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Friday, November 30, 2001
Wanted: writers of crap! Contact me.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:22 pm [edit] 

I just spent lunchtime doing some design work for this other blogging project (as mentioned in the previous post). It's coming along quite nicely, but I want to implement a few more ideas before I let this thing out of the bag.

Mysterious, eh?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:13 pm [edit] 

I have another blogging project in the pipeline which I'm going to be setting up in the next few days. And I'll need some collaborators too. All will be revealed in the fullness of time. Or sooner if I get bored waiting.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:47 am [edit] 

Sad day. George Harrison has died.

As far as I was concerned George wrote all the best Beatles songs and was totally and wrongly overshadowed by the Lennon/McCartney thing. "Here Comes The Sun" and "Old Brown Shoe" were a couple of my faves.

Story at BBC News here.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:15 am [edit] 

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Speaking of RuPaul, this photograph of me (which appeared in the Tranny Guide 98, and was taken by Sherri) was based on a RuPaul pose from a CD sleeve:
Gina Snowdoll
Streuth! Some of the comments I've had in the past about that photo! The number of people who've contacted me saying they love "that photo of you on the bed". Well, it's a bit of a cheaty one. As I said, the pose was nicked from RuPaul, the "bed" was really a blanket on my living room floor, the dress was so ridiculously short that had I stood up in it it'd have ridden up above my knickers, and finally the whole thing is upside down - I turned the whole photo through 180 degrees! Oh, and Sherri had to stand on a chair to get that shot too.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:59 pm [edit] 

Nice to see that drag legend RuPaul has been updating that blog. For a moment I thought it was going to be a one-entry wonder. However I'm not very impressed with the decision not to capitalize any text in future - especially when used with that titchy sized font. Why do so many bloggers choose to make their writings as difficult as possible to read?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:44 pm [edit] 

Recently I've been listening to this electro compilation CD-R which I made back in 1999:
  1. The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes - Babylon Zoo
    I think this song is really cool. It's a great arrangement and the guitar riff is fabulous.
  2. It’s No Good - Depeche Mode
    One of my fave songs, which makes me wish I could sing.
  3. Home Computer - Kraftwerk
    From 'Computer World' which is arguably their best album. I'm a complete Kraftwerk freak, even though I decided that Ralf and Florian are conniving bastards having read Wolfgang Flur's autobiography.
  4. These Are The Days - The Human League
    The League were one of the first bands to make electronic music fabulous. This one is from the album 'Octopus'.
  5. Tremendous Pain - Yello
    I love Yello - the eccentric duo from Switzerland - and really need to buy more of their CDs. They are proof that electronic doesn't have to be cold and emotionless. There's a lot of fun in their music, although this song (from 'Zebra') has a darker semi-erotic feel to it.
  6. Lifestyle - Elektric Music
    This is from the album 'Esperanto' by Elektric Music a.k.a. Karl Bartos (ex Kraftwerk) which was the record that Kraftwerk should have made instead of going back and remixing their back catalogue. Lovely use of vocal samples in this one (not sure what the language is in places... Esperanto perhaps? although some of it sounds like it could be backwards or samples of odd syllables). Quite a heavy sound, although dancey in a Kraftwerky way at the same time.
  7. Airwaves - Beitthron
    Another Kraftwerk related track - this is a cover version by a Slovenian band and is taken from the album 'Trans Slovenian Express'. A nice update of the rather minimalist original.
  8. Perfume - The Jesus and Mary Chain
    The Jesus and Mary Chain with synthesisers alongside their more usual guitar chaos! I just really love the riff on this, and their sister's vocals are cool too.
  9. R.I.P. 20 C - Love and Rockets
    The now defunct Love and Rockets were always living in the shadow of their former incarnation of Bauhaus, but I always thought they were streets ahead of all that doom and gloom stuff. This dancey track (very little of Daniel Ash's trademark guitar on this one) is taken from their final album 'Lift'.
  10. Breathe - The Prodigy
    Punk meets Dance. I'm a bit bored of this song now actually, and wouldn't have included it on a compilation if I was making it now. Still, I like the guitar on this one and the way it blends in with the synth sounds.
  11. Setting Sun - The Chemical Brothers
    Vocals by Noel Gallagher (Big Eyebrows Man) of Oasis. Again, I don't really like this one any more, but I thought it was fab at the time. I remember sitting in a Thai restaurant in Soho (Harry's Bar, I think) with my friend Mark, and watching this on MTV. I also recall the second Spice Girls single 'Say You'll Be There' having just come out at the same time and that being another video that we were watching at the same time.
  12. Barrel of a Gun (United mix) - Depeche Mode
    Another from Depeche Mode that I really like, although this is a remix which is slower and a lot darker in feel than the original. I love the original too - that guitar riff is killer!
  13. Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
    Cheesey! But good cheese! I remember this being out when I bought my computer, as it was the first CD I tried playing in the CD-ROM drive. It was the first case of an unknown band hitting the UK No.1 chart position and all on the back of a Levi's commercial.
  14. Electric Music and the Summer People - Beck
    This is a b-side of something or other and sounds a bit like the Beach Boys with lots of fuzz bass! And the ending is well bizarre - sounds like R2D2 on drugs! (Beck is credited with vocals, bass guitar and robot).
Which has got to be better than listening to some record company marketing man's idea of what makes a good compilation.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:46 pm [edit] 

Grrrr... I've got meetings all afternoon. That's all I have to say on the matter really. Just wanted to have a quick Grrrrr...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:33 pm [edit] 

Further to the news I reported on the other day about Norman Cook (a.k.a. Fat Boy Slim) having a bus named after him, I've found the Brighton and Hove Bus Company website, and have discovered that if you click on "Behind the scenes" and then "Name that bus" you will find the whole list of buses (with photographs!) named after historical figures and celebrities associated with Brighton. The Norman Cook household seems to be doing quite well in this department, as wifey Zoe Ball also has a bus named after her. And yes, despite all our joking, there IS indeed a single-decker named after Chris Eubank! Others include Leo Sayer, Adam Faith, Derek Jameson, Annie Nightingale, and The Who. I've suggested to the Wreckless Eric Yahoo Group that we petition for a bus to be named after Eric, and so far people seem to think it's a cool idea, although I'm not sure what Eric himself would make of it. I have yet to suggest a similar idea to followers of The Damned, but I reckon it'd be neat to have a bus named after Captain Sensible.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:55 am [edit] 

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Advert on telly just now for The Classic Chill-Out Album. Just WHY? Who buys insipid crap like this? What is the point? And have I just offended everyone that I didn't offend with the whole pooeybumfart business?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:16 pm [edit] 

So, I left work early today so I could go to my doctor's appointment. The doctor examined me, got me to do some basic stretching exercises asking me to say when it hurt, and has come to the conclusion that my bad back was not due to a viral infection after all. He gave me a prescription for some anti-inflammatories, but said I may well have to see an osteopath or chiropractor. He also asked if I'd been doing any heavy lifting that might have caused the bad back.

He didn't ask if I'd been wearing high heels. Thankfully! I was beginning to have nightmares about being forbidden to wear high heels by the doctor. That'd be like telling a footballer he could never play football any more, or a musician that they could never again play the guitar, piano, trombone, nose-flute, triangle, or whatever.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:55 pm [edit] 

How can Rupaul's weblog (which I'd already noted and linked to on my other blog - didn't need Blogger to point that one out for me) be a Blog of Note already? It's only had one entry so far! A successful weblog needs some kind of frequent posting to be going on, surely?

Yes, I'm *still* waiting for those blighters to take notice of me!!!! And to add insult to injury, my blog is still not yet listed in the Blogger directory. Yes, I know they said it may take a while, but it has been nearly 10 months now.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:21 pm [edit] 

Ages ago, I posted this picture on as a Caption Contest, but never got around to deciding on a winner:
Gina and Sherri
Submitted captions included:
  • Gina's thinking "haha, Shel got the rickety chair!" (Jayne)
  • "Oops! Sherri's gone offline again, I'll just flip her reset switch" (Sarah Bonham)
  • "I can see right up your nose Gina!" (Karen O'Connor, also suggested by Siobhán Ellis)
  • "Engrossed with the new light fitting, Sherri failed to notice her chair had been stolen." (Monica)
  • "Forgot your purse again didn't you Sherri?" (Vanessa)
  • "If he's that good, Sherri, get him to crawl under my end of the table..." (Hydrant)
...and it got a bit ruder than that in other suggested captions too. Not to mention the plain weird ones which made no sense at all, or the one which said "Let's go trash some queens". Why oh why do homophobes even bother looking at tranny websites in the first place?

My own suggestions were: "Sherri obviously thought that training an army of ladybirds to do a little dance around her neck was going to impress Gina", or "Gina could tell Sherri was getting just a little bit pissed by the fact that she hadn't exactly hit the spot when re-applying her lipstick".
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:22 pm [edit] 

What's in a name? Nom De Guerre is a website claiming to be "the definitive (most likely!) list of pseudonyms used by entertainment personalities, athletes, writers and historical figures, with a few other individuals thrown in for idol curiosity". (I think they mean "idle" there).

I'm shocked and stunned to discover that Scooby Doo's real name is Scoobert. How do they find out these things?

I see also that they have no entry for John Cleese, who has claimed in interviews that his real name is John Cheese. Was he winding us up, do you think?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:50 pm [edit] 

An interesting conversation came out of the comments following yesterday's musings on the European Billion (1000,000,000,000) versus the US Billion (1000,000,000), which I shall reproduce here on the blog proper (and just in case the commenting system goes AWOL again):
Mel: Of course, we used to use the word milliard for "one thousand million". It's quite cute - time for a revival?

Gina: Oh, not heard that one. Do you remember the other BIG one - a google - was that how it was spelt? I think this was a number with one thousand zeroes.

Mel: It's a googol, and is defined as 10 to the power of 100 (1 followed by 100 zeroes). There is also a googolplex, which is 10 to the power of a googol (1 followed by... well, a lot of zeroes).

The number got its name when the inventor (discoverer?) asked his small son what he would call the biggest number he could think of - it could so easily have been called pooeybumfart!

Gina: Alrighty! Thanks for filling me in there, Mel. Numbers never were my strong point. Nevertheless, I think there should be a number called "pooeybumfart" - we should assign that name to something!!!

Tamsin: How about assigning "pooeybumfart" as the (UK) english word for the (totally) incorrect US "billion"?

Gina: Good point, Tamsin! So, will J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter earnings make her a billionaire or a pooeybumfartaire? We should be told!

Mel: Billionaires are ten a penny in these decadent days, but to be a pooeybumfartaire - ahhh, that's an honour!

Tamsin: Mind you, it's not just their "billions" which are smaller than the British (true) versions. Their pints, gallons etc. are all smaller than ours.

Mel: Should they be "pooeybumfarts" as well? "Landlord, a pooeybumfart of your finest, please...". Or, perhaps, we could just define it thus:

Pooeybumfart (n. colloq.): Something American that is smaller than its British equivalent or antecedent, e.g. the American pint, gallon, billion or class system.
Note to our US friends: What do you make of all this? Can you defend your titchy-sized billions, pints, gallons and whatever? Or are you being short-changed?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:15 am [edit] 

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Found the following at
Norman Cook gets on the Bus…Fatboy Slim's local bus company has named a single decker bus after him and Norman's Mum is said to be chuffed more chuffed apparently than when he has got to no. 1! The Brighton and Hove bus company have a tradition of naming each bus after a local celebrity.
OK, Brighton and Hove bus company - if you're paying attention - how about naming buses after Captain Sensible and Wreckless Eric? (Although I wouldn't be surprised if Captain would rather see his name on the side of a diesel rail locomotive).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:39 pm [edit] 

This story concerns a man who was out walking when a squirrel jumped onto his head with such force that he was knocked to the ground, and has since been convalescing with his neck in a brace and suffering from whiplash injuries.

"Vicious little bastard", you many think, regarding the squirrel.

Personally I have no sympathy for the man. If you are going to go wandering around woodland areas wearing a hat with nuts on it, then you are asking for trouble. It's akin to going on safari with raw meat draped liberally around your person. Stupid arse! (Story found via NotSoSoft)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:15 pm [edit] 

Speaking of J.K. Rowling's impending billionaire status, I wonder if that is UK billions or US billions we're talking about? Plus, for that matter, are we talking pounds or dollars? It makes a lot of difference, even if - either way - it's silly money to mere mortals like you or I. I expect that the answer is that it is US billions (which any UK mathematics teacher will tell you isn't really a billion - one million-million -1,000,000,000,000 - but one thousand-million - 1,000,000,000). I think it's kinda sad that we seem to be adopting value the US billion, but I suppose all the world markets and economies need a consistent and common frame of reference.

Back in my childhood days, I thought that "billion" was a name made-up by other children for an impossibly high number. It didn't really exist - numbers just didn't go that high (one million million!!!) and no-one would ever have that kind of money. Then again, when I was even younger, 100 was the highest number ever. The most money that you could ever aspire to having would be £100. "If I had a hundred pounds, I'd buy a castle, and rooms full of toys, and my own private railway, and a racing car, and a sweet shop, and a speedboat, and..."

I wonder when the term "billion" actually came into official use? And I expect the American billion is lower in value than the UK billion because they were just itching to use that name "billion", and having a lower billion meant that there'd be more opprtunity of realising this.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:44 pm [edit] 

I couldn't face more doom and gloom from Kenneth Williams last night, so went to bed and read three chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It's funny how the whole of the Western World seems to be reading these children's books all of a sudden and the movie is reportedly breaking all box office records. And didn't I read somewhere yesterday that J.K. Rowling is now set to become the first billionaire author?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:34 am [edit] 

Monday, November 26, 2001

This year has gone bloody fast. I've decided that at the end of the year I'm going to do an overview of 2001 based upon my blog entries. Except there's one small problem: I began the blog in March, therefore I have nothing for January and February. But - ever resourceful - I've just been looking through some emails (that I haven't deleted) from the start of the year, so that I can fill in the gap. I think I've got enough to go on with, although I might have to rely on my memory to flesh it out a little. For example, I can find nothing I've written about the trip to America in February. I know I did write stuff about America, but I most likely posted it onto message boards, and that means it's most likely ancient history by now.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:47 pm [edit] 

At last! I've arranged a Doctor's appointment for Wednesday. I wasn't going to let them off with just a telephone consultation this time. So much for taking ibuprofen and paracetamol. They've been useless and my back seemed to be worse than ever today.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:10 pm [edit] 

I think it might be a virus similar to this one, or a variant of it perhaps. But as it affects Win32 systems, I don't think it's much of a problem. Other than clogging up my email inbox.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:55 pm [edit] 

...and another one, from a different address again. No subject matter, just "Re: ", and once again the size is 40k. Is this some attempt at a virus? Has anyone else heard of this problem, or been receiving similar emails?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:43 pm [edit] 

Hhhhmmmm... I've received another mystery email with no message and an invisible attachment I can't open, this time from one Robert A. Bacha. Look, guys, stop trying to send attachments, OK? Email me a text message first, please. Unless it's supposed to be some kind of joke. In that case just forget it. The next unsolicited email with attachment that I see goes straight into the trash.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:34 pm [edit] 

I seriously need to finish reading that book of Kenneth Williams' Diaries. They are so negative; I'm sure that it can't being doing my mood any good at the moment. I need something uplifting to read. Those pesky Williams' Diaries are taking forever to get through. I suppose it didn't help matters that I broke off in the middle to read "Web Site Story" by Robert Rankin. And recently I also began reading the first Harry Potter novel too.

Anyway, I've just been to Waterstone's and taken advantage, once again, of their 3 for 2 paperbacks offer, and have come away with Stephen Fry's "The Star's Tennis Balls", Michael Chabon's "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay", and Bill Bryson's "Down Under". The first two books I really wanted: Stephen Fry's writings have always entertained me, and should do well to lift the spirits; Chabon wrote "The Mysteries of Pittsburg" and "Wonder Boys" (which I read ages before they made the film - which I haven't seen) and I enjoyed those immensely - like Fry he has an empathy for the English Language and writes beautifully. The Bryson book was my wildcard... it was a case of three books for the price of two... "I'll have this one and this one... and - errrmmmm - this Bill Bryson one will do as the freebie, I suppose." No, actually, I quite like the man's writing style at times, but he can be very lazy as a travel writer. For research he'll often quote great chunks of data from tourist information leaflets or some book he's found on whatever topic. Sometimes, if you analyse what he's saying, it can boil down to very little indeed.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:19 pm [edit] 

I just noticed that in our store room at work, there is a great pile of A4 sized paper with a label at the front saying "Note paper".

So, as instructed, I got out my note pad and wrote down "paper". I wonder if I'm going to be tested on this later.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:40 pm [edit] 

A couple more random scribblings:
  • Rat Scabies (ex of The Damned) playing drums with the geriatric Skinnerettes on the Frank Skinner Show last night. And looking every bit the old codger himself.
  • "If fashion is your trade, then when you're naked, I guess you must be unemployed" - 'Underwear', Pulp (was listening to live CD on train this merry morn. I've always loved that line).
  • Even more weird dreams last night/this morning. And I steered clear of the cheese last night before bed. Can't figure out what's causing all this, or why my brain is going into bizarre mode. And No, I do not dream dreams of a certain celebrity chef. The cheecky cockney chappie one. Just thought I'd say that before someone started asking.
More later. Perhaps.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:17 am [edit] 

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Time for a quick linky thing: Graham Rawle - the chappie who does those wonderful Missing Consonants cartoons in the Guardian's Weekend magazine.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:16 pm [edit] 

Hhhhhmmmm... I received an 40k email from someone called Anthony Ball, but it was empty when I opened it. What was that all about?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:06 pm [edit] 

This weekend Sherri came over and did loads of computer upgrading for me (Hurrah!) and stuff like that. Saturday evening we got a chinese takeaway, drank wine and whisky (not at the same) time, watched Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) on telly - a wonderfully surreal almost Avengers-esque final episode, and played on the internet a bit.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:12 pm [edit] 

Saturday, November 24, 2001

Hhmmm... must stop eating the cheese before bedtime. I had the weirdest dream that I'd had a baby daughter, i.e. given birth to. And I acting was the proud transvestite mother, except for the worrying fact that it would mean that everyone would know that I'd gotten pregnant in the first place (however that's supposed to happen) and all that that entails.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:22 pm [edit] 

Friday, November 23, 2001

A few disjointed ramblings:
  1. The bad back is worse again. Not nice. I wanna go home.

  2. I'm making arrangements to go to London in two weekends' time, meet up with Gillian, have lunch and go to the Tate Britain to see this Victorian Nude exhibition. (Ha! That'll get the pervs coming in on the search engines).

  3. I got my tickets for The Damned's Christmas gig in the post yesterday. Hurrah! Going with Tamsin and Sherri.

  4. Still very tired; looking forward to getting home tonight and watching TV shows that don't require any strenuous brain activity on my part: Robot Wars, Have I Got News For You, Room 101, etc. And perhaps drinking some wine (which I'll need to purchase first).

  5. I haven't been able to find any photos of those "sinister trains" I was talking about yesterday. I have tried, honest, guv! Been to loads of trainspotter sites, and all to no avail, except for the fact that I now know what a Deltic locomotive looks like (one of Captain Sensible's favourites).

posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:25 pm [edit] 

I've just banished Jamie from the screen on my computer in the office and replaced him with a glorious squiggly line affair that makes your eyes go all funny when you stare at it, downloaded from the Brain Donor website.

Question: What wallpaper do you have on your computer's desk top?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:20 pm [edit] 

I slept very fitfully last night; it felt like I must have been sleeping for days but I went to bed quite late and arose in the morning at the usual time of 07:10. But I had loads and loads of really weird dreams. I can remember some of them in parts, but if I had to write them down I would just not know where to begin. Dream logic just doesn't seem to work if you try and lay it out in a linear fashion - such as typing it up - trying to make some sense and order out of it. (Which reminds me, on Wednesday, I noticed that a shop around the corner from where I work had a whole bunch of second-hand books on a rack outside, including one called "A Dictionary of Dreams" - or something like that - and it was marked up as being £2.50; I searched my pockets and found I could only scrape together about £1.50, so yesterday - after having drawn some cash out at the bank - I returned to the shop. And the book wasn't there.)

Anyway, what I really want to know about my dreams, is who are these gorgeous women I always seem to end up snogging?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:18 am [edit] 

I went out with Gillian last night for a drink or two, a good ol' gossip, and a nosh-up at the EAMAYL (Eat As Much As You Like) Chinese restaurant. I was actually quite restrained, for me, and afterwards didn't feel like "OK, that's enough food for the rest of the year". For a change.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:09 am [edit] 

Thursday, November 22, 2001

Can you believe it? It's a world gone mad, I tell you:
Burger King®® Introduces Left-Handed Whopper® (via Mookie)
I wonder if left-handed vegetarians will get a look in, or is this something being offered to meat-eaters only?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:24 pm [edit] 

Speaking of other blogs I enjoy reading, you must remember to tune in for your daily dose of The Galaxy Girls. In yesterday's entry, Marlénè Manners somehow managed to segue the subject of Starbucks coffee with that of Thanksgiving and Holidays, all the while going off at tangents hither and thither. I particularly loved this little aside:
" good friend Caroline was recently complaining that eating clam chowder always hurts her mouth...I asked why, and she said that it was always served so hot; I recommended blowing on it, and she gaped at me with awe, as if I'd just discovered the final digit of pi."

posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:51 pm [edit] 

Big thanks and hugs to Karen for linking to this blog and for saying such lovely things about me. *blush*
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:45 pm [edit] 

I've sworn that I would not mention You Know Who today, but look at this Google search that someone has used to get to this blog.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:44 pm [edit] 

I live in Didcot, which is a medium-sized town in South Oxfordshire. It's not a place with very much to commend it. What does it have? Well, a great big power station for starters. And a railway station (and a "railway centre" steam museum type place if that's what you're into). That's about it really. Didcot is a good place to live if you want to travel about the country in various different directions and you don't have a car. As I do and as I don't (if you follow that).

So, what with all this rail travelling and with living in a railway town, I'm quite familiar with trains: Thames Trains 165 and 166s; the First Great Western and the Virgin 125s; the various older locos and their inter-city carriages (I like these best, especially the really old carriages with the wood panelling inside - none of this formica crap); the swish new Virgin express trains with their mobile-phone charger sockets and sleek rocket-like appearance. And there are all sorts of other kinds of trains: car transporters, coal waggons, various line maintenance and track repair vehicles, snow ploughs, trains carrying military vehicles and tanks, London Underground trains for maintenance strung between "match vehicles", and a plethora of miscellanous trucks and rolling stock mysteriously named after various acquatic life forms (a subject I've touched upon several times before in this blog).

And then there are the sinister trains.

These trains really give me the creeps. They consist of long triple-sectioned concertina-ed blue carriages with absolutely no markings on them. No logos and nothing to give away what their function and/or contents may be. I see these carriages on the sidings at Didcot and I shudder. What could they possibly contain? Some covert military equipment perhaps? A mobile secret government spy HQ? Nuclear material and/or weapons? Recovered UFO wreckage? Mobile laboratories with dead aliens on dissecting tables - or come to that matter - live aliens in transit? Genetic mutants? (Have I been watching The X Files too much?)

But on last night's local television news they showed one of these trains in a news article about how BMW in Oxford are transporting the new BMW Mini over to the continent. Really? Can I believe that these sinister trains are simply car transporters? Why the blue sheath around the carriage? Why not open topped and open-sided rolling stock like most car transporters? Why no logos (and in this day and age where any space must be covered in logos and advertising and brand awareness)? And why do the bloody things just look so mysterious? I'm not convinced. I think that they are trying to throw us off the scent. It's all a set-up! And, to be frank, those blue carriages don't look tall enough to contain two decks for cars. I'm telling you, it's something much more sinister than that. Don't say I never warned you.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:36 pm [edit] 

Hhhhhhmmmm... There's no escaping it. Christmas is approaching. I'm sorry, but I am one of the Bah Humbug brigade. I loathe Christmas. I find it a stressful time. And as for all this giving presents business; it's a bit silly. Why doesn't everyone just buy themself something they really like and be done with it? Then everyone is happy. I can understand that you might, for instance, want to give your parents a gift as a thank you gesture. But why wait for Chistmas? Just do it any time as and when you feel the need - it's far more sincere that way - and not under the banner of a Pagan festival which has been hijacked by Christianity and then hijacked by the media and big business.

Last year I didn't give any presents and asked not to receive any in turn (and I don't do Christmas cards); except for a couple of little gifts I gave to my niece and nephew. But really, they don't need anything. I've never known children get so many toys, games, books, etc. But, of course, I don't want to be seen as being mean, so I have to give them something.

This year, I am seriously considering telling everyone that I won't be giving presents again, and instead will be making several donations of cash to two or three charities of my choice.
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Last night I actually started reading the first Harry Potter novel, just to see what the fuss is all about. Hard to comment after having only read the first chapter so far. I'll report my impressions at a later date.
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Grrrrr... I woke up last night with tonsilitis again. That seems to happen whenever my neck gets cold. The cat was sleeping on my bed and I considered the possibility of encouraging him to drape himself around my neck, but decided that (1) it would probably not be very comfortable for either of us, and (2) there was no way he'd stay put. So instead it was the old ploy of wearing a scarf in bed again.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2001

The thing is, they may be a bunch of good-for-nothings, but if we were to abolish the monarchy in the UK, then who would we put on the stamps and the money?
Jamie on a tenner
(Sorry sorry sorry - I promise to change the record tomorrow!)
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Hurrah! Someone has actually been searching on Google for Jamie Oliver wallpaper. I hope they liked my effort! That took me hours to make last Friday.
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Today I think I must be suffering from blogging-related anxiety. I've semi-convinced myself that I can't write amusing and/or witty blog entries any more following my week of grumbling about being sick. And I'm desperately trying to think of something to say so that people will read it and say "Yay! Good ol' Gina's back on form". You may have noticed that yesterday I resorted to that old mainstay (otherwise known as Plan B) of having a pop at a certain celebrity chef.

Well, at least I haven't posted loads of links to stupid stories at Ananova, like what I used to do whenever I was stuck for things to say. (Bad grammar intentional, just because I'm in that sort of mood).

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Arrrrrrrrrrrghghghghghhhh!!!! He's only threatening to launch his own clothing collection now. I wonder if that'll include that LOVELY yellow sweater that makes him look like an overgrown canary?
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Phew! This going back to work after having been off a whole week malarkey is not easy. I feel so sleepy for starters. (I was falling asleep in the daytime at home most days when I was off sick. It's a difficult habit to break out of.) When I got into work this morning I sat down at my desk and Ouch! My chair is SO uncomfortable, and doesn't support my bad back at all. So, by way of experiment, I swapped it for the chair of my now departed colleague (she's hardly going to need it having gotten herself a new job and all that), and it would seem to be an improvement.

What else? Oh yeah, the irony of all this business of having actually gone back to work today is that our net connection went down for AGES, and had I been at home I could have logged on and done some of the work that needs doing on our website, FTP'ed it across, etc, etc. That is, of course, if I wasn't otherwise engaged sleeping or doing something else equally important like making another Jamie Oliver collage.
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Apologies to any American readers out there who thought yesterday's whinge (or whine) about the pronounciation of certain words on TV was unfair. But I was talking about UK television. For many years I worked as an editor, and so the English language and its usage is something quite close to my heart. An American colleague of mine from several years ago used to argue that American English was a refined version of the language ("we took English and refined it"); and in turn I would insist that it was a bastardised version. (Note the UK "-ise" there rather than the American "-ize", although even the Oxford English Dictionary now list the American version as preferable, the traitors! I just prefer it the "-ise" way). It was actually quite a good natured argument; we were both trying to wind the other up a little. Obviously location and geography will have an effect on the local language, whatever it is, and you don't have to go as far as the other side of the Atlantic to observe this.

My argument is let's keep UK English in the United Kingdom, and not bow down to America and say, No, you are right, we'll use your spellings, pronounciations, words, etc. After all, we do have our own culture and individuality. Hence my disdain at having to put up with UK television programmes and adverts (sorry, commercials - see I do try and make myself understood to my US friends) using language such as contro-versy, 'erbal, and Yo-ghurt.
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Monday, November 19, 2001

Whinge about pronounciation of words on UK television:
  1. News readers always seem to insist on splitting the word controversy into the wrong component syllables, i.e. contro and versy. It should be controv--ersy, as in controversial - the "v" belongs to the first part of the word, not the second. After all, no-one says contro--versial, do they?
  2. How many adverts are there currently that use that GHASTLY american pronounciation of yoghurt. It's yog--(h)urt, not yo--ghurt. Idiots. Wrong component syllables again.
  3. And that bloody shampoo advert: "I've got the urge to urbal". What in the name of ARSE does "urbal" mean? As Eddie Izzard said in his Dress to Kill show in San Franscisco, "You say 'erb, we say herb because it's a got a fucking H in it."
Am I right or am I right?
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Did anyone else see that Rolf on Art programme on BBC1 last night? The first programme was all about Vincent Van Gogh. I hear that the papers have been laying into it, saying what a pile of rubbish it was, and Saturday's Guardian The Guide magazine was rather scathing in its preview of the programme. But why? For one thing Rolf Harris is quite knowledgeable on the subject, and art is something he has a passion for. How many other TV presenters would be willing to have a go at painting in the style of the painter under discussion for each episode? Also, the programme showed the places where Van Gogh lived, and discussed his influences, talked to experts, etc. It wasn't simply Rolf talking a load of baloney about a subject he didn't know about, as has been suggested (which would have been rot anyway, because he clearly does know what he's talking about). But the most important factor for me is that the programme is making art accessible to everyone, and that's got to be a good thing. So there!
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I found the following via have a whole page dedicated to Jamie Oliver's musical career. Only problem is...

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Smart Tags are stupid.
Bloody Microsoft. They've got a blinkin' nerve! Can you believe the cheek of them?
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So much for my plan to ring in to work this morning and offer to do some work from home. I was SO tired, I just slept all morning. Eeeeeks! Had an awful headache, the back is still sore, but most the other achiness has gone away. I think I'm on the mend now. I think I'm going to have to go through my in-box and reply to all those emails I didn't have the enthusiasm to reply to over the last week or so. Sorry folks! I know I've been crap.
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Sunday, November 18, 2001

I'm still a bit pissed at having to miss tonight's Damned gig. Someone from the Damned message board offered me a lift, so that wouldn't have been a problem. But friends and family - and my own conscience - have all been telling me that I'm not well enough to go. Hell, it'd be difficult enough just to stand up for the duration of the gig, let alone all the getting jostled around that can happen in an enthusiastic Damned audience.

Also, I'm not too sure that the person who offered me a lift knows I'm a tranny. Could be someone expecting a nice girlie, and who knows what the reaction would be upon meeting the real me. Most of the folks on the Damned message board know that I'm TV, but I still can't be certain about this one.

Also, I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should go to work tomorrow. My back is still killing me, and I get out of breath very quickly (no energy). But I can sit at the computer for a while and work, so long as I have regular breaks. Friday's Jamie Oliver desktop theme was proof of that. Perhaps I could stay at home, but phone in and offer to do some website work from home. Should be possible, and they can't accuse me of skiving then, can they?
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Saturday, November 17, 2001

Hhhmmmm... I'm in a bit of a quandry here. Not sure what to do. If you've been following this blog, you'll know that I've been ill this week. In fact, read that as, still am ill - not as bad as I was - but still very stiff and achey. Anyhoo, it occurred to me that I ought to sort out getting tickets for The Damned, but I was thinking that the gig at the Oxford Zodiac was next week. I just checked on the website and - Eeeeeeeks! - it's tomorrow night.

So, what should I do? On the one hand, I'm not really well enough and Damned audiences can be rather raucous in their enthusiasm - I'd have to be very careful not to get crushed and battered in my already fragile state; and on the other hand, it's THE DAMNED. How can I miss them? Playing a local gig and all?

But on the other hand (errrrrmmm? Three hands?), how would I get home from Oxford late night on a Sunday? I doubt there'll be any trains running. Looks like fate might've already decided this one for me after all.

Not fair. I'm going off to sulk now.
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Very odd. All of a sudden I seem to be receiving a new kind of spam email message, with the subject matter along the lines of "Be ordained now" and "Become a minister". Weird. Is this a message from above, do you think? Still, the idea does hold some appeal. I could be like the vitriolic woman vicar in The League of Gentlemen.
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Friday, November 16, 2001

I've been reading back over the last week of blog entries, and it hasn't been very entertaining reading. Sorry about that; it was just me whining on about being ill. So, I've decided to make it up to you. Please, I absolutely insist that you accept this present from me. Please click here for your gift of this beautiful Jamie Oliver desktop theme wallpaper for your PC (designed by Yours Truly for 800x600 screens - right click on it and set as wallpaper; those of you with larger screens could just centre it in the middle... that'd look good too). I hope you all like it!
Jamie Oliver wallpaper for you PC!
This is just a thumbnail - click on the pic for the full-size jobbie!

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I'm off sick again today. I've got aches and pains throughout my body, so am not very mobile. Even simple actions like standing up hurt like hell and can become quite complicated and labourious procedures. Also suffering from headaches, sore throats, feeling sick, etc... So, all those people who were saying that I'd hurt my back because I was wearing high heels at the weekend are so very very far off the mark.

Anyway, before you ask, on Wednesday I phoned the health centre in Didcot to try to make an appointment to see the Doctor. They had a Doctor ring me back, ask me to describe the symptons, and then told me to take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol and have a couple of days off work. A telephone consultation wasn't quite what I wanted really. Anyway, it's not working. I still feel lousy - actually have been feeling lousier since Wednesday.
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Grrrrr... now the new commenting system seems to be up the spout too. Most irritating.
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Thursday, November 15, 2001

Anyway, I'm back off work again. If anything I'm feeling even worse now than I did before. But, can I relax at home? No way, Pedro! There's loads of washing up to be done, general tidying around the house, and a whole bunch of shopping to get in. Not fair. Still, I've got a lovely hot bath to look forward to in about 10 minutes.
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The nude ironing enthusiast has been back. I hope everyone will join me in a rousing chorus of "fuck off" to this sorry individual.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Now that was a good idea to come into work today. <disengage sarcasm mode> I gave myself plenty of time to walk slowly to the station, and the train turned up just as a I got onto the platfom, so that was fine. However, at Oxford station, some arsehole in a Range Rover (says it all really) tried running me down, and forced me move more swiftly across the road than my aching body really needed. Then when I got to the office I found that the lift was out of order and that I'd have to climb all the way to the 4th floor using the stairs. Arggghhhh! (Quick translation for out U.S. friends: lift = elevator; 4th floor = 5th floor). Then when I finally got to my desk, I sat down, and OUCH!!! my poor bum! Some IDIOT had been sitting on my chair and adjusted it so that it was as low as it could go and had no spring - no boingyness to it. Bastard!!!! It's difficult to describe the sensation of trying to sit down on a chair when it's lower - and harder - than you expected, but it wasn't comfortable and it HURT.
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I'm still feeling stiff and achey. But, as I explained yesterday, I am going to make my weary way into work shortly. Not sure about tomorrow yet. Gillian wanted to meet up after work and go to the now legendary EAMAYL chinese restaurant. Will have to see how I'm feeling tonight/tomorrow morning.

But at least I had a nice long sleep last night (albeit with the usual barrage of bizarre dreams), and it was nice'n'toasty with the extra duvet.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

The back is no better yet. But I think I'm going to try to crawl into work tomorrow, as a close colleague of mine is leaving, and I'd hate not to say goodbye. I don't think I'll go first thing in the morning though.

This afternoon I watched The X Files movie which I'd taped off telly last week. It was very good on the whole, although all suspension of disbelief was lost in the penultimate scenes in the spaceship buried in the ice in the antarctic. The idea that Mulder could climb up those walls, hundreds of metres, carrying and supporting a semi-conscious Scully was ridiculous.

Later I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation on Sky One, but fell asleep and never caught the end of the story.
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I've taken today off work sick. My back is still killing me and my whole body aches. I'm not going to write much now, as this chair at the computer is very uncomfortable.
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Monday, November 12, 2001

A funny story from today's Daily Mail (No, I didn't buy it - it was a freebie from WHSmiths when I bought The Fortean Times). Anyway, the story:
The Naked truth about the supermarket preferences of Mrs Oliver
You've been shopped
Jules picks Waitrose store 200 yards from Sainsbury's

Her husband is paid more than £250,000 a year to be the face of Sainsbury's. But with Naked Chef away in Australia, his wife grabbed the opportunity to indulge some of her own tastes. The former model, who is expecting a baby in the spring, emerged from rival supermarket Waitrose laden down with shopping.

Jules spent almost an hour in the store in Finchley Road, North London - ignoring a new Sainsbury's 200 yards away which features her husband's entire range of Italian food. Oliver's deal with Sainsbury's got off to a rocky start when the 26-year old chef admitted he had not used any of the supermarket's products in the five-course Italian feast he prepared for 140 friends and relatives who attended his wedding in June last year.
it goes on in this vein for a while, and then adds:
Oliver recently admitted that his adverts - in which he cuddles his 'nan', slaps his tummy and drops olives in his helmet - annoy the average viewer.

'I think that's completely understandable,' he told the showbusiness magazine Heat. 'I am over-exposed but I don't think I've got a choice, I'm too far in. When Sainsbury's ads are pumped in the middle of Coronation Street, of course you're over-exposed. It does concern me, but I'm not interested in my coolness or my celebrity status.'

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OUCH!!!!! My back is killing me. It's wearing high heels that does it, says everyone at work. Well I wasn't wearing them yesterday and it was only really last night that I started to feel the pain.

I think that it's wearing flat shoes that does it, after having worn high heels. I think it's the change of muscle tension. I'd wear heels all the time if I could. They make my legs look better. Unfortunately going around in guy mode, in heels, is not such a good idea, as I'd get never ending stick as it's not a socially acceptable mode of dress. Pathetic.
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Another plane crash / disaster in New York. A terrible thing, to be sure, but I can't help thinking that the coverage being given to this event is bordering on the hysterical. No, I'm not being callous or insensitive, but it seems people can't even look at a plane flying in the sky these days without breaking out into a cold sweat.

Plane crashes are horrendous. A ghastly terrible obscene waste of human life. But there were plane crashes before the terror attacks on September 11th. Unfortunately there will be again. I could be wrong but I think this is just a very very unfortunate coincidence.
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Lunchtime today I took the dress back to Debenhams with a view to getting it exchanged. The first assistant I saw, an older lady, looked a bit formidable I thought, so I went to find another. I spied a younger girl; she'll be cool and groovy, I thought, but as I approached she gave me the dirtiest look ever, and I slunk away to find the first lady again. As it happened she was very professional; I showed her where the beads had come away on the dress, and she quite happily exhanged it for me, without blinking an eyelid at the idea of this strange guy with the red bits in his hair wanting to wear the dress in the first place.
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Me this weekend:
Gina, Saturday 10 November 2001

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Well, the weekend didn't start too well when I awoke on Saturday with the ol' tonsillitis. Also having to get up early so as I'd have time to do everything was a bit of a pain. I would have liked a lie-in. Packing my bag was a shambles. My mind went a blank. I kept forgetting things, losing things, dropping things. I didn't know if I was coming or going. I developed a sneezing fit, and am ashamed to say, had a bit of a pnaic attack. I'm not sure really where that came from.

But somehow I did manage to lug my enormous bag full of stuff to Didcot station and caught the train into London Paddington where Sherri met me. Was able to unwind a bit when we got to Tamsin's, or perhaps that was the effect of the enormous Bloody Marys she gave us. So, we got made-up and dressed and went straight to the WayOut Club (change of plan, the idea being that going to Storme's as well would incurr extra taxi fares and entrance fees). The club seemed to be full of some very drunken characters, it had to be said. The cabaret this night was a Geri Halliwell tribute, and consisted mainly of various drag acts miming to her records. It had been heavily rumoured and hinted at that Geri herself was going to be turning up at the club, but to be honest, it came as no great surprise to find out that she didn't. Well, it was no great shakes as far as I was concerned.

Anyway, my dress... the famous dress that I bought last Thursday. Well, it was a midnight blue number, medium length, in an asymetrical design, with beading running diagonally on the front. I thought it looked classic Gina, yet totally different from anything I'd worn before, if that makes sense. It was certainly quite glamouous. But - uh-oh! Towards the end of the night I saw that some of the beading was coming off. I wasn't too well impressed, as it was an expensive dress.

We got back to Tamsin's shortly after 4:00a.m. and Tamsin put "South Park: The Movie" on the video. Towards the end I was getting tired, so excused myself and went to take off my make-up, etc. As for Sherri, well one minute she was laughing her head off at the film, the next she was in deep slumber.

We all got up the next day a little late and perhaps a little worse for wear. I'd asked Tamsin if I could stay until evening as I had the gig to go to, but as she was feeling delicate, I left at the same time as Sherri, and spent the afternoon wandering around Oxford Street looking at dresses and shoes, although this was strictly window-shopping. I also ventured to Denmark Street and gawped at the guitars in the music shop windows.

I returned to Tamsin's at about 5:30p.m., had some coffee and watched telly, and after a quick freshen up, I was off out again, this time to Camden to see Die So Fluid. The first band, Husk, were quite interesting. Quite heavy but with female vocals - some nice two-part harmonies going on. Both the singer/bassist and the guitarist were girls, and there was a lad on the drums. I spoke to him afterwards and said I enjoyed their set, which I think pleased him. I suppose it's always nice to get positive feedback.
Die So Fluid, Sunday 11 November 2001

Spoke to Grog before their set. It's good to see her back again after the spell in hospital, etc. That was worrying, to say the least. As ever, they played a storming set, although possibly playing more "brutal" than usual versions of some of the songs. Also, I'd "borrowed" the digital camera from work, and despite having been told that it'd be no good in a gig situation, I managed to take about 10 good quality pictures.

Afterwards, retired downstairs to the bar with the good Doktor Philosophikus and had a few beers and a natter. We were also joined by another lad, although I didn't get his name. The Doktor was telling me how people had been reacting on discovering that his birthday was September 11th. He'd been applying for jobs, and as soon as he mentioned that date, he'd find people would treat him almost as a leper. "How dare you be born on that day, you insensitive bastard!" was the way he was made to feel. I said, what's he supposed to do? Change his birthday by deed poll? Crazy! There seems to be a terrible knee-jerk reaction arising out of all this business re: the events of September 11th. I not saying that what happened wasn't dreadful, but just let's get things in perspective, and don't have a go at some guy 'cos that date just happens to be his date of birth.

Anyway, after 10:00, I decided it was time to be getting a move on, and then suddenly realised that because it was a Sunday, I didn't know if there would be a late train back to Didcot. Shit! I just hadn't even considered the timetable might be different on this day of the week. Grog was very sweet and gave me her mobile number, and said to ring her if I was stuck in London, and I could sleep on her sofa.

Luckily, there were indeed late trains, and I even had time to get a beanburger and a coffee from Burger King too! Got home sometime after 01:00a.m.
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OK, I've switched the commenting system to BlogBack 'cos I don't think ReBlogger is ever going to start working again. So, you can leave me your comments and remarks once again now. Hurrah!
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OK, who's been searching for ironing nude pics?
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Saturday, November 10, 2001

Just a very quick blog entry for this weekend, I'm afraid folks. I'm on a tight schedule this morning. Lots still to do and a train to catch in two hours time! I'm off to London 'cos Sherri, Tamsin and I will be out at Storme's in London's East End tonight. And possibly at the WayOut Club as well. See you there perhaps?
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Friday, November 09, 2001

And I'll tell you what else is weird. The fact that this ReBlogger commenting system is knackered on this blog, but not on the other blog, that's what. Why is that?
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Mystery solved, re: this morning's mysery emailer. It was an old friend. Although it might come as a bit of a surprise to him to learn that I'm a transvestite.
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I had a couple of bizarre emails this morning from someone quizzing me as to my "true" identity. This person was saying they think they know me, but he or she was being cagey about their own identity. If you know me, please tell me who you are. If you're an old friend or someone that I knew on the small press scene a few years back then I'd like to talk to you!

But anonymous emails are a bit creepy.
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I'm so annoyed that the comments aren't working at the moment. I was looking at an alternative system but that one doesn't keep a tally of number of comments posted, so I reckon that'd be a pain. If anyone does have any suggestions for a decent and easy to use alternative please drop me a line.
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I normally loathe graffitti and wanton acts of vandalism, but I think that the red paint that has been thrown over the exterior of the Said Business School in Oxford is fair comment. (see last Monday's entry)
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As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I am an afficionado of high heels. Somewhat. I do have a pair or two. Sherri will often claim I have at least 100 pairs, but I don't think it's anywhere near as many as that. It's an exagerration, and I'm not so sad that I'm actually going to count them all. Anyway, as far as I am concerned, high heels are fabulous - they can make or break an outfit, and they make your legs look great. You could say that I can see the appeal, the attraction of, a gorgeous pair of heels.

What I don't understand is why this website is STILL getting hits from people searching for this news story. What is it about this story that has captured your imagination so much? I want to know who is doing these searches. It's a bit disturbing really. Is someone setting up a crack team of killer transvestite assassins?
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Brrrrrrrr... Cold, cold, cold, cold, COLD! It's blinkin' freezing, mate. I hope it's not like this tomorrow night when I'm going out in a dress. A cold wind up me skirt is the last thing I need.
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Thursday, November 08, 2001


Q: What's worse than a Sainsbury's advert featuring Jamie Oliver?
A: A Christmas advert for Sainsbury's advert featuring Jamie Oliver.
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Splendido! A certain department store is having an All Day Spectacular today, with many items reduced by up to 25%. You know the shop I'm talking about. It was the one I was looking in the other day (last week?) and bemoaning the fact that all the dresses I liked were in the price region of £80 and upwards. So, I nipped along at lunchtime (got stuck behind some SLOW people at the top of the escalator - that ALWAYS happens; I think it must be a tradition or an old charter or something) and Hurrah!!! Now I've got something rather gorgeous to wear for Saturday night out at Storme's. It's quite distinctive looking. Verrrry nice. I've not decided what shoes to wear with it yet, but I'd best not go out and buy a new pair specially or else that will make the whole point of buying the dress with 25% off rather pointless.

Actually, thinking about it, I do already own of a pair of shoes that would go beautifully with this dress. I've not worn them for a while. The thing is, could I wear them all night long? Will my feet like me the next day? Hmmmmm... Decisions, decisions...
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By the way, last Friday's pic of Jamie Oliver gagged with black tape was real, and not a PhotoShop creation.
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If you're still wondering what yesterday's picture of Robbie Williams modelling a nice pair of Dr Who underpants (with a squirrel) was all about, then see here.

And whilst I'm on the subject, here's a gratuitous plug for The Celebrity Network, the celebrity news community website, featuring all the latest up-to-the-minute news and gossip about the celebs you love, and the celebs you love to hate. Very funny stuff, and quite addictive.

It's also inspired me to make all these silly PhotoShop montages that you've been seeing recently.
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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Hell, ReBlogger (the commenting system) is knackered AGAIN? Grrrrrrr... It's going down a little too frequently, methinks. If anyone wants to comment on anything I've whittered on about here, you can always email me.

In other news, I've solved the toothbrush problem by painting the end with bright red nailvarnish. (No, not the end with the bristles! And Yes, this comment is aimed at YOU, Sherri).
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And, just what is the meaning of this?
Robbie Williams modelling a pair of Dr Who underpants with a squirrel

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So, last night I nipped out to Tesco to pick up some shopping. I had to buy some toothpaste, and whilst I was perusing that part of the shop I decided it might be a good idea to also buy a new toothbrush. But - whoah! There were SO many to choose from. Help! What kind of toothbrush did I want? Something firm, and something that can reach nicely all around the mouth, that sounds just the ticket, I decided. So, seeing one called "Reach", I decided I'd grab one of those. Then I noticed it was blue, and as that is not usually one of my favourite colours, I put it back and selected a purple one.

When I got home, Karen, who I share the house with, observed the purchase and said, "Don't you go getting it confused with mine." I took it up to the bathroom and saw that her toothbrush was also a purple Reach. Why, out of all those I could have choosen, did I pick up one exactly the same?
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I like using the language of Mr Spock at times. It keeps me amused. Makes me happy.
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Grrrrr... bit rushed off my feet this morning. Will settle down to do a more substantial post later.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2001

I know, I know ... strictly speaking, the squirrel isn't a celebrity. Unless it's Tufty the Squirrel that used to teach children to cross the road. It's difficult to tell with squirrels.
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I only scored 48.0% on this Are you a Blogaholic? quiz, and was told that:
"You are a casual weblogger. You only blog when you have nothing better to do, which is not very often. There's nothing wrong with that. But if you'd post a little more often, you'd make your readers very happy."
Which speaks for itself really.
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Further to today's talk of tree-hugging, I'd like to let you all know that the Rainforest Site is up and running once more. Help save the rainforests - all you have to do is click a button.
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What a complete load of arse.
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Speaking of tree-huggers, why is it that so many celebrities are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and proclaiming their love of trees and the natural world?
Celebrity Tree Huggers

First there was Jarvis Cocker's band Pulp going back to nature with their new album "We Love Life" and single "The Trees". Then Cocker's nemesis Wacko Jacko informs all and sundry that he likes nothing better than to climb trees and be at one with nature.

And now Madonna is getting in on the act and has reportedly spent £10,000 having five large trees planted at her London home. But it seems, this isn't Madge becoming all ecology-minded and interested in nature. Apparently she just wants the trees to stop nosy neighbours looking into her garden. (from Ananova)
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Let's play Spot the Difference again. This time it's the turn of Stephen Hawking soundalike Cher (as seen at the premiere for the new Harry Potter movie) and the Lion from The Wizard of Oz:
Separated at birth? Or could it be that the figure on the right is what Cher would have looked like without all the face-lifts?
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What the protesters hadn't mentioned in their leaflet (see yesterday) was that not only was the LMS railway station building - a grade II listed building - demolished to make way for the Business School, but also a whole row of trees with preservation orders on them were cut down. It must have been back in 1999 now, I suppose, and there had been various tree-huggers dwelling within the branches. I have no idea where they were when the council illegally cut the trees down - most likely arrested by the police for causing an obstruction.

So, obviously, having a preservation order on something means nothing. If officialdom want something out of the way, they will bend and re-shape the law in such a way so that it suits them.
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Yikes! I think my Amazon wish list had only been up for a day and someone has already bought me something from it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I think I know who my anonymous benefactor is. You really shouldn't have! I created the list mainly as a reminder to myself, and also because at this time of year people start asking "What do you want for Christmas?" Oh, and because I was bored on Sunday.
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Monday, November 05, 2001

Sorry, if you think I'm being too serious today. Keep coming back for the regular lightweight crap.
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This is what the BBC Oxford website has to say about the Protest at the Said Business School. They seem to have trivialised the story, and gloss over Wafiq al Said's arms dealings. Even the photograph used to accompany the news item is a sanitised one, and doesn't feature with "Built with Blood Money" banner on the building. Pathetic. The government are so obviously pulling the BBC's strings.
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Ooooh-err!!! There were lots of protesters and police down by the new Business School next to Oxford Station this morning. The building and the pavement and road in front of it have been taped off by police, and there was a demonstrator on the roof, where a large banner had been hung proclaiming: "Built with Blood Money"

This from the leaflet that the protesters were handing out:
Built with Blood Money

The Said Business School being opened today by Oxford University was built with a £20million donation by Wafiq al Said, an individual who unquestionably made his millions by organising the sales of arms and torture equipment. Everything about this building from its funding to the government pressure to push the plans through is suspect.

The House of Commons Trade Committee described Said as "the British Aerospace agent in Saudi Arabia". In that role he was the key middleman responsible for arranging the £40 billion Al Yamamah deal in 1986.

This was the largest known arms deal and provided British arms and torture equipment to Saudi Arabia. According to evidence in the award-winning Dispatches TV documentary, the deal included fighter-planes, tanks and electro-shock batons used by Saudi police to torture political dissidents. According to Amnesty International these prisoners are often held in leg irons also made in Britain.

Oxford University's "ethics" committee decided to accept this money but must have realised their decision was controversial as they drafted in Thatcher's ex-press secretary, king of spin Bernhard Ingham to tutor Said in answering the inevitable mdeia questions that would accompany his donation. It was Said's close friendship with Mark Thatcher and Jonathan Aitken that made bypassing the civil service and organising arms deals so much easier.

Few in the university expressed dissatisfaction about where the money came from. The Business School was initially to have been built on university playing fields, the main reason many Oxford dons first reject the plan; they did not however object to the dismantling of the LMS, a unique grade II listed railway station, to make room. It appears that Said realigned himslef and made friends within the new government as well.

Over 10,000 people signed a petition objecting to the development but a public inquiry was never called, as is normally the case with listed buildings. Instead a leaked government memo reveals Downing Street exerted pressure for planning permission to be rushed through. No satisfactory answers have been given as to why. Keith Vaz blocked an inquiry that may have exposed his involvement too.

Even English Heritage who had previously been fighting to save the LMS station dropped their objections after Said gave the organisation £25,000. English Heritage claim there is absolutely no link between the two actions. Said claims he has always supported the organisation, but he has never given them a donation before or since.

The funding and procedures leading up to today's opening are deeply suspect. This is an attempt by a man with a tarnished reputation to have himself immortalised as a generous benefactor and bury beneath the bricks and glass of this building the fact that his wealth and lifestyle have been built on the back of arms deals that have cost others their lives and dignity. He would be better remembered for his role in people's deaths.
What a wonderful world we live in, eh? A world where corruption rules.
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Sunday, November 04, 2001

It's a bit of a boring day. I've not been up to very much other than making an wish list. That's about it.
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Saturday, November 03, 2001

Not a lot to report today. I went to Oxford this morning and to the record fair at the town hall. Which I thought was worse than usual. But managed to find the new Pulp album for a tenner, plus their classic Glastonbury appearance in 1995 on bootleg for £7, so that was cool and groovy.

Tonight started with a cheapy 49p Tesco pizza with extra toppings of anchovies, red onions, mushrooms and extra cheese. It's such a pain trying to buy pizzas which don't have meat on them, that I've taken to buying basic pizzas and adding my own toppings. (And yes, I do eat fish. So there!)

Watched Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased). Not such a good episode tonight. Not enough comic stuff in it. But still, Emilia Fox! Yum Yum YUM!!!! Taped Frank Skinner Show 'cos Eddie Izzard was on it... will most likely watch that tomorrow. Drank lots of wine, and invented a new cocktail: Frijj chocolate milk and a generous measure of brandy! Yum again!
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Alright, who's having a laugh? One of you naughty people out there has nominated me as Blog Babe of the Week.
Gina Snowdoll
So... shall I send them a pic?

Like, this one perhaps:

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Friday, November 02, 2001

Operation Repair Cat-Flap was a roaring success!!! (thanks to the application of superglue!) Hurrah!

And now I've shut off that draft, I've switched the heating on, and have put the gas fire on in the living room so that the house is all nice and toasty. And I've got a bottle of wine. So, that's me settled for the night.
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Now, this is a bloody good idea: Jamie Oliver gagged for talking crap, repeatedly using AQI, and making stupid monkey noises

Alternatively, they could have used superglue, I suppose.
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So, as planned, I nipped out to buy some superglue. Have you ever bought superglue? You'd think it'd be a pretty straightforward purchase. Just pick up a tube on the rack, and go pay for it - simple as that. But, bloody hell, there are so many different variants to choose from. Superglue in a tube; superglue in two tubes that you have to mix; superglue in a handy dispenser; superglue in a pot with a brush in the lid; superglue for glass; superglue for plastic; superglue for metal... The list goes on and on. "Help!!!" I thought to myself, "I just want to mend the cat-flap!" Too many choices to make; not good if you're prone to being indecisive.

In the end I opted for the superglue with the brush in the lid, as this might, just might, prevent me sticking all my fingers together. Or going around for the next week with a cat-flap door permanently attached to my some part of my anatomy.

And I'll try not to get it confused with a pot of nail varnish. That could be quite disasterous.
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Shock! Horror! In an incident totally unrelated to superglue (since that seems to be the topic of the day), I have discovered evidence that dear old Mr Spock was a tranny. Oh yes indeedy! Witness this picture:
Leonard Nimoy

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I've just done a little search on the net and came up with this piece about the origins of superglue.
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Speaking of superglue, I'm wracking my brain trying to remember just how the topic came up in conversation with The Damned last year. It was backstage at a gig in Brighton, and for some reason I was telling Captain that the reason that superglue bonds skin so well was that it originally developed during the Vietnam War as a field dressing. And Damned singer Dave Vanian agreed with me that he'd heard that story too. But why on earth were we talking about such things? I can't for the life of me remember? I wonder if dear ol' TinTin remembers?

And furthermore, is the story true? Or is it one of these Urban Myths?
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It's Friday! Hurrah! But I still have to get through the day at work, although on the plus side at least it's warm in the office.

I really must remember to buy some superglue so I can fix the cat-flap and get rid of that awful draft. It feels like living in a fridge at home at the moment.
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Thursday, November 01, 2001

To be frank, folks and folkettes, I'm not best happy at the moment. Which is why I've been posting so much crap the last couple of days - I need something to take my mind off things. And now I've drunk too much brandy, which is most likely the only reason I'm being honest and telling you all this.
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There's still loads of people hitting this site from searches for those pesky Manolo Blahnik "killer" titanium stiletto heels. Why has that captured your imagination people? I need to know (click on comment below to answer me please). Oh, and if anyone is looking for a cheaper alternative metal-spike heel, head on over to Banana Shoes.
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This is proof positive that scientists are just taking the piss. Apparently in an "experiment" they have been injecting mice with drugs and forcing one group to listen to music by Bach, and another group to listen to The Prodigy. Just what in the name of Arse is any of this supposed to prove? To me, it seems to be yet another way to torment helpless animals. Bastards.
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