site you have to sign up to, perhaps? If anyone can help, could you please get in touch. I want to find out what the hell is going on.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:30 pm [edit] 

Is this a wind-up? See the eighth entry down.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:34 am [edit] 

I've just received a very suspect looking email, entitled Undeliverable mail--"End PayCounter(tm) Code.

The body of the mail is as follows:
The following mail can't be sent to

Subject: End PayCounter(tm) Code
The file is the original mail
Well, I never tried emailing, so I'm pretty sure this email is spurious. I guess the mail customises itself based on an email recipient list that it's picked up from somewhere. Also the filesize is 115k which means this mail could very well be carrying a virus (thankfully, looking at the mail in Yahoo is safe).

So - be warned. If in doubt - delete!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:05 am [edit] 

I'm still listening to my 70s compos. But Grrrrrr... the version of Bad Company's "Feel Like Making Love" that I downloaded cuts off about half way through the guitar solo at the end. That's one of those songs that needs the climactic guitar solo - it just wouldn't be complete without it. Another example (which I haven't put onto CD-R - I've only just thought of it) is "Hotel California" by The Eagles. I remember not too long ago hearing this on the radio in the car with Sherri, and sure enough it gets to the guitar soloing at the end and the DJ fades it down and starts talking across it, and I'm going "...But that's the best bit". It's a bit like hearing a joke without the punchline. You need the whole thing.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:56 am [edit] 

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Oh, yes, forgot to say, I filled up two 80-minute CD-Rs earlier with songs from the 1970s that I'd downloaded from the now legendary AudioGalaxy. I think that the music from this era is all too often very unfairly ridiculed; there were plenty of great tunes, and loads of fun stuff too. I liked it. It was much better than the vapid music of the 1980s. The eighties stank.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:29 pm [edit] 

Still feeling fed up. I was hoping to have an enjoyable short week at work, but now I have nothing to do with my days off, I may as well cancel them and go into work anyway.

Shite on telly tonight, and I'm finding the internet particularly uninspiring at the moment too. Mark phoned for an hour or so earlier, so that was a pleasant diversion for a while. Bed soon, I suppose. I'll read a bit of the old book before turning out the lights (it being too difficult reading after the lights are turned out). I'm currently reading "Colony" by Rob Grant (co-creator of Red Dwarf), which is getting better as it goes along. Thankfully. The first few chapters I found very "dry" and listless in writing style. If that makes sense.

In other news, isn't it about time I took the piss out of Jamie Oliver again?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:24 pm [edit] 

Why is the jolly singing bank manager riding on the back of a giant swan as it flies through the air in that TV advert for the Halifax (isn't it?)? Am I the only one who doesn't get this?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:17 pm [edit] 

Bah! My week has been kinda screwed up. Tonight I was originally planning on seeing a Die So Fluid gig with Annie, and then I was going to spend Thursday with her too. But the gig's been cancelled, because the singer in the so-called headlining band Defenestration has a sore throat. Awwww... poor love.

I was looking forward to having Thursday and Friday off work too. I dunno what to do with myself now, and have so much work on at the moment that I may as well cancel at least one of those days off and go on into the office as per usual. Grrrrrr... Not fair.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:40 pm [edit] 

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I should've known that Terry would have the answer to my question (see previous entry). The identity of the song that had me perplexed was "Little Does She Know" (D'Oh! I could've guessed that much) by The Kursaal Flyers, who were allegedly from Southend in Essex. I've now found an MP3 of the song, which - it has to be said - must have some of the worst lyrics ever. Without actually being a novelty record as such.

Before you ask, the reason for this quest was that I was in the middle of compiling a glam rock CD-R and that song popped into my mind, but I couldn't remember its title nor who performed it, and it was really bugging me.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:02 pm [edit] 

Does anyone (in the UK*) remember a song from the mid to late 70s (i.e. towards the end of the glam rock era) that contained the lines, "When she finished her laundry / She was all in a quandary..." whilst the chorus was quite convoluted but went something like "Little does she know that I know that she knows that I know she's two-timing me..."

I can't remember the name of the song, nor can I remember the band. I do recall that when they performed this delightful little ditty on Top of The Pops that they had giant soap powder boxes (and washing machines?) on stage in place of their guitar amplifiers.

Answers on an email please.

* I doubt anyone outside of the UK will be able to help with this particular brand of madness. Unless you know differently...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:25 am [edit] 

It's ridiculous! The number of people who come to this site using a Google search in an attempt to find a certain female celebrity chef in a state of undress is quite disturbing. I mean, it ain't going to happen, is it?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:10 am [edit] 

Monday, February 18, 2002

Daniel Ash
Hurrah! When I got home from work tonight I found a package from the USA on the doormat. It was the Daniel Ash CD that I'd ordered from his website, and what's more it came with an autograph from the man himself. Which is brilliant as I've been a major Daniel Ash fan for about 20 years now. The CD is brilliant too, although I know most of the songs already, as I'd downloaded them all from Audiogalaxy... although of course they are much better quality on the album proper.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:54 pm [edit] 

I'm so tired. Saturday and Sunday I needed sleep. I slept right through each morning - other than getting out of bed at 9 o'clock to feed my shouty cat - then back to bed again. But last night I just could not drop off, and to make matters worse I had to get up early this morning. You see, they've installed these ticket barriers at Oxford station and today was supposed to be the day upon which these came into use. So, anticipating lengthy queues at Didcot station this morning - because everyone will of course need to buy their tickets in advance from now on - I wanted to be at the station nice 'n' early so as to make sure I'd be able to purchase my tickets for the week.

But it didn't happen. For one thing, there weren't the antipated lengthy queues at Didcot after all, and more annoyingly the automated barriers at Oxford are still not yet in operation. So, I got up early for nothing.


Need somewhere to rest my head and doze off...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:13 pm [edit] 

Sunday, February 17, 2002

That "Jennifer" who nicked my photo for her Yahoo! profile has changed it at long last and after mucho complaining. Thank goodness for that. The text she had accompanying MY photo was nothing short of defamatory.

I can't say I care for her replacement picture (Do I really want to see her arse? If that is actually her this time), but so what? It ain't my picture any more, so that's a relief.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 5:00 pm [edit] 


What morning?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:09 pm [edit] 

Saturday, February 16, 2002

So, looking through the jobs again in today's Guardian, I don't see much that I could apply for, other than the job I've already got an application form for, and another one working as an editor on pornographic magazines. Ooh-err... think I'll give it a miss.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:45 pm [edit] 

The other thing that I've done recently is to download this Yahoo! Instant Messenger thing. I only did it originally because I was trying to get a message through to that complete shit who was using a photo of me on their Yahoo! profile.

But now I keep getting messages popping up on my screen from people wanting to chat. This has happened at work a couple of times too, so I must remember to disable Messenger at work.

Early yesterday evening a message popped up on the computer screen when Karen (housemate) was on the internet. (I was in the shower at the time. She told me about it afterwards.) Apparently this person - who must have been looking at my Yahoo! profile - had said, "So, you're a TV, do you want to have sex?" and Karen, all indignant like, replied back "Actually, I'm a real girl."

"Do you want sex anyway?" came the response.

"No," Karen typed back.

"I'll give you £100."


"OK... £500."

"No," she replied a final time and closed the Messenger window.

And later on last night I spent ages - a couple of hours at least - talking to a relatively local lad called Paul, who again had seen my profile, and was a bit nervous but wanted to make contact anyway. Straightaway, I said to him, "You do realise that I'm TV, don't you?".

"Ahh... No," he replied. But good on him, he didn't tell me to **** off, and he didn't mock; we just went on chatting pleasantly for ages.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:03 pm [edit] 

Grrrrrr... Blogspot seems to be down more often than not these days. The question is, shall I migrate my blog to somewhere else? Or would this cause untold headaches (like with the archives for example... you wouldn't believe the trouble I had with setting up the archives on The Liar)?

If I migrate the blog somewhere else, it'll mean having a different URL. Would people still be able to find it? These things worry me.

Also, talking about The Liar, I'm not sure what to do with that site any more either. I had big plans for it, but contributions have been dropping off, and now even I am having trouble trying to think up ridiculous stories to publish on it. I don't want to call it a day with the site. I still think it has a lot of potential. Are there any other volunteers to write nonsense out there?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:50 am [edit] 

Friday, February 15, 2002

This takes me back to when we thought shite video games that you plugged into your telly were cool: Pong
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:01 pm [edit] 


Nowt much to tell at the mo'. Except for the fact that I did something fabby at work this merry morn, and solved a problem that's been bugging me for AGES, so am feeling paricularly pleased with myself.

Must milk this for all it's worth! Gotta remind all my colleagues at regular intervals about how great I am. *G*
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:39 pm [edit] 

Thursday, February 14, 2002

So, how many Valentine's Day cards did I get?

A bit fat ZERO.

So, no change there then.

posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:40 pm [edit] 

Not a lot to tell today, really. Been very busy at work, and didn't go out for lunch today - I actually tooks in sandwiches which I'd made this morning. Can't remember the last time I did that!

Has anyone got any tips for dealing with annoying sales calls? I keep getting these bloody phone calls at home... sometimes I answer them and there's no one there, but sometimes I can hear background noise, like it's in a call centre, and the sales person lets the phone autodial and is too damn lazy to speak straight off. Arrogant bastards.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:15 pm [edit] 

Everyone else raves about it, but can I really be the only one who hates B u f f y   t h e   V a m p i r e   S l a y e r ? (That's a vain attempt to stop Google picking up on that).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:05 pm [edit] 

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

For those of us in the UK, this might be worth watching tonight:
Because You're Worth It
Men might well think make-up is just another excuse for women to shop, but everyday cosmetic wear was born of a serious political movement. The suffragettes donned red lipstick as a feminist statement at a time when only tarts and actresses wore the old war paint. The show examines its evolution from the post-war romantic look to the psychedelic '60s with the huge eyes and metallic lips.
C4, 9pm
Various gender issues are bound to be brought up. Me, I think more men should wear make-up.
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Walking past the Oxford Apollo just now I noticed two posters adjacent to one another, one for Abba Magic and the other for Abba Gold. Just how many Abba tribute bands ARE there?

And WHY?
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From the Sidelines in the current issue of Fortean Times (FT156):
A BOAR WITH TASTE: Last December, a wild boar was wrecking the crops of a farmer in Trier in Germany. Threatened with ruin, he resorted to playing Britney Spears songs repeatedly at top volume from a loudspeaker hidden in the maize stalks. The boar took off and never returned. Guardian, 29 December 2001.
I'm only surprised that his crops didn't wither and die.
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You know what? I'm really pissed off that I've had to turn the comments off on this 'ere blog. I keep coming back here to check to see if anyone's left any responses to my postings and then I remember that I removed the commenting system. And that's really annoying. I miss you guys and gals talking to me.

Anyway... time for lunch, I think. Might skip the ol' Lunchquest today (which is kinda coming to an end now that I've sussed out most of the eateries within walking distance of the office here in Oxford) and go get a sandwich instead. Haven't decided yet.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Thank you anonymous emailer. I'm not sure if you are genuinely trying to help me or whether you know something about the anonymous comment that was posted here last Friday. Whichever, I've already discounted your theory.

Anyway, why be anonymous? Please, folks, if you've got something to say, put your name to it.
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Today, I kinda cheated on Lunchquest because I went back to The Goose, where I had a mushroom, peppers, and cheese melt sub, and a cup of coffee, all for £3.50. Not bad at all. I've decided I quite like it in there. Nice atmosphere, and plenty of room at the tables to spread out and have a read.
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Hurrah! The latest Exquisite Corpse lists have been announced, and I've been assigned a starting segment of a "corpse"... which I've done and sent off already. I wonder what the next person will be able to make from the bottom 15 pixels of my segment? It's intriguing!
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Monday, February 11, 2002

Flippin' cheek! Look at this email I just received:

I am 31 years old man,

My profile:

I am looking for cute, petite, pretty, feminine shemales/transsexual/ladyboy, young gay boy 100% passive (but without beard:face skin soft and smooth like pretty girl), or anal girl.

For companion for few days in the middleeast (Dubai-UAE) at the beginning of March 2002.

If you can offer me such service please write to me and especially respecting my criteria, with face and complete body photos and the
detailed fees.

Thank you in advance for your kind concern

With Best Regards.

Looking forward to receive your answer soon
What???? Does he think I'm a hooker or something? Note, by the way, that his "profile" says nothing about him. Idiot.
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Several people have been asking what it was that had been entered into my now deleted comments system to enrage me so much (see Friday and Saturday's entries). What happened was that someone left an anonymous message saying simply "Hi Fred". Well, it wasn't actually "Fred" but my real male name. Which I choose NOT to reveal here. My choice. People should respect that.

The comment was totally out of order and must have been the work of someone with malicious intent towards me. I've dis-ruled it being an innocent message from a friend or a work colleage who stumbled on my site, because why would they be anonymous? They'd sign their name.

The nature of that comment - even if you might think it seems innocent - goes beyond all etiquette and common decency. It is no-one else's right to tell other people on the net - via my own website even - what my male name is. I was really offended.

It's not that I'm ashamed of being who I am, be it in boy mode or girl mode; I've been "out" for about five or six years now, so it's not like I'm being outed. However, it is my decision to keep Gina Snowdoll as a separate entity and people should respect that. I'm still waiting for that anonynous person to own up to what they did. Whoever you are, you owe me an apology. If you don't come forward, and I find out by other means who you are - and I will - then you are in serious trouble when I get hold of you.
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The start of another working week. Bah!

But that also means a resumation of the now legendary Lunchquest. Today I took myself to Cafe Rico on Gloucester Green. The food on offer mainly comprises breakfasts including a veggie option (I think they are all-day breakfasts) and a whole host of hot and cold sandwiches, panini, soup of the day, cakes etc. I had an italian panini (mozzarella, olives, sun-dried tomato) which came with fries. With a coffee it came to £4.95. About a pound too dear, I think.

No complaints really, other than the choice of music. Bloody Bob Dylan droning and whining on. Can't stand the man. Poet indeed! Tone deaf boring git, more like. I think I'll most likely go back there though; I just hope the music is better next time.
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Sunday, February 10, 2002

Eeeek! Terry explains why he uses one of those horrible torture implements otherwise known as an eyelash curler.

You wouldn't get me near one of those horrible things... No way, Pedro! But people tell me I'm lucky in that I already have long curly lashes.
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I had quite a busy day yesterday. Most of the afternoon was taken up in Oxford, where I had a hair appointment. I had it cut short - bit spiky-ish - and had the red bits put back in again. When I had this done the last time back in October in Brighton and it cost me £50. But in Oxford, the same hairstyle cost me £25. Eeeeeks! as they say.

As I had been prepared to shell out more than 25 quid, I treated myself to a couple of CDs. In HMV I bought "Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys (inspired by reading Brian Wilson's autobiography), and in Virgin Records I found "Damned But Not Forgotten" by my faves The Damned for only £4.99, so I grabbed that too.

It was late by the time I got home. My intention was to grab a quick cup of coffee and then venture out to Tesco to get some food, something to drink (alcoholic), and some cat food for my shouty cat ("Meow meow meow..." - translation: "FEED ME"), but I ended up chatting to Sherri on the phone for well over an hour, so when I eventually was able to get out and buy some food, I was well and truly in tummy-rumbling mode!

Note to self: avoid sweetcorn. You know it doesn't like you.

And the same goes for peanuts.
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Saturday, February 09, 2002

So... Why am I getting all this hassle? First someone leaves a totally inappropriate entry in my comments forcing me to remove the commenting system, inconveniencing me and my friends, and now there's some other unscrupulous person out there calling themself Jennifer and using a photograph of Yours Truly on their Yahoo profile.

See: and feel free to message this person telling them they are a fake and that it's MY photograph of ME, taken by Sherri in MY hallway in MY house. Hell, they haven't even renamed the JPG! It's still called gina9826---2.jpg.
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Gillian was very good in her dancey thing last night. A very fluid and natural dancer, I thought, and the fact that she was smiling helped - made her look like she was enjoying it, although we all knew she was as nervous as hell. Her troupe did a four-part dance, throughtout the evening, all in trilbys and jackets. There were other dance groups also performing, including a great big bunch of kids, some of whom were disabled. They were very enthusiastic and quite entertaining, and did a bit of a tear-jerker, when they sang along to Labi Siffre's "So Strong".

Streuth it was hot in that place though! Needless to say we retired to a local hostelry straight afterwards. Well, when we'd picked up Gillian, our star.

I walked to the Cowley Road because I knew I could get a bus to Oxford station from there. Ended up getting a free ride with the mad bus driver from hell. No, he wasn't that bad, he was swearing and cursing a lot of other road users. But he explained he'd been on his shift since 8 o'clock in the morning (it was about 10:20p.m. at this point) and that he was feeling generous on a Friday night, so he was letting everyone on the bus travel for free. I was worried that he might be so pissed off with the bus company that he'd crash the bus or something. Thankfully we got to the station in one piece.
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Friday, February 08, 2002

Actually, I'm really fucking furious with whoever pulled that stunt. That is not playing the game. It is demonstrating an unforgiveable breach of etiquette. If you - whoever you are in your anonymity - are a friend of mine playing a prank, then forget it. Friendship over. I do NOT want people who would stoop so low as friends.
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I've removed comments from this blog because some arsehole was abusing them. Fuck you, dickhead!
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Good ol' Audiogalaxy. Over the past couple of days I've been downloading those classic songs that I've never gotten around to getting in my collection, and have just burnt a CD of Divas and Icons, Cabaret and Show Tunes (and other bits and pieces), as follows:
  1. Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking
  2. Petula Clark - Downtown
  3. Lulu - Shout
  4. Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
  5. Dionne Warwick - Walk On By
  6. Sandie Shaw - Always Something There To Remind Me
  7. Peggy Lee - Fever
  8. Lulu - The Man With The Golden Gun
  9. Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever
  10. Liza Minelli - Cabaret
  11. Doris Day - Fly Me To The Moon
  12. Shirley Bassey - I Am What I Am
  13. Peggy Lee - Misty
  14. Dionne Warwick - Do You Know The Way To San Jose
  15. Liza Minelli - New York, New York
  16. Sandie Shaw - Hand In Glove
  17. Shirley Bassey & Yello - The Rhythm Devine
  18. Peggy Lee - He's A Tramp
  19. Sergio Mendez & Brasil 66 - The Girl From Ipanema
  20. Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High
  21. Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman - Kinky Boots
  22. Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren - Goodness Gracious Me
  23. Shirley Bassey - Goldfinger (Propellorheads Remix)
  24. Pizzicato Five - Twiggy Twiggy
Yeah, I know... It's not The Damned, or Die So Fluid, or Love and Rockets, or Kraftwerk, or Wreckless Eric... but, hell! I like lots of stuff, and I think this is a great selection of songs. Actually, These Boots Are Made For Walking is the first song I ever remember hearing, so it is special to me.

Oh, and Pizzicato Five might seem to be a funny band to include alongside that lot, but the song just kinda fitted in nicely, I thought. Perhaps the Sandie Shaw track - "Hand in Glove" (recorded with The Smiths) - is more out of place.
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No Lunchquest today - just a sandwich, as I'm going to grab a bite to eat in The Goose after work. I'm meeting Jenny and Zak there, and then we're going to see Gillian do her dancing thingy at the Pegasus Theatre. More about that later.
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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Today's Lunchquest found me checking out The Old Fire Station, which is on George Street or on Gloucester Green depending on how you approach it. I hadn't been in here for ages, and found that it had been totally renovated since my last visit. Long gone are all the pieces of fire brigade ephemera... which wasn't too disappointing because they used to make the place look very contrived. Now it's gone all trendy - stone-flagged flooring, high tables and chairs of cast iron, the chairs being in a twirly asymmetrical design. A big thumbs-up for the decor; it did look classy. However, the place was bloody deserted, except for about five or six members of staff milling about. You know how it is when you walk into an establishment and find you are the only customer? It feels like you shouldn't be there, and perhaps you've made a mistake and the place isn't actually open yet.

Anyway, I ordered a veggie burger and chips. With a coffee the bill came to £5.50, the meal itself being £4.50, which I felt was a bit steep for what it was. It should have been at least a pound less than that. Oh well. However, I couldn't fault the food; it was quite yummy (and came with a side salad), whilst the coffee was absolutely heavenly! The best coffee I've had during the whole Lunchquest project. There were cheaper meals available, but these were all in the usual categories of hot sandwiches and jacket potatoes.

But would I go there for lunch again? I didn't really enjoy being the sole customer; it would have been nice to see other people there and not feel as if I was in a ghost town.

So, to summarise: good food (if slightly over-priced), wonderful coffee, nice decor, but quite an unwelcoming atmosphere.
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Wednesday, February 06, 2002


There I was typing away for about quarter of an hour, and then the computer exploded. Well, not quite but it was bloody annoying and all my writings were lost. Bastard!

Then I re-started it, opened the net connection, went into Blogger and began typing "Grrrrrr..." and it went and did it again. Bastard squared!


On the way home from work tonight I popped into the delightful Somerfield supermarket in Didcot for some groceries. Somerfield is very much a downmarket store compared with Sainsbury's and Tesco. Indeed, it could never afford celebrities of the calibre of Jamie Oliver or Prunella Scales in its TV adverts. Instead we are subjected to that annoying Sarcastic Woman.

But places like this are good for people-watching. If that kind of thing lights your candle. There was this awful woman strutting about as if she owned the place. She was tall, had a stern face and piggy little eyes, and was wearing a pink plastic mac. Her fingernails were long and immaculate and painted in a shade of nailvarnish that seemed to match her ghastly plactic mac. Very odd! She was barking orders at someone, who was out of sight, so I assumed she must be management in the shop, but when I got to the check-out, there she was in front of me, barking orders at am insignificant-looking grey little man. (Yes! She was a customer!) "Pack these... No, not in that bag, use this one..." etc. She wasn't lifting a finger to help. Then when the bill came (for £81 - I remember - I'm very observant like that), she paid in cash, then made the check-out girl watch as she scrutinized the till receipt. She was absolutely dying to find an error, I could tell, so that she could complain about the young girl's incompetence. And then after that performance, she hung about, farting around with her handbag, whilst my shopping was being rung up... and I wanted to be packing it! You know what it's like when you are late packing your stuff and the people behind you are getting impatient for you to move off? Well, I like to pack stuff as it comes off the end of the conveyor but there was ghastly Mrs Pink Mac getting in my bloody way and stopping me. In fact, I think she did it deliberately. She looked like a control freak; someone trying to exert their non-existant authority. Stupid jumped-up self-important bitch!

And then there was the dishevelled-looking crooked old man in a dirty stained raincoat and muddy boots. He was shuffling around the shop hither and thither looking at this, that and the other. I kept out of his way, because he looked quite mad, and was a bit smelly to boot. He joined the queue a couple of people behind me, and produced from his shopping basket the following: (1) One clear plastic bag, the kind of which you get off a roll of similar bags in the fruit and veg section. Which was empty. Very odd. (2) One small jar of fish and tomato paste. And that was it. All that shuffling around the shop for a jar of paste. It looked as if he didn't even want that; perhaps he just enjoyed shuffling about the place and being smelly, but thought perhaps he ought to make a purchase, just in case he was thrown out. He was probably going to go into Co-op (next door) afterwards and get a single carrot. Or something.

Laden down with shopping, I made my way home. Walking along Lower Broadway I noticed a pair of good quality mens' boots neatly parked on the kerbside. How odd, I thought to myself. Then I pictured the scene... Man takes boots off before getting into his (possibly new) car - not wanting to get the carpet mucky. Shuts door and drives off, forgetting to pick up the boots beforehand. And then what? He gets home, opens the car door to get out. "Must put my boots on," he says, looking around for them. "Where are they?... Uh-oh!!!" And then, a mad dash from his car to the front door in his socks. I hope he's not one of these men who only have the one pair of shoes, or else he's going to have to borrow a pair tomorrow morning! (His wife's, perhaps? Could be interesting!)
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Did anyone see The Queens Wedding on Channel 4 (UK telly) last night? It was a documentary about gay people and drag queens in Manchester, centering on The Hollywood Showbar in Canal Street, and the fact that two of the residents were getting married to one another in a drag queen wedding. Quite interesting in parts, but it was slow and overlong.

The bigoted comments from the right-wing anti-gay mentality of missing-link lookalikes at the start of the programme were very scary. I didn't realise that there were people with such outrageous opinions. Or perhaps I just tried to pretend that such people didn't exist.
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So today's Lunchquest took me to The Goose pub on Gloucester Green. Now, I wanted to avoid pubs as a lunchtime venue because of the inevitable temptation to consume alcohol, but The Goose doesn't have a very pubby environment. It's a very modern interior, lots of somewhat Scandinavian looking hefty but low wooden chairs and tables, and the occasional sofa. Quite nice and roomy, but possibly a slightly sterile atmosphere... some of the posters on the wall put me in mind of a travel agents.

I ordered a coffee and a cannelloni verdi, which came to £5.50. Aside from the statutory fish and chips and various burgers (although I avoid the veggie burger after the last time) there are also cheaper alternatives on the menu such as sandwiches and subs, and jacket pototoes. The food arrived swiftly and it was both plentiful (my cannelloni being accompanied with a small side salad and two pieces of garlic bread) and quite yummy. Definite thumbs up there.

The only fly in the ointment is that dreaded "veggie" burger, the memory of which still haunts me.
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Eeeeeks! I'm getting hits from people searching for You Know Who on N*ver M*nd The B*zzc*cks the other night. Oh dear... Does the backlash start here, I wonder?
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Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Hmmmm... I've been playing with Paint Shop Pro 7 today. It's a powerful li'l program to be sure, but for using layers and selecting areas I find it much more tricky than dear ol' PhotoShop. But then, PhotoShop costs a small fortune, whereas I picked up this latest PSP7 from amazon for £40 (inc p&p).

Anyway, by way of experimentation, I've been making some bizarre images using a combination of Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop. I always did like to use those programs in tandem. I've made one particularly surreal piece that I really love and I would dearly love to show it to you here, but - who knows - if and when my turn to play Exquisite Corpse comes, I might want to use elements of the design for that (or if I'm to do the first panel on a corpse, then I'd be happy to submit what I've already done).
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Well, today I did wimp out on the lunchquest thingy. I wasn't in the mood for fish and chips again, and couldn't make up my mind where to try, so in the end I said "Bugger it" and went to Harveys to get a tuna ciabatta and a packet of crisps. Which wasn't too fab, as it turned out because the ciabatta was slightly stale.

Places still to try, however, include: Allders restaurant, Museum of Modern Art cafe, the Ashmolean Museum restaurant, Nosebag in St Michael's Street, Cafe Rico on Gloucester Green, The Old Fire Station...

Perhaps I'll pick one of those tomorrow. If I'm in the mood.
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Oh dear! Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" fame was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks last night. What did he think he looked like? Big muscular tranny in a glittery dress. Oh dear. And more to the point, what was he on?
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And in other news, I've been told that I've had a hamster named after me.

Which was nice.
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Monday, February 04, 2002

Hhhmmmm... Not entirely sure about this photograph from Saturday night. I don't think digital cameras like me very much.
Gina, 02:02:02

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'Ere, Shel, have you uploaded those digital photos yet?
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Today I very nearly wimped out on the Lunchquest deal, thinking that I'd pop around the corner and get a sandwich instead. But I wanted to get the new Argos catalogue (need to get a new kettle at home because the existing one has sprung a leak), so was in town anyway and walking past the covered market I told myself I would nip into Browns Cafe if it wasn't too crowded. Which it wasn't, so in I nipped.

Other than teas and coffees and a selection of cakes, Browns only seem to offer an All-Day Breakfast and a Fish of the Day. An all-day breakfast means meaty products so that was no good for me; so it was down to the fish, then. Today's fish choice was haddock, and was offered with the obligatory chips and a choice of salad, peas or baked beans. I chose beans. With a coffee, the bill came to £4.80. (It seems that a fish and chips lunch in Oxford averages out at the £5 mark.)

Anyway, it was the tastiest piece of fish I'd had in a long while (although this may have been because I prefer haddock to cod), and the chips were far nicer than those offered by the other establishments I've visited thus far. The place was clean and tidy, the service was prompt, and I'd say that the only negative factor in my book was that smoking was permitted. OK, so no-one was smoking near to me, but on another occasion I might not be so lucky.
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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Why is Heartbeat so crap? It's a "safe" little cop show, set in a generic village in a generic Yorkshire, populated by stereotypes and "characters". And it's set in a kind of non-existent pseudo-Sixties that contains such a jumble of ephemera from throughout that decade that it makes Austin Powers look historically accurate in comparison. You can't pin down the time frame to any particular year ... it's a Sixties that never was. The show features music from the sixties... a song from the beginning of the decade will be played alongside another song from the end of the same decade. The show doesn't know when it was set. And tonight's episode keeps referring to "the Prime Minister", but they don't actually name him, because that would give the programme a date, and as I said, it's all a generic faux-Sixties. The Prime Minister in the programme doesn't have a name. He is simply the Prime Minister.
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Back home again. I returned this afternoon after having been reduced to drowned rat status by the weather. Not a lot to report. Spent the weekend with Shel... had a bite to eat, drank wine and whisky, fabulized ourselves (well... it was a good opportunity to try out one or two make-up tricks ... I found a new eyeshadow technique that is simply fabulous!).

Oh, and we went on-line for a while too - went into a couple of transgender chats, and totally confused the hell out of everyone by talking about the big mouse that I'd made friends with.

Well... we found it amusing!
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Saturday, February 02, 2002

OK... can't hang around here all day. I have to pack my bags and get myself along to that station pronto. Sherri is babysitting an entire menagerie this weekend and wants some company!

Squeak soon!
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Heute Abend!

It's been documented elsewhere that I'm a major Kraftwerk fan. We were discussing Krautrock on The Damned message board this week, and it seems there's a few of us Kraftwerk fans out there. And I've finally found a Yahoo!Group for Kraftwerk - this one is called It's More Fun To Compute.

Looks like I'm going to be churning out lots of CD-Rs this next week. I'm making copies of two Kraftwerk bootlegs for the lad that started the above Yahoo!Group, and I also promised to make a compilation for someone off of the Damned message board. And this morning I had an email from someone else who had been reading the Damned message board - someone who shall remain nameless (although his initials are C.S.) - and he wants some live CDs doing too!

Still, I love the music and it'll be a fun project for me!
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Friday, February 01, 2002

Today's Lunchquest
This lunchtime I decided I'd try out Brown's Cafe in the covered market. But it was quite popular and as there was a large queue ahead of me I could see I wasn't going to get a table, so I decided to put a change of plan into operation and headed towards Littlewoods, and the restuarant on the second floor.

The worst aspect of this is that Littlewoods is the most unfabulous store imaginable, so it'd be embarrassing if I was seen going in there. But the restaurant was quite expansive and there seemed to be various foody type options available so I decided I had to give it a whirl. There was a poster proclaining "Try our fish and chips - the best in town", but I decided not to seeing as I'd had fish and chips for yesterday's lunch. Instead I opted for a vegetable pasta bake concoction which came with two vegetables of your choice. I chose broccolli and carrots. Both of which were rather mushy and tasteless, as was the pasta bake itself. I think "bland" is the word I am looking for. With a pot of coffee, the whole bill cane to £5:04.

So, not wonderful, but I think I will go back and try the supposedly "Best in town" fish and chips one day.
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This year is moving too damn fast already. And also that means I'm now in my twelfth month of blogging. And they told me I'd never keep it up. Tsh!

Anyway, up until a couple of hours ago I had a raging hangover, but I got up about 5:30 this monring and took a couple of pills, then went back to bed. Yeah, I drank too much last night. Ooops! Went for a drink with Gillian, and then Jo turned up, and then various other sundry people, and much merriment ensued. I had a couple of pints and then went onto the JD and Coke, as I do because I'm not very good at drinking copious quantities of beer. But I found out that a double JD was only 40p more expensive than a single shot, so I was on doubles. Must have had four of those. Whoops!
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