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Wednesday, October 31, 2001
Why is this site getting so many hits from people searching for that story on Killer Heels that I related here yesterday?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:58 pm [edit] 

I hadn't realised that Moulin Rouge was a Sci-Fi movie, until this lunch time when I was walking past the cinema in Oxford, and noticed that the poster advertising this film features the Emperor Dalek from Doctor Who! It's true. Examine the evidence below:
Moulin Rouge movie posterThe Emperor Dalek
Left: Moulin Rouge movie poster, Right: The Emperor Dalek relaxing at home, yesterday

I rest my case.

And whilst we're playing this game, it reminds me of an observation I made yesterday on TCN - The Celeb Network message board. Can you spot the difference between "luvvie" serious actor type Simon Callow, and the Fast Show's Rowley Birkin, Q.C.?
Simon CallowRowlet Birkin, Q.C.
I can't tell them apart.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:16 pm [edit] 

This is severely disturbing: Celebrities without any make-up on. (Via TCN - The Celeb Network)

You won't catch me posting pictures of myself without make-up on. No siree! I have, however, just found this photo of me from last year where I'm in guy mode, and still wearing lots of make-up, in Eddie Izzard style!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:04 pm [edit] 

Thanks Meg for the scan of that Guardian piece about the Mirror Project (see yesterday).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:22 am [edit] 

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

OK, regular readers of this blog will know that I'm often taking the mick out of Jamie Oliver, but hell, I'm not wrong about him being awful. I just caught a portion his "Naked Chef" cookery show on BBC2 television tonight, and his presentation skills are highly dubious. All this "I just do this" and "I just do that" business, and funny little noises he makes. I mean it's hardly descriptive of his culinary skills. And he uses the most dreadful AQI virtually every other sentence, as in "I've got some nice asparagus?" (for the uninitiated, Australian Querelous Intonation is that annoying habit of raising the pitch of one's voice at the end of any ordinairy statement so that it sounds like a question. It bugs the hell out of me). YES Jamie, I know what asparagus is. Bloody monkey man!

All together now: Grrrrrrrrrrr...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:10 pm [edit] 

This delightfully named Toilet Boys are currently supporting The Damned on their US tour. And mighty interesting they would appear to be too, judging by their website. The tranny singer, Guy, looks like he'd give Yours Truly a run for my money in the ol' pouting stakes! (...and has cheek bones to die for). Meanwhile, the guitarist would in addition to his axe-wielding duties appear to be a part-time fire-breather. With all those flames and electrical equipment on stage - how do they get away with it?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:07 pm [edit] 

Eeeeeks! One of my photos - the one with all the high heels - has been listed as being "noteworthy" on The Mirror Project site, and is currently being featured on the front page. I expect the pictures are being rotated so I don't know how long it'll appear there. But, Yikes!

For those who are interested, here's my other Mirror Project photo, and you can see my face in this one.

Also, I found it quite spooky that when I did a search for "Gina" that I found a pic of my ol' chum Captain Sensible, what with it being me who encouraged him to contribute his piccies in the first place. Weird, that.

Anyway, apparently the Mirror Project was featured in an article in last Saturday's Guardian "Editor" supplement (it just had to be a Saturday when I didn't buy it for once, didn't it?), so all these people are going to be seeing my pic. Oooh-errrr!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:24 pm [edit] 

This story from UK Yahoo News:
Manolo scraps 'killer heels'
LONDON (Reuters) - Top shoe designer Manolo Blahnik has pulled a pair of stiletto shoes from his latest collection for fear that their "killer heels" could be dangerous, according to media reports. Blahnik, renowned for his exotic and expensive creations, had designed a pair of shoes with razor-sharp 3.5 inch (8.75cm) titanium heels, as thin as the ink tube in a ballpoint.

But the designer decided to withdraw the shoes over fears they could become a lethal weapon if the wearer accidentally trod on someone else's foot, the Daily Telegraph reported.

"The heel was easy to walk on and steady but would cut through carpet. If the wearer stood on someone's foot, it would go straight through," a spokesman for Blahnik told the paper. The designer was also concerned that the shoes could be mistaken for weapons when luggage was X-rayed at airports.

Blahnik's shoes, known simply as "Manolos" by his devoted rich and famous followers, have been a staple of magazine fashion spreads since he launched his first shop in London in the 1970s. No one from the designer's office was immediately available for comment but the spokesman told the paper that the shoes would now be remade with a safer heel.
Now, does anyone remember that Quantum Leap when Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a detective, and solves a case when he discovers that the murder weapon was a stiletto-heeled shoe?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:06 pm [edit] 

Gina Snowdoll
Many greetings, hugs and smooches to all of you who have found this site via The Galaxy Girls. I hope you enjoy my scribblings, although if you're expecting lots of "girly" talk and chatter about drag and transgender issues, then you might be in for a surprise, 'cos I seem to spend most my time harping on about bands and music and books and television and certain celebrity chefs who star in Sainsbury's commercials. But you will find the odd entry about tranny-related stuff, even if it is me going on about a fabulous pair of high heels that I've bought and/or am lusting after.

Otherwise, there's always my other blog at where I record items of transgender and drag related news.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:04 am [edit] 

Monday, October 29, 2001

I've just been out round the shops in Oxford, and Hurrah! I've bought the new Robert Rankin paperback, "Web Site Story". Phew! Just what I needed. I'm currently reading The Kenneth Williams Diaries, which despite being an interesting insight into the man, does make for depressing reading. Which isn't too good if you are a depressive yourself. As I am.

I nipped into Debenhams where I saw a couple of gorgeous dresses that I'd love to have. Only problem is that they are £80 a piece. Oh dear. I hope they have one of their one day sale thingies soon, hopefully before the 10th November when I fancy having a new outfit to wear to Storme's.

I also checked in HMV and Virgin to see whether they had the new Pulp album. Which they did, but I'm not paying £13.99 for it. I'll get it off the stall in Gloucester Green later this week.

I suppose it's weird how I won't pay over the odds for CDs and wait until my favourite author's books come out in paperback so as to get them cheaper, but then I consider buying £80 dresses. But then again, outfits for going out in are special purchases... it's not as if they are regular buys. But CDs and books are essential - they are my lifeblood. I'd go mad without things to read and things to listen to.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:01 pm [edit] 

Eeeeeks! I've actually found another tranny blog, or - to be more accurate - a drag queen blog - The Galaxy Girls!

(D'Oh! I've just noticed, it's a Blog of Note over on Blogger. Grrrrrrrr... How come they haven't noticed my blog yet? Grrrrr again. Mine's been going much longer. Not fair. I think someone doesn't like me.)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:33 am [edit] 

Sunday, October 28, 2001

I just realised. I wrote a whole piece on TV cookery programmes (see previous entry) without mentioning J*m*e Ol*v*r. Streuth! How on earth did I manage that?

Actually, now I come to think of it, I'd *love* to go on Ready Steady Cook on two conditions: (1) Red Tomato not Green Pepper, and (2) that I'm teamed with dear ol' Jamie himself. Oh yes! Think of all the havoc I could cause. He'd never say "malarkey" again.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:10 pm [edit] 

Back to work tomorrow. Moan, groan, etc. And I was just beginning to feel relaxed.

One thing I won't miss is the daytime TV, the television programmes I normally miss when I'm at work (or on my way home from work). These are dreadful, but my sister's kids seem to love them. There's the appalling The Weakest Link with some very stupid people giving the wrong answers to the most basic of questions, and Anne Robinson going way over the top trying to be nasty but just sounding ridiculous. Talk about self-parody!

There's the dynamic Watercolour Challenge which features high excitement as three people are taken to a location, such as Stratford-upon-Avon, where they courageously set up easels and get their watercolours out and paint a picture. And a winner is chosen from the three; I think the prize is a pot of tea and some jam and scones. Absolutely edge-of-the-seat stuff.

And, of course, there's the now legendary Ready Steady Cook which will need no introduction to some of you. If you are not aware of this show, basically it's two kitchens set up in the studio, two teams - each comprising one so-called celebrity chef and one contestant who is usually a member of the public (unless it's a special celebrity edition, then it's someone obnoxious like Paul Daniels). They have about half an hour to make an entire meal based upon the ingredients that the contestant has brought with them from their local supermarket, which I believe can't have costed more than £10. Lots of cheating seems to go on, e.g. additional ingredients magically appearring from the cupboard in the kitchen.

The show also features Ainsley Harriott who talks a constant stream of crap until you end up shouting at the television screen "SHUT UP!!!!!" Actually, that's not true, as he can't hear you and happily continues giving his inane running commentary.

Anyway, I've been thinking, what would I take along with me if I was a contestant on the show? Incidentally, I wouldn't be on the Green Pepper team. I don't do green. Anyway, I think it'd go something like this:
Ainsley: Let's see what the Red Tomato team are going to cook. Gina, what have you got there in that carrier bag?
Gina: Well, Ainsley, I've brought a loaf of organic bread and some mushrooms.
Anthony Worral-Thompson [scratches head]
Ainsley: Hhmmmm, yes. Is that all?
Gina: Well I figured you'd have butter, salt and black pepper here in the studio kitchen, so I pocketed the change from the tenner. Not bad, eh?
Ainsley: Mushrooms and a loaf of bread? Tricky. Any ideas, Anthony?
Anthony W-T: Well, I thought we could take half the mushrooms, puree them, add lots of extra ingredients that are planted all over the set, make breadcrumbs from the loaf of bread for a coating on the remaining mushrooms, which we'd stuff with the mixture we made earlier...
Ainsley: Sounds yummy...
Anthony W-T: Fry it all up, stir in lots of cream for a sauce...
Gina: Hang on, matey! I just wanted to make mushrooms on toast. Look, I don't need you, old warthog-features [shoves Worral-Thompson aside] ... and I don't need half an hour. Give me five minutes.
Ainsley: [more inane chatter]
Yes, that would be fun!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:04 am [edit] 

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Just watched tonight's episode of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Very silly. But entertaining, so that's good.

AND... Emilia Fox! Mmmmmmm....
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:00 pm [edit] 

So, my sister and her husband collected the kids and they all went off to Bournemouth, and after a pub lunch with Mum and Dad, I made my weary way home too. Coach from Carmarthen to Swansea because of engineering work on the track. The stupid driver asked me if I wanted to put my guitar in the boot. I told him it'd get smashed to pieces in there. Stupid question.

Only just caught the train at Swansea with about a minute to spare. Bloody crumbly old people stopping me getting to my bag at the back of the coach. More Grrrrrr...

Had to change at Swindon, then at Didcot I allowed myself the luxury of a taxi back to the house. And left my mobile phone on the back seat. Ho hum! Still, I needed to go out again to get a little shopping.

The cat was pleased to see me, and we seem to have acquired a second cat too - poor thing is hiding in the bathroom. I tried throwing it out the front door, but it was so scared of all the bangs and flashes outside from fireworks. Yes already! The brain dead of Didcot seem to love their fireworks for ages either side of 5th November. They are very easily amused.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:00 pm [edit] 

Grrrrrrr... what's happened to all my comments? They've cleared again.

This is so annoying. Perhaps I should change to another more reliable commenting system. What d'you reckon?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:57 pm [edit] 

Friday, October 26, 2001

posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:19 am [edit] 

Thursday, October 25, 2001

I had an apologetic email back from the person who's mail upset me yesterday. I'll write back to her later. It's a bit difficult right now as my nephew is sitting here with me. I don't think he can read what I'm typing, but it feels kinda uneasy, y'know.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:39 pm [edit] 

Finished reading mum's novel. It's certainly better than a lot of stuff I've read, and in this current climate of Bridget Jones stuff, Mike Gayle's books, etc, etc, I would have though it'd be quite popular. She just needs to find an agent to take it around a few publishers.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:37 pm [edit] 

Not much news again today folks. It's still raining here in Wales. Went to visit a friend of my mum's called Ralph, who was a breath of fresh air. Then we all went to visit an art exhibition of another one of her friends at some great big manor house type affair. Quite entertaining.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:36 pm [edit] 

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Ha! Someone has found this site through a Google search for caramel cod. It's the first of my "Confounding the search engines" phrases that has actually worked!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:50 pm [edit] 

I've been reading my mum's (as yet unpublished) novel. It's very good in the main. Personally I'd tweak it here and there (that's what comes of having worked professionally as an editor). The part where the story's heroine meets a transvestite and goes to a club with him/her is very interesting, as I know for a fact that my mum based that on a real life incident when she accompanied me to Yazz's in Brighton. It was intriguing to read her take on things tranny-related.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:42 pm [edit] 

Not much to report from Wales today. It's raining again (big surprise, eh?). Funniest thing was when my niece emailed her parents and reported that her little brother "... is being nice. But he keeps making trumping noises." I also liked the way the email started with "Dear Mummy and Daddy. Today we went to the pub." What will my sister think?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:39 pm [edit] 

Hmmmmm... I just checked my email and received quite a nasty one from someone who was practically wetting themself because I hadn't replied to an earlier email. I'm SORRY but I'm at my parents house, my access to the internet is limited, so if you can't give us a bloody chance, then just piss off and stop bothering me.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:36 pm [edit] 

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

It looks like it's a rainy day here in Wales today. Oh well. I think we were planning on going out in it too. It's got to be better than hanging around in the house all day. The children are for the most part very well behaved and pleasant, but they are kids after all, and want constant attention.

last night they both develped tickly coughs and couldn't get to sleep even after my Dad had read a chapter of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" to them. They kept complaining and whining. It must have been gone 10:00pm before they finally settled for the night. And by that time my parents were both ready for bed too. Dad was falling asleep in his armchair. So, no chance to spend any quality time with the parents, which is something I miss.

And it was a disaster bringing the guitar along with me too. For one thing, it was very heavy to carry (plus the practice amp, effects pedals, etc) down to the station the other day so I had to take a taxi, and no doubt I'll need a taxi on the return journey too. And now, I'm here in Wales... well, every time I try playing the damn thing, the little lad wants to join in and comes over and starts bashing at the strings or trying to steal my plectrum. It's impossible. And there I was having visions of a lazy week in Wales; me and my guitar, trying to come up with a few riffs, and a chord sequence, and at the end of the week, a new song! Fat chance of that happening now.

Oh well. At least the tonsilitis is better today. It's still there, nagging away in the back of my throat, but the inflammation has gone down so at least I can breathe quite comfortably now.

I think we are off to see the Grandmother soon. I've asked my mum if she has a hat I can borrow. I know I'm going to get disparaging comments about the red hair.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:26 am [edit] 

Monday, October 22, 2001

Yesterday, I went with my sister, her husband and the kids to Poppit Sands which is near Cardigan. It was a lovely sunny day, with hardly any wind. We had a walk on the beach, and the kids were collecting suitable sticks from amongst the driftwood to make into Harry Potter magical staffs!

In the night I went down with the old old problem. Bloody tonsilitis. It's plagued me for years. My tonsils were swollen so much that I had severe trouble breathing. I rummaged in my bag and found a scarf which I wrapped around me neck to keep it warm. It's crazy, having to sleep wearing a scarf.

My sister and her husband went home yesterday evening, but the children are here all week. I might go and see what havoc they're up to in a minute. I just came on-line to check emails and see if there was any more news about Grog drom Die So Fluid yet. There wasn't. I hope she gets better soon.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:27 am [edit] 

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Phew! What a long day. I'm now in Wales at my Mum and Dad's house. I decided to come visit here seeing as all my other plans for my week off work were out the window as it were. I've brought a guitar with me and if I get the chance I might try composing something new. Mind, me sister her husband and two kids are all here too - the kids'll be staying all week, so perhaps I won't get the opportunity. Anyway, it's late and I'm tired so I'll sign off for now. Will report back in again soon.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:21 pm [edit] 

Friday, October 19, 2001

I've got next week off work. Annie and I were originally planning on getting a last minute holiday away somewhere, but then when we found out that Die So Fluid were doing a tour, we decided we'd go to a couple of the gigs instead.

And now I've just seen this message from Drew (guitar) saying that Grog (vocals & bass) has been admitted to hospital with a massively inflamed pancreas, and that she's been told she's lucky to be alive and if she ever drinks again she'll die!


So, it sounds like the London gig on Monday is a no-goer then. Obviously, Grog's health is a far more important issue, and I'd rather she took her time and was sure that she's properly recovered than miss a few gigs.

Phew! This hectic world of rock'n'roll, eh?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:35 pm [edit] 

This is beautiful... I laughed out loud when I read on the BBC News website that "A cleaner at a London gallery cleared away an installation by artist Damien Hirst having mistaken it for rubbish" (full story). And about time too. I mean, someone had to do it.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:26 am [edit] 

I was listening to "Low" by David Bowie on the way into work this morning. It always was my favourite Bowie album. I know that some people found it a weird album, what with the abundance of instrumental tracks. I used to love the two very different flavours presented by each side of the vinyl record (obviously on CD, this distinction is not so apparent). "Warszawa" must be one of the finest pieces of music ever written.

What I don't understand, however, is the recent Bowie compilation "All Saints" which collects together a selection of his instrumental work. Just why? These pieces of music are being taken out of context. Other than the couple of b-side tracks, these previously helped evoke a certain mood during the running order of particular album. Presented together like this, they seem fragmented.

But then, I'm not the biggest fan of compilation albums anyway. They are OK as a "sampler", if you want a selection of a particular band's work not already owning many (or any) of their records. And I like compilation albums that bring together rare tracks, songs from Radio sessions, that kind of thing. But ultimately the songs on a compilation or "Best Of" album will be someone else's choice, someone else's idea of what constitutes "The Best Of". Much better to make your own CD-R compilations, I reckon, which I frequently do because it's easier and more convenient to copy a bunch of CD-singles onto one disc.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:11 am [edit] 

I've just been looking through some old emails. Back in January this year I received an email from an agency who'd seen some of my photographs on the internet and wanted to know if I would consider applying to become a model for fashion modelling in Europe. So, I checked out their website and they seemed to have quite a few restrictions in place regarding age, dress size, etc. I didn't really seem to fit in with their requirements, so I replied to them:
Dear ****

I'm very flattered that you addressed that email to me. If you are *really* interested in a potential model who is:

 (a) size 16 UK dress size,
 (b) 37 years old,
 (c) a transvestite,

then please do write again!

Alas, I never heard back from them.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:58 am [edit] 

Whoops! I think I might just possibly have had a touch too much to drink last night. I wasn't roaring drunk or anything. Quite the reverse in fact - sleepy and demure. (Is "demure" the word I'm looking for?) Late afternoon in the office we had a small celebration as one member of staff was leaving and another had a birthday. So - out came the glasses of the bubbly stuff. Then we all reconvened down the pub, where more drink was partaken of. At 5:45 I had to bid my farewells and whisked myself off to another pub in order to meet Gillian. We chatted. And we drank some more. After about an hour or so so went to the now legendary Scoff As Much As You Like You Greedy Bastard Go On Shovel It In Chinese Restaurant on Park End Street where we had a jolly good nosh-up. And some more drink.

I was feeling very light-headed by this time, and just a little bit queasy. I excused myself and went to visit the toilet, and when I returned to our table Gillian said to me, "Are you alright?", and I said "Yeah, fine, why?". "You were ages," she said. "I was only about two minutes," I countered. "More like ten," she told me.

Hence the "whoops" at the start of this entry. I think I must have passed out briefly whilst sitting on the toilet. Oh dear!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:27 am [edit] 

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Car with 'feelings' launched by Toyota - am I the only one who finds this a bit disturbing? Slightly sinister?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:34 pm [edit] 

*sigh* and *whimper* ...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:30 pm [edit] 

Sherri rang just now, and suggested that along with Tamsin we have a night out in a couple of weekends time. It seems like ages since I've been out on the T*-scene (and at one point I was out at every available opportunity, see my Tales of Crossdressing). I expect we'll go to Storme's, which is usually good for a fun night out.

So, between now and then, you can expect to hear cries of "I've got nothing to wear"... actually, it's an age since I bought myself a new dress. Mmmmm... I just fancy a slinky 'n' sophisticated little number. I wonder if the stores are getting their Christmas stock in yet? (Surely, they must).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:27 pm [edit] 

Mini-rant: Why wear fabulous footware, e.g. some of the gorgeous current crop of stilettos, if you're only going to hide them beneath a pair of jeans so low that they touch the pavement?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:08 pm [edit] 

Why do I always feel guilty when buying only (very very cheap) batteries from Richer Sounds? It's got to be better than giving them no custom at all.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:05 pm [edit] 

Grrrrrr... My hair's not looking very red today. The colour can't have faded already, surely?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:23 am [edit] 

Ooh! I'm getting lots of hits from Thanks Tom!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:49 am [edit] 

I was listening to some downloads from Monty Oxy Moron (keyboardist from The Damned) on the way into work this morning. And then my personal CD player died on me, as if to say "No, more... Please, I can't take any more!" But yeah, very silly, low-fi weird shit. There's hope for my music yet, I reckon!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:36 am [edit] 

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Wandering around Borders just now, I see that Basil Brush has an autobiography out. Excuse me whilst I go overboard with a series of punctuation marks. !?!?*!?!!! Thank you. It looks to be a slim volume, and might be a laugh, but I ain't shelling out £12.99 for the hardback edition.

Also, looking at the cover photo, well, that ain't the Basil that I remember. He was much more moth-eaten looking than that, surely?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:26 pm [edit] 

Further thoughts on the word "dyscalculia", which I was waffling on about yesterday. defines the word as an "Impairment of the ability to solve mathematical problems, usually resulting from brain dysfunction." Whilst this may be partly true in my case, I'm not sure this describes the symptons I had in mind when referring to myself as being "number dyslexic". My problem is an inability to remember numbers, to even see numbers, if that makes any sense. This problem often manifests itself as an inability to transcribe numbers; to get the digits in the correct order (and not necessarily the correct digits). For example, if I was asked to write down a phone number, say, 837521, I might mess it up and get something like 835721. And I'm sure I've spuriously text messaged a few random people because of my inability to enter phone numbers correctly on my mobile phone.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:40 am [edit] 

Watched a video of Saturday night's Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) last night. Very silly script about a remote island and some kind of gender-changing chemical in the beer supply turning all the men gay. Good fun though. And Emilia Fox. Hurrah!

Speaking of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, do you remember that bit on Shooting Stars just before the Dove From Above round when Vic tells a joke about a dove, and each time it's so unfunny that everyone just sits there in silence looking stern, whilst a bleak sountrack plays, a bitter wind blowing, tumbleweeds rolling across the set, etc...

You know the bit I mean. Well that's how THIS feels writing a blog, and having no-one respond to anything. All this Comment [0] malarkey after each entry. Is anyone out there? Or am I writing the bloggy equivalent of Vic Reeves' unfunny dove jokes?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:10 am [edit] 

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Please accept my apologies for the banner advert that has been appearing at the top of this page featuring a picture of that ugly and talentless little mare Britney Spears (Yuk!). Sorry, it's out of my control.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:33 pm [edit] 

There's more Jamie Oliver inspired hilarity over at (just in case you thought I had the monopoly on such behaviour).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:26 pm [edit] 

Intriguing to see diminutive antipodean popstar Kylie pictured on her new album cover in white stilettos (see photo). Is such footwear now trendy or is this some kind of tongue-in-cheek statement from the pocket-sized sheila? Personally, I've never had a problem with white high heels, but have been told off for wearing them by some silly over-sensitive souls. I always say, if it goes with the outfit, wear it.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:56 pm [edit] 

I'm not usually a sucker for gimmicky packaging, but I've just bought the second series video of The League of Gentlemen, the HMV exclusive edition which includes a model Bab's Cabs taxi. Babs was, of course, the highly unlikely (and very hairy) male to female transsexual taxi driver in this wicked TV series. A brilliant television production; I do hope they are going to make a third series. And when will the BBC Radio Collection wise up and release the original radio shows (On The Town With The League of Gentlemen) on CD instead of this cassette nonsense? Cassettes? I can't even play cassettes, they're ancient and unreliable technology.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:47 am [edit] 

According to The Blog Twinning Project I now have, not one, but two blog twins: Feeling Listless and (I Am) The Island. Hhhhmmmm... I don't think that Tim (the Island guy) really appreciates being twinned with a thirty-something transvestite. *sigh*... That may be part of what I am, but hell - it doesn't define me. It is just one label, and as we should all be well aware by now, labels are very limiting. The fact that I am a "thirty-something transvestite" is irrelevant to 99% of my life... it's just a tiny part of what makes me me.
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Someone from The Damned message board has taught me a new word: dyscalculia, which is the name for the condition I've previously described as being "number dyslexic" (which I am). Hurrah! You can absolutely guarantee that I'm going to fling that one around with abandon. Assuming that the word is used in the same way as "dyslexia", I'd deduce that if a person suffers from dyscalculia they could be described as being dyscalculic. Does that make sense?
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Righty-o! I've got to think back to Saturday now and relate the events of the weekend. Errrk! I wish I'd been keeping notes; it feels like a bit of a task to have to review the weekend in retrospect like this.

So, on Saturday morning I entrained for Brighton. (I like that word "entrained"... I've borrowed that one from Kenneth Williams). I arrived at about midday, wandered around the Lanes for a while, then whisked myself off to Hove to my Uncle's to get rid of my bag, before stepping out again, and meeting an appointment with the hairdresser.

The original plan was to go short 'n' spiky 'n' blonde. The hairdresser fellow - a guy called Brendan couldn't imagine it - but I assured him I'd done that look before and it worked. He suggested two alternatives to me: (1) A "shoeshine" effect, i.e. my own hair colour with blonde at the ends (sort of highlights, I suppose), or (2) bright red all over. After umming and ahhing for ages, I came up with the idea of a red shoeshine effect. Ol' Brendan was quite excited by this, as it would be a world-first, and set to work on my hair with gusto!
And yeah, it looks kinda groovy!

So, after that I went to the chippy to get fish and chips, and walked down to the seafront to scoff them. En route, TinTin texted me to say that she was feeling poorly and wouldn't be able to make it out Saturday night. So, after eating my fish and chips on the beach and throwing stones into the sea in the dark (night had fallen, and it fell bloody fast too), I desperately needed a drink, so nipped into a nearby hostelry. It didn't take too much detective work from talking to the barman and a couple of chaps sitting at the bar, that it was a gay pub. Not to worry, though. I'd hardly get picked upon for wearing nailvarnish and having red tinted hair in this pub, would I? But when some old guy came over and started giving me a bit of ol' chat - and as I was near the end of my drink anyway - I decided that leaving would be quite a good idea, so went back to my Uncle's, where I had to join in with some "blokey" kind of behaviour, i.e. watching the boxing on Sky Box Office (yawn) and having a couple of beers (now, that's more like it).

Sunday morning, I got up early and met TinTin at Brighton station, and we went around the car boot sale in the station car park (the now legendary "bootle") and met a couple of her friends, Pammy, and Jesse. Afterwards we repaired to the Dumb Waiter in Sydney Street and had a vegetarian breakfast. Yummo!

In the evening we went to the Sanctuary Cafe to see Wreckless Eric play a gig in the small basement venue. TinTin brought her boyfriend Baz along too, and also in attendance were Becci and Louisa. TinTin introduced me to Eric before his set (when we were all sitting upstairs and avoiding the poetry downstairs) and we all chatted about sundry things, although I believe I brought up Swindon's magic roundabout somehow (cringe)... I think I got away with it.

I dunno what the deal was with all the poetry. Or for that matter why so much of it seemed to be Doctor Who related. A couple of guys even did a love song to Davros (which was actually quite amusing). Very weird. But poetry readings in general? Yeuchhh. And Eric was quite vocal on the subject too.

Then Eric did his set. Wonderful stuff - no backing band - just Eric and a guitar. And hell, can that guy thrash an acoustic guitar or what? I can't remember all the set list now, but included were Joe Meek, Reconnez Cherie, The Golden Hour of Harry Secombe, Harry's Flat, and Whole Wide World (of course). A brilliant performance, and some very powerful stuff. Not having seen Eric play solo before, I hadn't realised what an accomplished guitarist he was.

Wreckless Eric at the Sanctuary, Brighton, 14 October 2001
Wreckless Eric,
The Sanctuary Cafe, 14 October 2001

Anyway, time was getting on, so we all bade our farewells to Eric, who kissed each of the girls goodnight, and then when he came to me, said "I'm not sure if I'm supposed to shake your hand or kiss you". Then he said, bugger it, and kissed me anyway. And went on that next time he wants to see the "other" me (i.e. I should wear a dress, wig, heels, blah blah blah). Eeeeks!
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It's taken bleeding ages to get back to Oxford from Brighton today. I should have been here just before mid-day. In the end, I made it to the office at 2:30p.m. Can no-one in this damned country organise a railway? Grrrrrrr...

Lots of news and things to relate having spent the weekend in Brighton. But I need to compose my thoughts first.
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Friday, October 12, 2001

Off to Brighton bright and early in the morning. So, I will most likely not be able to blog until Monday. I'll tell you all about it then.
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I saw that girl on her bike again this morning (see Monday, October 1). She cycled right past me on the pavement (naughty naughty!!!). There was not a glimmer of recognition in her eyes. Absolutely no way she remembers me.
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There was an interesting documentary programme on television last night, in which the well-known magician and entertainer Paul Daniels was travelling incognito in America (where he's not so well known), and as an experiment was attempting to find work for himself as a magician and trying to achieve some level of fame. As part of this scenario he wasn't allowed to let on who he really was or tell of his background and fame back in the UK, and so, using the name Paul Eldani, he set about trying to procure spots in little clubs - initially for tips - and later on he hired venues where he could put on his own magic shows. The battle was in trying to promote himself, using the media and agencies, just to get his name known and to attract an audience who would pay to see him.

What he was trying to prove was that he could work anywhere, without relying on his name and past reputation. The BBC's angle was "Could a totally unknown entertainer make it big in America if he was determined enough?" Paul Daniels seemed to think the answer to this question was Yes.

But I don't think so. Paul Daniels had access to certain things that an up-and-coming entertainer would not have. First of all there was his experience. He knew who to call, the radio stations, the entertainment agencies, and he knew how to deal with these people, how to talk to them, and how to be patient. This is the kind of knowledge that he's accumulated through being in the business for however many years (Thirty? More?). He also seemed to have access to a more important commodity: Money. An up-and-coming entertainer couldn't have afforded to take such chances as hiring a theatre and putting on his own show at short notice and hoping that enough people will be curious enough to come along. Neither could they afford to get all those leaflets, flyers and glossy colour posters printed, or to hire someone to do telephone PR work, or hire one of Las Vegas' top agents, etc etc etc.

It was an interesting programme, but hardly a very fair test. Perhaps the BBC should have also featured a genuine totally unknown entertainer trying to make it big in America alongside Daniels. They could have allocated them both the same resources - cars, funds, etc. That would have been far more realistic.
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Last night was slightly marred because I had "words" with my next door neighbour. As I was coming home from work last night, I found a couple of kids climbing onto Karen's bicycle and about to clamber over the gate (which is about 7 feet tall) and into my garden, and I went ballistic and gave them what is known as a "bollocking". One of the kids was the brat from next door, and hearing the commotion, pretty soon his father turned up, and kept on at me that "there's no need to be so aggressive, they're only children".

Ha! They were hardly little toddlers, they were old enough to know that what they were doing was wrong. Also it was hardly the first time the kid from next door has been into my garden. As for the other kid, I'd never seen him before but I've had enough problems from kids in this neighbourbood: attempted break-ins, egging the front door, throwing missiles of soggy toilet paper at the back of the house (which dries onto the bricks and is hard to shift if you can't reach it), throwing stones at the cat, damaging my gate and fences, graffittiing, and not to mention the nasty incidents a while ago when I was getting obscene material through the letter box.

Is it any wonder I blew my top when I caught a couple of the little bastards at it?
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Thursday, October 11, 2001

To the person who somehow ended up here after doing a search for Captain Sensible MP3s, there are a few to be had on the official Damned website. Look under "Media".

Aren't I nice and helpful?
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Thanks to Badger (who liked my Super Furry Animals Brixton gig review) for the link.
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I've just been checking out The Blog Twinning Project once again. According to this, it would seem that there are no other blogs similar to mine. Can it be that I'm the only transvestite blogger? I can't believe that.

Anyway, I wouldn't necessarily have thought that my blog would need to be twinned with that of another tranny. Just someone else who writes a similar load of old bollocks.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Musically - what I'm listening to - I seem to be going through a retro-electro phase at the moment. For instance I've been playing lots of Gary Numan / Tubeway Army. Just now I was nosing around in the sales racks at Humve and found the first album from Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark for just £3.99. Containing such classics as "Messages", "Red Frame/White Light" (about a telephone kiosk) and "Electricity" (even if it did borrow very heavily from Kraftwerk's "Radioactivity"), I just had to have it. The shop assistant at the till managed to call me "Mate" four times within the 10 seconds it took to make the transaction of purchasing the CD. I think my gold nailvarnish must have disturbed him.
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To begin with I thought that this site - The Celebrity News Community - was quite funny, but I keep seeing disparaging comments about transsexuals and the transgendered. It seems that a couple of the regular contributors to the message board have got a problem with such issues. It could be the case that they are closeted, perhaps?
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Another one of these silly things that's going around at the moment (via various people): What's Your Theme Song?

Apparently mine is "Dancing Queen" by Abba, which I found highly amusing. Actually, I've had that song requested for me at the WayOut Club several times in the past. Mind, when taking the test I put down my gender as female, as there was no option for those of us who are transgendered. I wonder what I'd have got if I put male? Still, got to stay in character, eh? *

Hhhhmmm... I don't think much of the Which Shoe Fits You? test at the same site though. Apparently I should slip into a pair of Chic Urban Shoes! I.e. loafers with platform heels. I don't think so. Don't they know I'm the Imelda Marcos of Didcot? Strappy high-heeled sandals and fabulous glitter-encrusted stilettos are more my kind of thing.

Still, I suppose I ought to be grateful that the damn thing didn't suggest a pair of trainers (Ugh!) or - horror of horrors - flip-flops!

* I know it's only supposed to be a bit of fun, but I hate these tests and questionnaires that make assumptions on you based on gender. It's lazy and it's generalization of the worst order. And it simply doesn't apply to a good proportion of the population. I believe I have a lot of female in me. I don't relate to men, and the things that men are supposed to be interested in (football, cars, gadgets, etc, *yawn*). I do so hate stereotyping.
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The "correct and beautiful way" in which to hang toilet paper? No way!!!! I'm with Jish 100% on this one.
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I had a really restless night's sleep last night. I don't know what was up with me. So, I'm dead tired now (nothing new there then).

I didn't do a lot last night. There was mainly crap on telly, although I semi-watched Mel Gibson in "Ransom", which was an OK film, I suppose. Made a few phone calls, one to my Dad, and one to my Uncle. I think I will go to Brighton this weekend. Apparently there's all sorts of gigs happening including one by Wreckless Eric on Sunday night. Mind, that'll mean I'll have to arrange to have Monday morning off work so I can travel back then. I'll try to organise that today.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2001

News Flash: It would seem that Sainsbury's ARE still running their Jamie Oliver advertising campaign (i.e. I've just seen one of the ads on telly). I suppose it's possible that this might be the last such advert. Just so long as they don't go back to those awful talking toddlers with adult voices. Arrrrrrghh! I think they were worse than Jamie.
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Are you in need of a Do-It-Yourself Tornado Kit? Or a Jet-Propelled Unicycle? How about a Female Road Runner Costume, or an Iron Carrot, or an Instant Icicle Maker? Yes? Well head on over to The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products, and remember: accept no imitations! (via Mookie)
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This robots thing (see yesterday)... I mean, ARE there any cool robots? I can't think of any. There was that lumbering great thing in Lost in Space which looked suspiciously like Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet. Then there was Marvin the Paranoid Android in Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy - he was a barrel of laughs, and Bender from Futurama, who's great if you don't mind being a foul-mouthed, kleptomaniac, drunken robot bum.

A couple of years ago, Annie and I developed our own robot - a robot game show host even - R2Forsyth.

He was great. He'd say things like "Nice to see you, to see you *Beeeep* and "*Eep* *Bleep* *Boing* Didn't she do *Bing* Well? *Bleep-bloop*" and "Let's have a look at the old *Whistle-Pop* Scoreboard *Ping*".

He wasn't at all annoying like the real Bruce Forsyth, and was a much more elegant dancer too.
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Self-professed miserable bastard Terry Hall was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks last night, and mighty funny he was too in a dry Jack Dee kinda way. At one point Mark Lamarr asked him if he played any instruments (he was leading up to a joke at the expense of some nameless wonder from a prefabricated boy "band"), and Hall replied that he didn't. But, he's obviously forgetting the period in the Fun Boy Three when he had a go at playing the guitar. I have a video somewhere of them playing the classic Doors song "The End", and there's Terry with a Stratocaster trying to look all serious like some kind of guitar playing god. I seem to recall in that performance the band setting light to the Stars and Stripes... errrrrmmmm... perhaps I shouldn't go digging that tape out right at the moment in the current political climate.
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Tracy Ullman as Latrine in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights":
Tracy Ullman as Latrine in Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Hmmmmm... I'm sure I've seen her at Storme's.
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Have been listening to the Pulp single over and over. "The Trees" is magnificient. This is what singles should be like, instead of the kind of throwaway prefabricated childish shite that gets into the charts. If this is a taster for the forthcoming album, then that ought to be amazing.
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Monday, October 08, 2001

Oh, great! Bloody brilliant, that's all I need:
Click here to find out what robot you really are

Wasn't he what The Simpsons referred to as one of "the gay robots from Star Wars"?
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Hmmmmm... but music and books are merely diversionary devices; they are only temporarily entertaining, providing fleeting moments of happiness. *sigh*
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I've just been to Humve and bought a couple of newly-released CD singles. "The Trees"/"Sunrise" from Pulp is pretty damn splendid with lovely big orchestral arrangements, and "(Drawing) Rings Around The World" by Super Furry Animals which sounds like The Beach Boys playing Hawkwind's "Silver Machine" (actually I bought this song for the b-side songs, as I already have the title track on the album).
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A couple of Jamie Oliver stories from Ananova:Now, contrary to popular opinion, I don't really dislike Jamie. Or, if I do, it's in a cartoon way; it's the same kind of "dislike" as Morecambe and Wise had for Des O'Connor. Actually, I would quite like to meet him (and ask him why he didn't strangle Jim Davidson on Parkinson while he had the chance - now that is someone I really truly do loathe - that arrogant sexist racist bigoted right-wing bastard). But seriously, if Jamie has suffered a loss in his family, then my condolences go out to him.

And Sainsbury's? Have they really dropped him from their advertising campaign? I don't know, but I've not seen one of their adverts on telly for a few days now, and their website would appear to be a Jamie-free zone right now. No doubt, the cheeky chappie will soon be turning up advertising some other product. Someone will snap him up as their mascot, you can be sure of that.
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Lots of people seem to be sick at the moment. Colds and "bugs" going around. And coming into work on the train this morning, I was acutely aware of all the sniffles and coughings around me. What a nice healthy environment to travel in. And if the windows are opened then torrents of freezing cold air enter the carriage with the ferocity of a Force 9 gale, harldy helping keep colds at bay; and if they're shut, then the carriage is a closed environment and the bugs and germs are free to roam from person to person. You just can't win.
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Monday morning. Bleurggghhh. Not fair, all this having to go to work malarkey. And what did I do this weekend? Nothing. I can't believe I just whittered away an entire weekend doing not much at all. Saturday daytime I ... errmmmm... not sure what I did. Just bumbled around I suppose. In the evening I watched some telly - Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) which was splendid, and I spoke to Sherri for about two hours on the phone. Oh, and drank about one and a half bottles of wine.

Sunday, I just played around on the internet, listened to Tubeway Army, and then Karen came back home having been away for about 10 days.

And then came the news about the bombing raids on Afghanistan, and speeches from Bush and Blair, which put a real dampener on the weekend. Is this going to be the start of War? It's already being called a "War on Terrorism", but is it going to escalate into something bigger? Scary times.
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Saturday, October 06, 2001

Oh Jamie! I'm so disappointed with you. I feel so let down. You could have been so great. You could have been immortal... a God amongst men. But now, all you'll ever be is that plonker who appears in Sainsbury's adverts on the telly.
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The utterly repugnant and obnoxious Damien Hirst in today's Guardian "Weekend" Magazine:
"People want to expose art for what they consider it to be, which is a sham - on all levels. You constantly have cab drivers going, 'You're having a larf, aren't you, mate?'"
I'm with the cabbies there!
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Jamie Oliver now has the perfect opportunity to redeem himself once and for all. Tonight he is appearring on BBC1's Parkinson chat show. All he has to do is to kill fellow guest, Jim Davidson, and I will love and respect him for ever.

It's not much to ask.
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Mmmmmm... Mushrooms on toast!

As some of you know, I am a connossieur of toast. "Queen of Toast" and "High Priestess of Toast" are both names that have been bestowed upon me by Sherri and Tamsin. Toast is just so perfect. It's quick and easy to make and is just so yummy. I developed a really strong affection for this bread-based wonder back in my early days of clubbing, when I would've been out all night at somewhere like the WayOut Club, and I'd be crawling in at home in the early hours of Sunday morning. Tired and hungry. And toast - oh wonderful toast - so easy to knock up a couple of slices in two or three minutes - used to hit the spot perfectly.

I usually like toast nude. Not me nude (silly thing, you), the toast I mean. Apart from butter - or butter-type spread (I usually use Clover), I don't like anything on it. No marmalade, no jam, no marmite. This is toast au naturel.

The addition of a topping transforms toast into a completely different meal. In that case it isn't simply "toast" any more, it's "something on toast".

Beans on toast has its merits... I like beans on toast with a couple of Tesco brand veggie burgers (the yummiest veggie burgers ever). Now that is a filling meal.

Cheese on toast - oh yes! Again quick and easy to make, and it can be fun experimenting with different cheeses. The choice of cheese is very important, as some cheeses when toasted can go very stringy and are tricky to eat. Hello Edam! You usually can't go far wrong with Cheddar or Red Leicester. And then there's special extra ingredients... I've tried Worcester sauce, HP sauce, chopped onion, pesto, mustard. All of these can spice up cheese on toast (but not used together... but experiment if you will).

My very favourite cheese on toast recipe: Couple of slices of thick granary bread. Toast them, butter, and then spread with Mango Chutney! On top of the mango chutney cover the toast with Stilton cheese. Put back under the grill and toast so that the stilton melts. This is so yummy. The mango chutney heats up too and bubbles through the top of the stilton. And it is such a gorgeous taste combination.

This morning I had mushrooms on toast. This is another recipe that I have experimented with over the years, using different types of bread (white pre-sliced, french bread, granary bread, etc), different extra ingredients (salt, garlic salt, crushed garlic, various different types of mustard, pesto, etc), and occasionally different mushrooms (wild or oriental mushrooms, as opposed to the common Agaricus Bisporous). My current favourite recipe for mushrooms on toast is a very simple one. Couple of slices of white crusty bread - I used an organic loaf from Sainsbury's (Hello Jamie). I toasted the first side whilst chopping the mushrooms, turned the bread onto the second side, and when it was about half done, I very swiftly sauteed the chopped mushrooms in a pan in a little bit of Clover (my butter substitute), with added salt - and my current favourite secret ingredient - black pepper! Then when the toast was browned, I buttered it, and spooned the mushrooms on top. Beautiful!
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Friday, October 05, 2001

I caught the end of Model Behaviour on Channel 4 earlier. I suppose it's one of these reality TV shows. In this programme, they audition loads of girls who want to be models, and gradually whittle down the group until they have five girls, who they install in a house in London and give jobs as professional models. Anyway, today's episode was when they had 10 girls, and they were going to give five of them the push, and the modelling jobs to the other five.

Oh dear oh dear! What were those judges on? All the really attractive and interesting looking girls (all the ones with a bit of individuality) they booted. There was one girl - she's was absolutely beautiful - really stunning. They let her go, because, apparently she was a little bit too tall. Crazy! It's this false image crap about having models of a certain size and shape. Real people ain't like that. Real people come in all sizes.

Out of the five girls they chose, three of them looked quite similar to one another. It's obviously a "look" that appeals to these prats in the fashion "industry". And they were all sulky moody looking bitches too. The five rejected girls were much more beautiful.
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Hurrah! I've just found a copy of Captain Sensible's second album "The Power of Love" for £4.50 in a second-hand record shop in Oxford. I've been looking for that one for AGES... it was the only Captain album I didn't have. It looks to be in good condition too, apart from stickers all over the cover with "Thames Valley Broadcasting P.L.C." on them, and "Library Copy" biroed on the front. It looks as if one of the local libraries has been getting rid of their vinyl.

Only trouble is that I still haven't got that new belt for my turntable. I must remember to get that sorted next week.
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That final hour before waking always seems to be when I have the weirdest dreams. I suppose it's when I'm not fully asleep; it's that strange part-asleep, part-awake sensation, knowing that soon you'll have to get up out of bed and begin the day. And for some reason, that's when my mind drifts off into BizarreLand. A few years back, when my mind was in this state, I'd experience lucid dreaming and have out-of-body experiences. Call it "Astral Projection", if you will. On one memorable occassion I was dozing when I heard the post being delivered, so I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and picked up various envelopes and took them into the living room. The ironing board was still set up and I put the post onto its surface, and began to open the first envelope.

And then I woke up. "OK, that was a bit weird," I thought, "but I may as well get up now anyway, seeing as I'm awake." So, I was making my way to the bathroom...

And then I woke up. I got out of bed, again, and looking down at the bed I could see my own body lying there. But something was stopping me from seeing my own face. It was blurred. "OK, OK, OK... don't panic... I know what's going on now", I told myself. "I'm lucid dreaming." I'd heard that once you acknowledge this you can "direct" your own dreams, go wherever you want. You can fly!

But as soon as I'd realised this, and was looking at my "body" in the bed, something very strange happened. My vision started to pixellate, as if it was an image on a computer screen. It pixellated into millions of colours, and cleared from left to right into blackness, looking for all the world like one of those computer viruses that eats away and destroys the image on the screen.

And then I woke up. For real this time.

This morning, however, I dreamt that that I was going around with my cat attached to my hip. Well, not attached exactly; he was sort of perched there. You know how cats are fond of sitting in strange places? (Not that I've got big hips or anything). But there was a good reason for me dreaming this. Which was that my cat WAS actually perched on my hip. I'd been sleeping on my side, and he thought it it'd be a good place to sit. Cats are weird like that.
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Thursday, October 04, 2001

"God, I'm bored! I might as well be listening to Genesis!"
Rick, The Young Ones

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Email from GeoCities:
Dear GeoCities Member:

Congratulations, is very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Your site has become so popular, in fact, that our records indicate that you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide for a free web site, which is 3GB/month (measured on an hourly basis). That means at some time during the past few days we had to turn your site off until the usage fell within the prescribed limit.

Keep in mind that large files such as images and multimedia files can effect your data transfer greatly. A single web page that contains 200,000 bytes of images will only be able to be viewed about 20-25 times per hour. By keeping your file sizes and page sizes as small as possible, you can maximize the amount of page views your site can produce.

If you'd like to prevent this from happening to your site, you may join one of our new premium services, GeoCities Pro or GeoCities Webmaster. These packages allow for 10 GB and 20 GB of data transfer respectively, and also
... [blah blah blah blah give us all your money etc etc]
Of course, the mistake that GeoCities are making is in thinking that I could actually give a flying fuck about that website.
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I was getting in a fair old state last night. I read through my signed statement (made in 1999) and found serious date discrepancies. The date in question was in 1994, and I'd been thinking all along that we were talking about something that happened back in 1989. Bloody hell... there was no way I wanted to stand up in court and tell something which I know is blatantly untrue. But yet, if I didn't, certain people would make life very awkward for me.

But then I received a phone call - I won't go into details here - that the court case has been cancelled. Saved by the bell! And a big sigh of relief on my part.

It just shows you, kids, don't ever sign a statement if you haven't been through it with a fine-tooth comb. That could have ended me up in all kinds of trouble.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2001

That was quick! I've had my latest submission to the Mirror Project accepted already. See it here.
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Super Furry Animals Brixton Academy, 2 Oct 2001

Well, I could've happily lived without experiencing the support acts, i.e. DJs (tedious!) and a human beatbox guy (very clever, but the entertainment value wears off extremely quickly). After a seemingly endless wait, it was Furry time. Hurrah! Video screens were illuminated all over and above the stage showing the Furry ones making their weary way (supposedly) through the corridors of the building and to the stage. But they seemed to be going round and round the same corridors, reminding me both of that Doctor Who episode in which the Sontarans invade the TARDIS and the Doctor and his chums get lost within its corridors, and also of the scene in Spinal Tap where the band can't find the stage door. Finally, they hit the stage, and launched into a feedback and fuzz-laced intro piece, and then moved swiftly onto familiar territory with one of my very favourite SFA songs, 'Ice Hockey Hair'. The sound was a little dodgy to start with, and the band only seemed to start getting into it by Gruff's guitar solo. Then shivers went down my spine, and a tear came to my eye as they went into the part with the refrain 'Now that you're here, tell me you're a non-believer'. I just love that song.

Much of the set consisted - naturally - of songs from the 'Rings Around The World' album. And bloody splendid they were too. These songs, most of which have complex arrangements, were performed quite skillfully, and there was much instrument changing going on. For quite a few of the songs, Gruff or Bunf - or the both of them - would switch guitars mid-tune. And those video-screens... Amazing technology - we had videos synced up with the music that was being played. I'm not sure how that was achieved. During 'Run Christian Run' the screens displayed statistics detailing the attrocities that that can be attributed directly to religion. Very powerful stuff. Also nice to see Bunf on pedal steel guitar (not the world's easiest instrument to play) at the start of that song. He played it again later, accompanying Gruff on vocals and acoustic guitar for a stripped-back rendition of 'Fire in my Heart'. Another of the new songs, 'No Sympathy' was absolutely brilliant too, with all the synthesiser and sampler mayhem at the end of the song, just like on the album.

But it wasn't all new songs; some of the old favourites came out: 'Demons' (with the trumpets), 'Northern Lights', 'Night Vision', 'Do or Die', 'God! Show Me Magic' (with the whole crowd singing along on 'God'), and another singalong, the anthem 'The Man Don't Give a Fuck'. Everyone in the building must have been singing on that one. Again, it was spine-tingling stuff. Of the welsh-language songs, there were three, two from off the 'Mwng' album, namely 'Nythod Cacwn' (Beehives) and the show-closer 'Gwreiddiau Dwfn' (Deep Roots), and also there was the classic b-side and crowd pleaser 'Calimero', complete with Gruff's 'I feel like Chicken Tonight' ending!

Actually, that wasn't quite the end... the show finished with more synthesiser and sampler mayhem from Cian, during which five guys dressed up like superheroes (or spandex-clad masked wrestlers) came on-stage and gave the SFA salute. And then three of them started fighting. All choreographed, of course. Just like real wrestling! A very very bizarre ending to the show. But that's the Super Furry Animals.
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I tried taking a couple of self-portaits with the digicam on Saturday night. The perspective is a bit bizarre in the resulting pics and makes my nose look too big. But there over my right shoulder in one of the photos was a familiar face on the TV screen.
Gina wonders what the hell Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em was all about... and WHY?????
Which raises the question: Could someone please explain to me, just what the deal is with Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em? In my childhood years, I used to laugh at the show... it was slapstick; but these days I just cringe at the re-runs. But, what on earth was it really about? This Frank Spencer character ... Why was he such a drip? Why was he so useless, so pathetic, and occasionally effeminate? What was the point? It was almost as if they were trying to parody a gay character, although without him actually being gay.
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I've just submitted another photo to The Mirror Project... I'll let you know if it gets accepted. See also: my previous effort.
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Grrrrrrr... It's just as well I checked my voice mail when I got in last night (1:30 this morning rather!) after the Super Furry Animals gig (more about that later), or else I'd be sitting on the train and best part of the way into Bristol by now. Apparently they don't need me in court until tomorrow. Nice of them to let me know, isn't it? Actually, it was my Dad who left the message. He's a good 'un like that.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Ooh dear... I've been caught up in a heated debate over on the official Damned message board. And how's this for an insult against me: "Have you been drinking recently?"

Am I supposed to get upset by that?
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I've just found this website From He to She which sells a small range of fabulous shoes and boots in sizes up to 10(UK). Included are my trademark platform sandals (called "Sonia", although ironically there are another pair called "Gina"), and these here are cheaper than the couple of pairs I bought in Brighton. Ho hum. Anyway, I've just placed an order for a pair of "Tina" sandals for a very reasonable £25 (and with no post and packing charges in the UK). I'll keep you posted about the service that this site offers.
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I'm still quietly fuming about this business of having to go to court tomorrow. Grrrrr... I've got to go all the way to bleedin' Bristol. Just to repeat something which I've already addressed in a signed statement. I ask you, is that mad or what? Am I really needed in person?
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Monday, October 01, 2001

I think this is going to be a a weird week, with some good bits (Super Furry Animals tomorrow night at Brixton Academy), and some crap bits (having to get up early on Wednesday, travel to Bristol, and make an appearance in court... don't ask... suffice it to say that I'm NOT looking forward to it).

It's just as well that I have approximately half a bottle of brandy left, isn't it? I think I might well need it come Wednesday night.
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For some bizarre reason, my GeoCities website is getting LOADS of hits today from Vicky Rene's Prettiest of the Pretty webpages. That photo of me on there, where I'm wearing my now legendary red silk dress, is ancient. I've got a funny expression on my face in that one. I think I'm mouthing "Hurry up and take the bloody photo!"

As for that GeoCities website... well, I did plan to start work on a re-design this weekend, but... errrrmmm... it never got off the ground. Whoops!
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Note to self: remember to watch/videotape Never Mind The Buzzcocks tonight at 9:00pm. Captain Sensible is one of the guests.
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Every dawdling getting-in-the-way pain-in-the-arse idiot in Oxford is out and about in the City centre this lunchtime. Grrrrrrr... Big Time! AND I must've spent 15 minutes waiting in the queue at Boots so I could pay for various sundry essentials (make-up remover, nailvarnish remover, razors, etc). And I was busting for a pee. More Grrrrrr... Stupid woman complaining about her receipt. Grrrrr again!
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About a year ago I met a girl on a train. Well, I say "girl" but she was about my age, mid-30s. I was visiting my parents in South West Wales, and I'd just changed trains at Swansea, and was sitting on the train waiting for it to depart when this young woman came and sat next to me. She started talking to me, so I took my headphones off (I had my ever-present CD walkman on) so I could hear her (well, it's only polite). She was worried about her bicycle which she'd left just inside the doors - apparently it was very expensive. I pointed out that there was a special bike area on this train, and helped her manouevre the bike into it (it was rather tricky in the confines of a train corridor).

So, anyway, the ice having been broken, I put my personal CD player away and we got chatting as the train made its way westward bound. And when the trolley came around she insisted on buying me a cup of coffee too. She was in Wales for a cycling weekend (Eeeeeks! Sounds a bit strenuous!), and it turned out that she'd come from Didcot that morning too. She must have been on the previous trains on this journey too. Anyway, we compared notes, and worked out that we would be travelling back home on the same train (most likely) on Sunday, and so made plans to look for one another on the homeward bound journey.

But alas, it wasn't to be. I can't remember what the circumstances were now, but I ended up going home at a different time than I had originally intended. And I never saw her again.

Until this morning! I saw her cycling under the bridge on Cow Lane in Didcot on my way into work. I even recognised her bicycle. I wonder if she'd have remembered me. Should I say Hello if I see her again? (Obviously I'm not going to shout it at her whilst she's cycling; I mean if the opportunity arises).
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