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Comments by: YACCS

© 2005 Gina Snowdoll

Sunday, September 30, 2001
People seem to think I'm a pretty confident sort of person. But that's not quite true. I'm always agonising over my appearance: my not particularly good figure, my "hair", my ability to make-up my face. People tell me I look great, but I look in the mirror and I can't see it. Or I convince myself that I used to look great but can no longer capture that same look; that I've lost it.

So, now and again, I need a little practice session. Which is what I did last night. As I said in yesterday's blog entry, I tried the black lipstick. I thought it would look really gothic. Oh dear... it didn't quite work as I expected. So, I topped it up with purple. Errrrrmmmm... still not quite right. Eventually I settled on a metallic-looking red that was quite tasty. I was very pleased with my eye make-up, and I only used two colours this time - black and gold. I managed to get a gorgeous smouldery look going on there.

Hair was a bit more of a problem. I started off with my straight black wig, which looked like it had potential, but somehow wasn't quite right. So, I went and found the brown wavy wig that Sherri had lent me... it needed quite a bit of teasing and "fannying about" with, but in the end I arrived with a result I was very pleased with.

I wore my gorgeous long black devorre dress (I can't believe I got that for only £10 a couple of years back ... it's one of my faves), and slipped into a pair of nude-coloured sandal-toe stockings that I bought from Allders on Friday. Grrrrr... These weren't long enough. They were labelled medium/tall but I would've called them small. I mean, I'm hardly the tallest person in the world at 5'10" and there's plenty of women taller than me. I won't be buying that brand again. Which is a shame cos sandal toes are hard to find. I like my open-toe shoes, you see, and I can't be dealing with this business of stocking and tights that have reinforced toes. It doesn't look good if you can see it.

The shoes I wore are my current favourites. They're these gorgeous little open-toed slingbacks in black satin and with a not-too-high, not-too-short heel of about 3 1/2 inches. They're lovely, and they're comfortable. They're not over-the-top by any stretch of the imagination, but they are still fabulous. I bought them from Tall&Small (style: Penny 2).

So yeah, there I was, all dressed up and no place to go. So, what did I do?

I cracked open a bottle of the bubbly stuff, and watched Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer in the new series of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Brilliant! Also the wonderful Tom Baker (another of my faves) was in it, and Emilia Fox... Emilia Fox!!!! Wow!!!! She's lovely! (and I want to be her! *G*)

After that I watched High Fidelity, starring John Cusack, on video. He's a bit of an ugly critter isn't he? Although, I suppose, his face grows on you after a while. Brilliant film, very close to the book despite the relocation from London to Chicago. The video contained bonus footage at the end including some deleted scenes. Why couldn't they included these scenes in the correct places in the story itself and issued the video as a special edition? Oh well.

After that I was tired, so I went to bed, read some of the Kenneth Williams Diaries, and then lights out, sleep, and some seriously weird dreams.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:36 pm [edit] 

Saturday, September 29, 2001

Remember that black lipstick that I went to all that trouble trying to find? The one which I eventually tracked down in a little shop in Brighton? Well, I've just tried it (at last) and it looks as if I've been scoffing lots of liquorish. Hmmmm...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:17 pm [edit] 

Friday, September 28, 2001

I've just been to the sale at HMV (pronounced "Humve") and have bought High Fidelity on video, Adam Ant's "Hits", and Gary Numan's "The Pleasure Principle" (mainly for the superb live bonus tracks, which I used to have on a b-side). And all for £16. Bargain, eh?

Whilst I was out, I also bought a couple of pairs of stockings. Let's see how long they'll last.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:47 pm [edit] 

Two things gave me a laugh (well, made me smile) on the way into work today:
  • A starling flies onto a TV aerial and shuffles along it sideways to join another starling already sitting there. How cute! It reminded me of a move you'd see in an Aardman Animations film.
  • Overheard conversation of two young lads on their way to school: "...and we had a buffet. We had PANCAKES for breakfast! I had three. I had jelly on one, ice-cream on one, and caramel sauce on the other..."
(Nice to see and hear kids actually talking and acting like kids and not trying to act all grown up and using sexual swear words, playing with mobile phones, trying to look trendy, etc.)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:09 am [edit] 

Thursday, September 27, 2001

I've just bought Total Guitar magazine, mainly for the Captain Sensible / Damned interview. It's nice to see dear ol' Caplets getting taken seriously as a musician for a change. Great interview folks, if you're a Damned fan, I recommend it. (It's the issue with Blink 182 on the cover, whose guitarist, I notice, wears nail varnish).

Also in the magazine is an article about recording guitar on your computer, which will come in very handy. Which was weird, 'cos I was talking to Sherri on the telling bone about using the PC for recording purposes only last night.

Oh, and there was a plug for this website dealing in Guitars for girls at I think they're quite cute, but I'm going to stick with my Aria Legend plexiglass guitar, which - being see-thru - matches ANY outfit I care to wear.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:55 pm [edit] 

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

If ever you were in any doubt that there were some sickoes out there...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:22 pm [edit] 

I was listening to Sparks on the way in to work this morning, and the lyrics of "I Predict" brought a smile to my face:
You're gonna take a walk in the rain
And you're gonna get wet
(I predict)
You're gonna eat a bowl of chow mein
And be hungry real soon
(I predict)
Are my sources correct
(I predict)
They're gonna find the Queen is a man
But that Philip don't care
(I predict)
Lassie will prove that Elvis and her
Had a fleeting affair
(I predict)
Are my sources correct
Are my sources correct
Yes I know they're correct
(I predict)
(... and so on). I liked the "They're gonna find the Queen is a man / But that Philip don't care" bit. Better than being a 12-foot tall lizard from outer space, I suppose!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:29 am [edit] 

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Grrrrrr... I got home tonight and found that the neighbours were playing their radio at ear-splitting, wall-shaking, volume. I don't need that at the end of the day. I want to be able to relax when I get home after a day of work.

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit guilty now about the loud guitar feedback that was my retaliation. It was very childish of me, I know. But it made me feel momentarily better.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 6:55 pm [edit] 

Absolutely fascinating, I'm sure (Zzzzzzzzzz...), but websites like this have no truck with me.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:48 pm [edit] 

I HATE it when people do that! That is, taking the last piece of toilet paper and just leaving the cardboard tube on the holder. It's not like it's difficult to replace it with a fresh roll, is it? No, and I appreciate that it's no great chore for the next person who comes along either, but I just think it's such bad manners not to change it yourself if you finish it yourself.

So... what little things piss you off then?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:25 pm [edit] 

Eeeeeks! Another one of my colleagues has just told me she's handed in her notice. And it's all the people I like too. Gotta sort myself out too.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:21 pm [edit] 

Another intriguing search that has - somehow - ended up at this weblog: "goldfish in heel of shoes". Just out of curiosity I clicked through to see what other sites this search had come up with. Of course there was the obligatory Simpsons reference (Disco Stu!), but what grabbed my attention was:
"The Bad Bunny List - This is a list of phrases rabbit owners should get their naughty pets to write on a blackboard"
Ahhhh... the diversity of the internet! Ain't it great?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:59 am [edit] 

I had a really nice sleep last night. It was lovely! Feeling so much better this morning. Hurrah!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:50 am [edit] 

Monday, September 24, 2001

Oh this is no good. I'm wandering around in a daze; it feels a little like I'm drunk (and I've been nowhere near alcohol). I can't focus on anything for more than a couple of seconds.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:13 pm [edit] 

I've crawled into work today. I'm still not feeling exactly "fit"; actually, I feel lightheaded and dizzy, and there is a nagging sensation in the back of my head as if the headache I've had since Wednesday is still hanging around. But I didn't want to stay at home today. It's Karen's day off today, and she's got her pain in the arse father visiting for hours, and that would have meant that I'd have to stay in my bedroom, i.e. no laying on the sofa watching telly, or playing CDs. Grrrrrr...

So here I am at work. One of my colleagues just asked me, "Did I miss anything on Friday?" I replied that I didn't know, I was off sick too. Seems there's a lot of it about at the moment.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:22 am [edit] 

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Still not feeling 100%, but at least the headache seems to be taking a back seat at the moment. Nothing to tell, really, have just been listening to music and doing little much else today.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:05 pm [edit] 

Saturday, September 22, 2001

This is how ill I am at the moment: I haven't opened a bottle of wine tonight.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:07 pm [edit] 

I'm still not feeling too good today. I thought I was feeling better this morning and, as planned, went into Oxford to meet Gillian for lunch at The Goose. I wasn't too sure about the "veggie burger" they gave me. If that was synthetic meat, it was bloody realistic. So, I *think* I may have eaten some meat, and as my body is not used to meat at all, I think that may have further upset my system.

So, tonight, I'm still headachey and feeling sicky. I have just now finished watching American Beauty on video. A good film, but definitely one to file under "weird".
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:52 pm [edit] 

Friday, September 21, 2001

I just watched Absolutely Fabulous and I am STILL finding myself fancying Jennifer Saunders. Eeeeeks!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:44 pm [edit] 

Grrrrrrrr... Damn this feeling sick malarkey. And for some reason I had a sugar rush, so when I went to Tesco I bought LOADS of sweeties. And now I've eaten too many, and am feeling sick again.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:16 pm [edit] 

Eeeeeks! This looks a bit disturbing: The FLOWBEE Haircutting System.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:12 pm [edit] 

Today I'm on a sickie, i.e. I telephoned work this morning and said I wouldn't be in. I've just been feeling so crap these last few days... terrible headaches and feeling sick, that I decided I need to rest a bit, so am staying at home today.

Except... we're running out of the bare essentials here: toilet paper, cat food, people food... so, it looks like I'm going to drag myself out of the house and make a trip to Tesco.

Oh, and I finally got around to telephoning ntl with a view to getting digital telly put in (as opposed to the regular cable that I have at the moment). So... that could be good.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:58 am [edit] 

Thursday, September 20, 2001

OK, which one of you reached this site using a Google search for "photos mariah carey not wearing any clothes"?

You're one sick sick puppy.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:02 pm [edit] 

Borders seem to have a large selection of 2002 calendars for sale. For some bizarre reason there seems to be a predominance of calendars aimed at the dog-lover: "Black Labs", "Rottweilers Rule", "Great Danes", etc. Other animals are less well represented, although I did spy "Hamsters", "Curious Cats" and - my favourite - "Fantastic Frogs".
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:56 pm [edit] 

Has anyone in the London area seen today's Metro newspaper? I only ever get to see a copy if I find one that's been left on the train. I wonder if they printed my email (see yesterday).
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:30 am [edit] 

On the way to the station this morning, I saw a girl (not that young - late teens I would've said) pick a dandelion clock from a patch of grass with obvious delight, whereupon she began to quietly recite a rhyme to herself as she blew away the seeds. She seemed quite oblivious to my presence nearby.

That took me back years. I remember doing that when we were kids. I can't remember what the rhyme was, but I seem to recall that the general principle of the thing was that you'd ask the dandelion "clock" what the time was, then you'd blow at the seeds, as if you were trying to blow out a candle, and watch them float away; the first attempt would give you "one o'clock", the second "two o'clock", and so on. Then when the head of the flower was seedless, whatever o'clock it was that you reached to get there, that would be the time.

Not the most reliable way of telling the time.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:18 am [edit] 

It was nice of dear ol' Captain Sensible of The Damned to give me a namecheck ("me gorgeous pouting tranny chum Gina Snowdoll says...") on the latest installment of Ask Captain on the band's website. And I wasn't even asking a question either.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:02 am [edit] 

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

I've just been to Sainsbury's for some shopping, and I see that all the shopping trolleys have now been fitted with tall upright poles at the back making them resemble fairground dodgem cars. I suspect the influence of cheeky chappie and Sainsbury's mascot Jamie Oliver here. I've seen that TV advert when he's racing shopping trolleys against some kid (who's most likely his intellectual equal). It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to get from there to trolleys as dodgem cars. So what next? Will the deli counter start rotating as if it were a merry-go-round? Will we have to select bottles of wine in the wines and spirits department by throwing hoops over them? Will larger items of fruit and veg be arranged on poles in coconut shy fashion, and can only be added to your trolley if you knock them off with one of three balls? And will packs of teddy boys hitch rides on the backs of shopping trolleys?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:02 pm [edit] 

Email from me to the London newspaper Metro:
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 01:18:23 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: "Etiquette 2001", Metro, Wed Sept 19

I refer you to this article, entitled "The dos and don'ts of same sex cohabitation" by Helen Duff.

I realise that it is meant to be humourous, although all the humour stems from observations of commonly perceived stereotypes. Nevertheless I really must object to the following:

"Do embrace the same-sex shack-up as an illustrious cultural tradition. Think Lemmon and Matthau. Morecambe and Wise. Bert and Ernie. Hayley and Roy."

Yes, Hayley and Roy. They are fictional characters from Coronation Street, but it's what they represent that counts, and the character of Hayley is portaying a post-operative transsexual woman. This "humourous" article is thereby mocking a TS woman's status as a woman. This is backward thinking. It is bigoted and it is damaging.

It's very easy to make fun at the expense of the transgendered, but this is the 21st Century and such sloppy-thinking should be left behind with all the racist and homophobic jokes of yesteryear.

Gina Snowdoll

posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:29 am [edit] 

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Gina and her kitty
Me and my kitty

posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:24 pm [edit] 

I'm currently listening to: Neu! and Neu! 2 by Neu!, and whilst it's pretty bizarre in places, it's bloody good too. The band were made up of Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger, who both served in early incarnations of Kraftwerk, and in some ways this music sounds a little like Kraftwerk with guitars, some of the drum patterns being remarkably similar to "Autobahn".

The second album is particularly bizarre in that the second half consists of versions of songs that have been speeded up and slowed down and generally messed around with. Apparently, the duo ran out of funds whilst recording the album, so they took a single that they had already released and simply recorded it - with vinyl crackle much in evidence - at various different speeds and these became the tracks for side two of the album. They also recorded it onto tape and messed around with the playback. Sounds pretty basic, but in my opinion, that's no worse than the plethora of yawn-inducing remixes that many artists resort to these days. And Neu!'s methods were much more arty and ground-breaking. So, in brief: good fun, quite enjoyable, great beats, a bit arty and a bit weird in places, but yeah! I like 'em!

Further reading:
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:38 pm [edit] 

Please go to, and if you agree with the statement, add your voice and forward to as many friends as possible.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:51 am [edit] 

Must... fight... urge... to... discuss... the weather... on... this blog...
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:41 am [edit] 

Monday, September 17, 2001

I usually tell people that I am 100% "out"; that I am completely at ease with who I am and am completely honest and open to everyone about my sexuality.

Well, that's not entirely true. I am out as being a TV to my friends, work colleagues and family. It's never been a problem. But when it comes to extended family - older family members such as my grandmother who is in her eighties, and old friends of the family and of my parents - then it starts to get a bit trickier because me being TV is no longer an issue for me alone, but it affects my parents and family. Quite simply it would mean a lot of explaining to people who might not understand, and quite frankly due to the amount of contact that they have with me, do not really need to know. It just complicates things.

So, when I go back to Wales to visit Mum and Dad, or at family occasions, I keep quiet about the transgendered side of things, and I make sure that I'm not openly displaying give-away signs such as wearing nail varnish.

My mother is an aspiring writer. She's written this novel (which she is still trying to get publishers interested in) about a middle-aged woman who's been unlucky in love, and wants to start dating again. There is a scene in the book where the heroine of the story dates a guy that turns out to be TV, and they go out together to a TV night club.

That whole scene was inspired by real life. For my birthday party two years ago, which was held at a transvestite club - Yazz's in Brighton, my mother came along because she wanted to see for herself what the transgender scene was all about. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first having to effect my transformation in front of my own mother, but she was quite surprised and commented that I looked very pretty as a woman.

Anyway, to get back to the story, this weekend was one of those family occasions of which I was alluding to above. It was my parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary, so my Mum and dad put on a big party with lots of their friends, relatives, neighbours, work colleagues, and of course, family in attendance.

There was this guy there, I think he works with my mother, who seemed quite clingy to her, but it was obvious to me that he was angling for trouble quite early on when I heard one or two derogatory references to "transvestites" made. Then later when I was chatting to my Mum, and this guy was sitting next to her, he suddenly turned around to my Mum and very loud voice blurted out, "Is he the Big T? The transvestite?". It turns out that he had read my Mum's novel, and the only part of it that made any impression on him was the bit about the transvestite night club, which he was convinced must have come from a real life incident.

My mother did not know what to say, she was speechless, and just ummmed and ahhed, thus giving the game away. I just felt my heckles rise, and said to him, "Yes, what of it? Have you got a problem with that?" My mother said to him to keep it quiet and not mention it again. Which he agreed to do. So, I thought, all's well. I even had a chat with the guy after and he seemed quite alright.

A bit later on, I'm sitting chatting to my niece, who's only seven years old, and this guy comes up to us to take our photo, making some comment along the lines of "Smile, you've not got your make-up on now." I shushed him. I wasn't too happy about him saying things in front of the children like that.

Then later, there's this blonde woman who this fellow is quite besotted with, and as I walked past him, he made some comment about my "little secret" or something along those lines, and proceeded to tell her in this enormous stage whisper which I could hear from about 10 feet away how I was a transvestite, as if in some way this sharing of a bit of juicy gossip would somehow enamour him to her. I was absolutely livid. He was making a mockery out of me, trying to make me feel like I was some kind of deviant, just an object of ridicule. In short, he was taking the piss.

I saw red. Storming into the conservatory I told my mother that she could "Tell that wanker to shut the hell up before I punch his fucking head in." and then I went out into the garden in the freezing cold rain to try to calm myself down a bit.

How ignorant. Would ANYONE reading this go to a party of a colleague and then start insulting a member of their family? No... you wouldn't, would you? It's simply not good manners. Why should I be subjected to that kind of bahaviour in my own family home?

Going back inside, my mother introduced me to the blonde woman, who I told she should have nothing to do with that "fucking wanker" (I was still in swearing my head off mode at this point), and she said she didn't like him anyway, and that I should ignore the crap he was talking. "But it's true," I told her, "I'm not ashamed of who or what I am. I just don't like him making out that I'm some kind of freak, and I don't like him mocking me, and shouting his mouth off about me in full earshot of everybody."

At the end of the evening as everyone was going, my mother took the idiot himself to one side and told him how badly he had behaved, and said that if he told one more person then SHE would kill him. Apparently he was really shocked when she said that, and he was really upset by it all. Well, GOOD!!!!! I'm GLAD he was upset. How did he think I felt? How did he think my parents felt after he'd done his best to ruin their Anniversary celebrations?

Why should any of us have to put up with shit like that?

And if you're thinking that I should just get over it, and shut up because there are much more worthy things to get upset about, e.g. the terrorist attacks against America, then Yes, you are right. But, have you ever had anyone try to make a mockery of you, try to take away your dignity, your pride, your own self-worth? It isn't very pleasant. I'm only human, and I'm subject to these emotions.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:29 pm [edit] 

Last week's edition of our local free paper, The Courier, carried a front page headline "Could it happen here?" accompanied by a photo of the cooling towers of Didcot Power Station. I don't know where to begin trying to explain what's wrong with that.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:37 am [edit] 

Overheard comment from woman showing pictures from photo album: "...and this is the sister - she's one of ten. There's loads of them, and they're nearly all girls."
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:18 am [edit] 

Sunday, September 16, 2001

Could someone please explain to me why the URL links through to this Blog? I'd quite like to know the answer please.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:05 pm [edit] 

It's late Sunday night, I'm home, and not exactly happy. There was some unpleasantness at the party last night. I don't want to talk about it right now.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:04 pm [edit] 

Friday, September 14, 2001

TinTin and I are a bit worried that Jamie Oliver may have opened up a shop in Brighton. Let's look at the evidence:
TinTin outside the potentially dangerous Malarkey shop in Brighton

posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:38 pm [edit] 

I've just played a game of 20 Questions down the off-licence (translation for our US friends: liquor store):
Me: Could I have a bottle of ... errrr... I've forgotten what it's called. If I could see it I'd point it out.
Female Assistant: Could you describe it?
Me: Yeah... almond liqueur...
Female Assistant: Oh, I know the one... Is it in a square bottle?
Me: Yes!
Female Assistant: I've forgotten what it's called too. But, it's normally up here.
She points out the empty space up on the top shelf.
Then she fetches the Male Assistant to see if he can help me.

Me: I've forgotten the name of this liqueur... it's on the tip of my tongue. Almond liqueur, from Italy, squarish bottle, square cap on top...
Male Assistant: Amaretto?
Me: That's the lad! Have you got any?
Male Assistant: No.
So, that was fun. I made my way over to another off-licence on the other side of town, but had to take a detour as Cornmarket Street was impassable due to a large crowd watching a street performance by a couple of people wearing enormous cardboard masks of celebrities and dancing around to loud pop music (e.g. "YMCA" by the Village People). I always thought miming was a bit naff when it comes to performance, but these guys didn't even have to open their mouths. Anyway, I thought the whole thing was a bit exuberant considering that it's supposed to be a day of mourning.

Luckily the next shop had Amaretto, and this time I knew the name and didn't have to go through the above rigmarole. By the way, the Amaretto is a late birthday present for my sister and her husband, who are both very partial to a glass or two!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:26 pm [edit] 

I've uploaded a couple more pieces of my music, just on the offchance there's anyone out there who cares enough to want to hear my musical meanderings. Yeah, I know some of my stuff is a bit weird, but I'd still like to know what people think. Anyway:
  • The Headache Sutra
    64kbps, 44kHz, Stereo (FM radio quality), 1.8Mb
    Instruments: Yamaha QY20, Fender Telecaster and EBow, tapes
    © Gina Snowdoll, 2001

  • Greenfly
    64kbps, 44kHz, Stereo (FM radio quality), 624.9Kb
    Instruments: Hohner Bass 6 guitar and EBow, tapes
    © Gina Snowdoll, 2001
And in case you're wondering what an EBow is, see here.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 11:19 am [edit] 

I suggested to my colleagues at work that we observe the 3 minutes silence in mourning for the dead at 11:00 this morning. For some reason someone suggested that we all gather around a radio so we could listen to the silence. Which sounded a bit crazy to me, but I suppose they expected to hear an announcement along the lines of "Let us all be silent now for three minutes, and think of those who were lost in this week's tragic events in America." But no, we had the BBC World Service tuned in, and the announcer just kept on reading the news. Which seemed to defeat the object of a silence, I thought. We turned it off.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:42 am [edit] 

Whitney Houston denies reports of her death. But, oh dear, she's not looking good.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:18 am [edit] 

Adam at Radio Mookie continues to keep us informed as to what's happening from the streets on New York City. I'm finding that I can only briefly skim-read the stories on the major News sites now. They are becoming repetitive and highly speculative. They don't really tell us anything.   [Other bloggers' accounts]
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:38 am [edit] 

Regular readers will know that I have this "thing" about recorded announcements. I just now heard one of my "favourites" from the street below: "Attention, this vehicle is reversing" which is said in a painfully constipated sounding voice, especially on the last two syllables. It sounds like the poor guy is really straining. What were they thinking when they recorded that? That it would alarm sufficiently and make us take notice if we thought a reversing vehicle complete with highly constipated man on board was bearing down on us in the street? The mind boggles.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:01 am [edit] 

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Apologies if anyone thinks I'm being insensitive having brought up a topic other than the terrorist attacks on America. I can speculate and disseminate along with everyone else, but what good will it do? I am concerned about the world situation right now, but it's not going to stop me getting on with life and talking about whatever the hell I want to. To be honest, I'm not much in the mood for frivolous matters right now. But if I do feel like talking about music, or Rolf Harris, or eyeshadow, or whatever, I'm going to do it.
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At the moment, I'm reading Rolf Harris's excellent autobiography Can You Tell What It Is Yet?, which has kinda reminded me of a couple of recordings I made years ago in which I used Rolf Harris samples!

So yeah, I dug the CDs out and listened to them again, and through the medium of MP3 technology, would like to present for your listening pleasure, a track called Spurious Transients, written and performed by Yours Truly (in 1993, if I remember correctly). Other than the vocal samples it is an instrumental. No guitars on this one; just a sequencer, a keyboard, an old fire-damaged Yamaha analogue synthesiser, and lots of "spurious", "found sound" tape-recordings that I had made and spun into the mix.BTW, I've never done this before, so please bear with me if it all goes horribly wrong. (Tip: avoid Netscape!) If anyone does manage to download this successfully, please let me know. From what I can make out you need to be using Microsoft IE 5.5. Netscape seems to want some kind of cgi controlled download thingy that I have no idea how to do. I did nip along to to see how I can have my MP3 files hosted there, but I was scared off by the Terms and Conditions (all the legal malarkey).
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People are funny. Weird funny that is, not funny ha-ha. I've been noticing all sorts of differing reactions to the tragedy in America. Some people seem to think it's going to lead to World War Three and that we're all doomed. At the other extreme there are others who don't seem to have registered that what happened is of any significance at all. I had a phone call last night from someone who shall remain nameless (and who isn't someone who would read my blog anyway). This person says to me, "What's the matter with you? you sound really miserable." Errrrr... Hello? Are you living on the same planet as me? Have you been following the news?

That really pissed me off. Then later my Dad phoned up, and we had a chat about things. He was saying how he woke up in the middle of the night following the attacks and the enormity of the situation hit him like a tidal wave. He didn't sound much like my Dad at all; very distracted, things on his mind. I'll be seeing him and my Mum this weekend, as they're having a party for their 40th wedding anniversary. I don't know what the general mood will be like in light of the events of this week. Yeah, life goes on, and all that, but still there's no ignoring the magnitude of the current events. I know that I personally am not in the mood for a party, but still, it will be good to see my Mum and Dad, and my sister and her family.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

The Hunger Site is back.
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What is wrong with these front page headlines from today's papers in the UK?
  • Declaration of war  The Guardian, The Daily Express
  • When war came to America  The Times
  • War on America  The Daily Telegraph
  • War on the World  The Mirror
It's just one little word, but it's being bandied about far too readily by the media for my liking. What happened yesterday in America was obscene, horrific, frightening, disgusting... add as many adjectives as you like. It was arguably the biggest news in the last 50 years. It's certainly bigger and nastier than Pearl Harbour, which it's already being compared to. But an act of war? No one - as yet - has taken claim for this act of terrorism. You cannot declare war anonymously.

But what do I know? Let's hear from the bloggers affected much more closely by this:These guys' reports say so much more than any of the newspapers and internet news sites ever could.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Shocked and stunned at today's news. You don't really need me to link to any news stories on this topic, do you?
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Dylan dismisses 'hideous' modern music
The normally reclusive Bob Dylan has revealed his hatred of most modern music in a rash of interviews to promote his 43rd album. The legendary singer has said that he even fights with with his teenage daughter about her musical tastes. "The radio makes hideous sounds, " 60-year-old Dylan told Time magazine.

Full story...
Well, on the one hand he's got a point about so much of what currently passes as music. On the other hand, he himself has produced the some of the most awful pile of dirge it has ever been my displeasure to hear.
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Continuing from yesterday's observations and ponderings upon the rumours surrounding the health of the Queen Mother, take a look at this pic, via Meg at notsosoft who comments "...tell me she's not stuffed, made of wax or at least already demised."

You've gotta admit, it's highly plausible.
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BobbyJo has sent around a cautionary tale on the perils of using glittery make-up, and glitter lipstick in particular. Seems that it never wants to go away! She comments:
Anyway I caution you all to beware of using makeup of anykind that has glitter in it. It's like Jamie Oliver, it gets everywhere, is very hard to get rid of and keeps reappearing when you think you have seen the last of it...
I know all about glitter and glittery make-up, etc. I've never had that big a problem in getting rid of glitter lipstick, eyeshadows, etc. So long as they are applied correctly over a good base of foundation it's fine. They come off like any other make-up providing you've got some good make-up remover.

The problem I had with glitter was when Mia, a young lady friend of mine, sent me a CD in the post (we used to do swaps - David Bowie mainly, but also compilations of our favourite stuff). I was in a hurry to get to work so I just grabbed the jiffy bag from off the doormat as soon as the postman pushed it through the front door, and I rushed off to work. Sitting on the train I was curious to see what I'd been sent so I opened up the envelope ... glitter everywhere! Thanks Mia... did you really have to fill the envelope up with glitter as well as the CD? Trouble was it was a bit of a hot day, and I was "perspiring" just a little bit after my mad dash to the station. So I was sitting on the train, amongst all the regulars, trying to brush bits of glitter off my face, but just adding to it, and redistributing glitter that was already there. And trying not to look like a dickhead who's covered in glitter.

And when I got to work, I grabbed the envelope and CD from out of my bag, and threw them into my desk door pretty damn quickly. But not before liberally spreading glitter all over my desk and on the floor. It took ages to explain that to our cleaning lady. I still have traces of glitter in the desk drawer even now.

As for the CD, I had to clean every last trace of glitter from off of the shiny side, so it would play without skipping. CD players don't like glitter either!

By the way: Mia - if you're out there - please get in touch. I've got a CD for you that you might like!
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Monday, September 10, 2001

Look, the comments have all been wiped clean. That was beyond my control. But it doesn't stop you from leaving new comments. Go on... (cue Mrs Doyle from Father Ted)

Otherwise I might have to re-name this Blog in a Void.
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"The Queen Mother went to church yesterday, dispelling rumours that she is gravely ill," says today's Daily Mail. Where and how did these rumours start? I'd also heard such rumours, and that she had actually died and that Buckingham Palace were for reasons of their own keeping quiet about it. How bizarre! Why would they do that? Unless David Icke has been right all this time, and the Queen Mother and all the royals really are 12 foot tall alien green lizards with mucho naughtiness on the agenda.
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Bloody hell! It's cold. *shiver*
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OK, I've sorted the comments out now. Reblogger has moved to a new server and I had to alter the code accordingly in the template. Unfortunately this does mean that all the existing comments have been wiped clean. Sorry folks.
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Grrrrrr... the commenting system is still up the spout. And Netscape doesn't seem to like that at all. It seems to work OK with IE.5 on the couple of puters that I've tried, but the javascript errors could possibly be interpreted differently on different systems.

So, what should I do? Should I hang in there and hope that Reblogger (the commenting system) gets sorted out? Should I ditch it, or temporarily remove the code from the source in my template file? Does that mean that I'll lose everyone's comments if I try to reinstate Reblogger later?
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Sunday, September 09, 2001

It's late Sunday. I've been off visiting Annie this weekend, hence the quietness on this 'ere blog. And now I find that I can't view the damn thing. Grrrrrrrr... I think the commenting system is up the spout. Hopefully it'll be back to normal soonest.
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Friday, September 07, 2001

Now the British tabloid press have got hold of Sarah West's story, and are reporting on it in their own puerile "let's assume all the readers are brain-dead" style. Oh dear, the mixed pro-nouns going on here!
Sarah West in the tabloids
As I have said previously, if you want to know the full story, then the best place to read about it is at Sarah's own website:

Now, I wonder if they asked permission to used copyrighted photos from Sarah's website. Hmmmm...
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Jamie Oliver expecing first child - Eeeeeks! They're breeding!
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Thursday, September 06, 2001

"Ever been thrown off a plane for being transgendered? I have." says Sarah West. And I see that today her story made the BBC news. For the full story, please see Sarah's website.
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Continuing on from one of my topics of yesterday: Big names snub Farm Aid. Too bloody right! Why is it the poor farmers who are identified as the victims in this whole foot and mouth debacle? No-one seems to give a second thought to the needlessly slaughtered animals. And these people, like this bloody Michael Eavis fellow, can't see it. According to the story on the BBC website:
"U2, Robbie Williams and Oasis are among the acts who turned down the request to headline Farm Aid, which will be held in Cardiff on 27 October."
Well - good for you, U2, Robbie Williams and Oasis! You've all gone up in my estimation.
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Tamsin thought I'd "lost it" after one of my recent postings in which I was trying to confound the search engines with "Concerto for Fire Extinguisher and Papier Mache Telescope."

But is that any madder than that Goddamnawful Vegetable Orchestra that I reported on not so long ago?

And if you think that's silly, then what about this.

And they called me mad?
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It's OK, I'm still here, and haven't gone AWOL. But it was so tempting last night just to go down to the station and get the first train anywhere, and continue travelling at random in that way.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2001

Sorry about the narky tone in the last couple of postings. Can you tell that I'm... how shall we say?... not exactly in a good mood? Or, put another way, pissed off.

And you know, the concept of pissing off, just upping and going, really seriously appeals to me right now. Leave everything behind and just piss off somewhere without telling anyone.

I just wish I was that impetuous.
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And another thing... Why do so many bloggers seem to have this aversion to capital letters? I'm not going to give you any links here - just check three or four random blogs for yourself and you'll soon see what I mean. I DON'T MEAN SHOUTING, LIKE THIS, but the simple art of capitalizing pronouns, such as my name, Gina. And also at the start of sentences. (Please don't give me any of that crap about not starting a sentence with "and"). I think if I see another blog written entirely in lower case I shall scream. Capitals have their various uses. Including making a paragraph easier to read.
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No comments from anyone in days. What's wrong with you all? Was it something I said?
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Farm Aid - I really can't agree with this. I find the whole thing quite obscene. No-one mentions all those murdered animals. Foot and mouth is not a killer!!! The animals get over it! It simply means they cannot be exported, which means, they are quite literally turning animals into currency. And that's an evil evil thing.
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Overheard last night at Borders, a young man talking to a young woman, both in their late teens/early twenties:
"...He's on TV. He's a presenter..."
How can anyone not know who Rolf Harris is? Has she been living under a rock?
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Tuesday, September 04, 2001

There was quite a turn-out for Rolf Harris's in-store signing at Borders. There were some very excitable students in front of me. One lad was particularly brash in manner and annoying in the queue, but he seemed absolutely delighted when Rolf signed his art folder (it was supposed to be for good luck in his art course) and drew him an enormous Rolf-a-roo; so delighted in fact that he had to turn around and show his prize to me. Quite funny how this brash and loud student totally changed when he got to meet his hero and started acting all bashful.

When it was my turn, Rolf apologised for keeping me waiting (he'd been waving at some wide-eyed little children who were passing at the time - I don't think they could believe it was the man off the telly right in front of them). And then, get this, I heard myself saying to him, "No worries." Eeeeeks! Couldn't I have said something that didn't sound like I was affecting a clichéd Australian colloquialism?

Anway, the book that he elaborately signed for me in a Rolfish kind of way, is called "Can You Tell What it is Yet", and - from what I've read so far - it looks like a bloody good read. I love autobiographies!
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I left a comment after reading this on Sarah G's blog, saying
...As for those "Blog of the day" type sites, they all seem pretty cliquey to me. Sorry, it has to be said, but Blog-land seems to be a bit cliquey all over, I'm afraid.
and someone has answered:
Really, I don't think blogland is any cliquier than realityland. Both places are based on the premise that some people find each other interesting, and others don't. So you get groups of bloggers forming in the exact same way that you'd normally have a group of friends, only because they met via this quasi-literary medium there's all sorts of intellectual pretensions involved.
Well, I don't agree. There does seem to be this very tight-knit core of bloggers who all reference one another's sites, but don't seem to want anyone else to get a look-in. I know, I've tried emailing some of these people, leaving comments on their blogs, etc, and do I ever get a response or any kind of acknowledgement of my communication having been received, read, thought about? Nope! I really do think there's some kind of blog-snobbery going on.

As for Blogger's very own Blogs of Note, I want to know just HOW do you get them to notice your blog? Again, I'm sure it's all down to who you know and who you are mates with, be it in real life or in cyberspace (does anyone still seriously say "cyberspace" any more?). For example, there's one guy I've seen who has now had three distinct different blogs of his listed in Blogs of Note. Yes, his design skills are exemplary, but as for the content... well... Each to their own, I know, what appeals to one person might not appeal to the next etc, etc, but some of his entries are sparse to say the least, and at other times he goes very quiet for days. And this is what makes a Blog of Note?

Also listed under Blogs of Note, I have seen weblogs that have only been in existence for like a week. They haven't even gotten started. How can such a weblog be a Blog of Note?
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Further to my comment of yesterday, about my listening to heavier and heavier music these days, I spoke to my mum on the telephone last night and she was waxing lyrical about Judas Priest of all things! Eeeeeks! So, it ain't just me. And she's 61. Today! Happy birthday, Mum!

It's no wonder ex-Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford has had a major change of image. (Ooh! Scary!) I always thought that he used to look spookily like Tim Brooke-Taylor of The Goodies. It's not so easy to see now.
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An email for help:
My name's Kirsty, I'm doing a feature for Mixmag about trannies. I need to find 4 women who would be happy to be interviewed and photographed both as men and as women. I'm on a short deadline and the women need to be available on Saturday 8th to come to London. Obviously transport will be covered.

Any ideas, please email me here or at
My mobile is 079682 45143.
Thanks in advance,
Kirsty Allison
I would have offered myself, only I'm busy this coming weekend. Also I've been having a bad hair year.
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I think I'm going to stay behind in Oxford after work tonight, and mosey on down to Borders where Rolf Harris is doing a book signing. Wow! Rolf!!! I mean, I've grown up with Rolf on television, singing songs, painting pictures, hosting cartoon time, playing his digeridoo and his stylophone. He is a one-man institution. What on earth am I going to say to him? Help!
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Monday, September 03, 2001

Since I was otherwise busy in Brighton this Saturday, I didn't buy The Guardian this weekend. Thankfully I have discovered that Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole: Secret Diary of a Provincial Man (one of my favourite columns in the magazine section) is available on-line. Hurrah!
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I've heard of a cats' chorus, but right now outside the office we have a Concerto for a pack of barking dogs and police-car siren. Ahhh, who said they didn't write 'em like that any more?
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The Adventures of Noddy and Big Ears

One fine day Noddy was merrily driving his gaily coloured little red and yellow car along the roads of Toyland. He was off to see his dear friend Big Ears the brownie who lived in a toadstool in the forest. He drove cheerfully on, his round head happily nodding on its little spring as his car bumped along the road. "Parp-parp! Parp-parp!" went the little car. Noddy waved cheerfully at all his Toyland friends. He waved at Mr Plod the policeman, he waved at Mr Wobbly-Man, he waved at Mr Golly who owned the garage, and they all waved back at him, calling out "Hello little Noddy, what a splendid day it is to be out driving your little car".

Very soon Noddy had left Toyland and was driving into the forest. He pulled up at a large toadstool which was where Big Ears lived. He got out of the car and went up to the toadstool and rapped on the door.

"Who is it?" cried out a grumpy voice. The door burst open and Big Ears stepped out.

"Ah, Big Ears, how very nice to see you!" said Noddy.

"Look Noddy," said Big Ears, "I'm expecting company. Do you think you could come back later on?"

Noddy looked at Big Ears. He did look funny, his eyes and nose were bright red, as red as the pointed hat on his head.

"Oh you do look funny!" laughed Noddy, "Have you been drinking? Look, your beard is all wet and I can smell whisky."

Big Ears looked very cross indeed. "Listen," he said, "I've got Tessie Teddy coming around shortly, and I've just had a few quick ones to get me in the right mood."

"Ah, Tessie," exclaimed Noddy, "how I'd like to stay and see her. Could I stay for tea too, Big Ears my dear friend?"

"No Noddy!" replied Big Ears, "Three's a crowd, don't you know? Now BEAT IT!"

"But..." protested Noddy.

"BEAT IT!" shouted Big Ears, "Get out of here now or else I'll set Bumpy Dog on you!"

Noddy was very upset at being talked to like this by his best friend, so he got into his little car without saying another word and drove off, his little bell on the end of his pointed hat jingling sadly as his little round head nodded sulkily.

"Hmmm..." thought Noddy, "that rotten Big Ears. He deserves a good spanking; but I'll show him, I've got a better idea..." and off he went to ambush Tessie Teddy on her way to Big Ears' toadstool...

Don't miss the next exciting episode:
[This was originally written for an in-company magazine well over 10 years ago. Except the so-called "editor" decided to totally re-write what I'd done because it wasn't politically correct. So, this totally insipid story, about a tea-party or something equally mediocre, went out with my name on it. Idiot. At least for my version I'd done some research and was trying to be faithful to the Enid Blyton originals, albeit in a tongue in cheek way.]
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Hurrah! Virgin records had loads of copies of the Brain Donor album. And it's bloody good! Weird that I'm listening to much heavier music these days... I thought you were supposed to mellow out as you get older. Perhaps it's a reaction against inane chart fodder and dance shite music. These days I just want guitars and I want them loud. Which reminds me, I was supposed to be buying guitar strings but forgot. Grrrrrr...
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Pig Brother? Well, I suppose it had to happen. At least the contestants are more loveable than those in the programme this is derived from.
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What's to tell? Nowt much right now. Yesterday afternoon I went over to Wantage (Ducktown) to visit Paul, who wanted to show off his new fretless bass. He's got an very impressive studio set-up there too, which set the cogs and gears in my mind a-whirring. I must write some new songs (which means I must buy some new guitar strings first); I'm sure Paul would be up for a recording sesh sometime if I had something worthwhile making a recording of.

Lots of things to do today. Like I want to get the photos developed including pics from my last couple of visits to Brighton, and... well I don't actually know what's on the beginning of the film. That's partly why I'm so curious to get the damn thing developed. I think there may possibly be some pics from a tranny night out at Storme's sometime (about a year ago?), but we shall see later!

Also, the debut album from Julian Cope's double-axe wielding bubblegum metal trio Brain Donor, charmingly entitled "Love, Peace and Fuck", is out today. But the question is, will I find it in Oxford's sorry excuses for record shops?

Exciting, innit?
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Sunday, September 02, 2001

I've been linked to from another blog,, which says:
Olhem só as fotos desse blog.....O.o
Ah, it's in Portuguese. OK, a quick nip over to Babel Fish (Alta Vista translations) should fix that:
..O.o only looks at the photos of this blog...
...errrrrr... yeah. I think they're being nice.
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Saturday, September 01, 2001

Phew! What a great day! I've just got home after a day trip to Brighton. Basically, I've spent the day with my dear friend TinTin. We started off with coffee in Borders and met up with Becci. Then we had a good ol' wander around the lanes, where TinTin took me to a wonderful shop full of make-up where I was able to find the black and purple lipsticks I'd been looking for. We also went round loads of other shops and boutiques. Tinlets was looking at dresses in one secondhand shop, and the guy who owned the place was muttering under his breath and giving a couple of transvestites a really dirty look. (They passed quite well, I thought, although one of them was quite large, shall we say, so that might have given them away. I spotted them easily because, as I said to TinTin, it takes one to know one). Anyway, I turned round to him and said "What was that?" and he just mumbled "nothing". And I thought, "Just you DARE say something rude, matey, and I'll be onto you!". I was just itching to say to him, "Yes, well I'm one as well." I think he might have seen my nailvarnish anyway, so perhaps he got the message.

Then we went and had a japanese lunch at this little place that TinTin frequents, and after that we went to Brighton Pavillion and took some photographs. From there we went onto the Western Road, where who should we bump into but Captain Sensible and his kids Daisy and Syd (a.k.a. the brutes). Had a good ol' chat with Cap about some of the stories behind "Grave Disorder", the promotional trip to America, The Damned's gigs last week, guitars, blah blah blah. Actually we spent so long blabbing away in the street that we looked around us and saw all the shops were shutting for the day.

Then, bidding farewell to the Sensibles, we walked into Hove; TinTin off to see her boyfriend, and me to pay my Uncle a flying visit. After that I walked along the sea-front with my Uncle, finished the film off in my camera taking pics of the dilapidated West Pier, had fish & chips for my supper, and then went to the station to catch my homeward bound train. I had to change at Gatwick, but that allowed me to nip out and buy some beers for the rest of the journey.

And now, very early on Sunday morning, I'm home! And as I said, what a great day!
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