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Friday, August 31, 2001
Good to hear that Mariah Carey is feeling so much better now. Which means I can take the piss again.
Mariah Carey making that fucking awful shrieking noise
"Shriek, shriek, warble, shrieeeeek, etc"
Now, just you consider yourselves lucky that I didn't embed any SOUND to accompany that image.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:39 pm [edit] 

Wonderful to see Absolutely Fabulous back on TV for another series. I liked the Jamie Oliver reference in tonight's first episode (of course!), but it's slightly worrying that I'm beginning to find myself fancying Jennifer Saunders.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:48 pm [edit] 

Confounding the search engines, #3: Concerto for Fire Extinguisher and Papier Mache Telescope.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:23 pm [edit] 

I've just been looking through the mounds of paper in my desk at work, and have dug out the artwork for cassettes and CDs that I had a part in years and years ago. In 1988 a group of friends and I recorded a "live album" in my bedroom... it was trippy, spaced-out music and consisted of two inprovised pieces, each of half an hour's duration. Which filled up an hour-long cassette quite nicely. We referred to it as tea-drinking music (most likely a Gong influence). The album was entitled "When used in conjunction with the Helicopter Hat, there's a complete absense of Erroneous Sonic Pollution" (the title came from a comic strip in a HiFi magazine), and the two tracks were named similarly but with part 1 and part 2 appended as appropriate to the side of the cassette they were appearing on. The band name we used was Spurious Transients, which is a name I'd recorded under with various different musicians on and off for years.

The text on the cover artwork lists the band personnel as follows:
Cap'n Cabbage: Paisley Strat, Glissando Guitaro, occasional (but not much) percussion
Parsley: Stick & Bazouki sequences, Acoustic Fretless bass, Recorder, occasional percussion and other wondrous soundz
Miguel the Mad Axe-Wielding Italian Waiter: E-Bow and Weird Over-The-Top Noises on the Guitar!
Ship Matey Sime: Percussion and hitting things, Whole Earth Acoustic Guitar, plus other really mellow noises, heavyyy Daddio...
and goes on to say:
Produced in conjunction with The Daddio Hippie Society of Great Britain ®

© All rights reserved. No unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, telepathic transmission or just plain ol' burying under a ton of peat of this recording. Not even a little bit. Not even if you ask nicely and make is all a nice cup of tea. OK?
And on the back cover:
For the maximum enjoyment of this CD please follow the following instructions which are about to follow:

Instructions for listening to this CD:
  1. Invite a load of your old hippie friends around to your pad.
  2. Drink lots of tea.
  3. Drink more tea.
  4. Chat about hippie-ish things like "Hey, look at all this fluff in my navel, man", or "Oh no, I haven't got enough bread to buy that Afghan coat from Oxfam, what a real bummer! I suppose I'll just have to stick with my donkey jacket..." or "Isn't all this music technology really awful, like real heavy; it's all so high tech and commercial, yeah, like steel guitar strings and stuff, yeah..."
  5. Have another cup of Tea.
  6. Check the clock. If it isn't really incredibly late at night (like gone half past nine) then it's time for...
  7. TEA!!!
  8. Just before everyone dozes off and starts zzzzzzzzing away merrily, switch on your HiFi, load the CD and press PLAY (but not before another cup of tea).
  9. Listen.
  10. Yeah Daddio! Far out! More tea!
Alternatively listen whilst stoned out of your mind, not that we advocate such behaviour.
The recording of the album was enormous fun. Basically we played over a simple pre-recorded sequence based around the chord of A minor, and we just sort of made it up as we went along, switching instruments as the fancy took us. Simon used some bizarre percussion too including a cymbal made from a Winchester hard disk, and the squeaky rubber rat and that now sits on my desk at work (now squeakless). Actually, we never had any CDs made up, just a bunch of cassettes, and I don't think there were ever many more than 10 copies made. But the sleeve notes amused me, which is why I'm inflicting them on all you guys! BTW, Cap'n Cabbage was my pseudonym; this was in fact a character from a really early song of mine called "The Return of the Despicable Captain Cabbage and his Deadly Cauliflower Cannon". Which was fun.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:37 pm [edit] 

Confounding the search engines, #2: Caramel cod.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:29 am [edit] 

I've altered the settings on this here blog, and it now displays the most recent entries first, even within days. Just like all the other blogs. There's only so much of this non-conformist malarkey you can take, you know?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:39 am [edit] 

I'd not seen Didcot's now legendary black rabbit for months, and then last night, two come along at once.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:22 am [edit] 

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Sorry folks, but this lunchtime a black wave of depression hit me, and all of a sudden and for no reason at all, I started to feel tearful. I had to dash out of the office and have a wander around Oxford for a while. I was walking around the market stalls at Gloucester Green, looking at things, partly in a daze (couldn't focus on those second-hand book titles), and partly in an intense kind of way, with a sense of heightened reality (?) as certain objects caught and dominated my attention: various items of pottery, wooden carvings of animals, brightly coloured candles, chicken's foot key rings (Euchhh!). It was a very odd sensation.

I also wandered around various book shops and record shops, including the jazz and classical sections, looking at titles I wouldn't normally bother with. But why does Borders - a splendid shop in many ways - have no Biography section? Sure, it has books filed in Music, Sports, Film categories, but no general Biography section. What if the person you're interested in doesn't fit into one of those pigeon-holes?

I'm still feeling very odd, and am trying to summon up the courage to ask if I can leave work early. Not that it takes courage as such, but I don't know what to say when asked "Why?"
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:18 pm [edit] 

Here's some more interesting Google searches that somehow ended up here:It seems that you only have to mention something once, it could be just an innocent passing reference, and Google will remember it forever, and it'll come back to haunt you.

So, let's play a little game right now. I'm going to think of some things off the top of my head. Let's see if they come back and haunt me via a Google search. Here goes:
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Sherbert dips
  • The Singing Ringing Tree
  • Freddie Mercury's leotard
  • Tobermory from The Wombles
  • Harry Worth
  • Bollards and man-hole covers
  • Brigadier Lethbridge Stuart
  • Lemon meringue pie
I think that's enough to be going on with for the time being. No cheating, you lot out there, by typing in any of these yourselves!!! (Please!)
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:30 am [edit] 

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Tales of Crossdressing #2

I think this was in 1997, but it may have been late summer of 96... I don't remember, my memory is getting fuzzy. Anyway, I took some time off work, and my idea of a holiday wasn't to go away anywhere for the duration of my time off, but to take a few day-trips and to do the WayOut Club three times in just over a weeks (two consecutive Saturdays, plus the Wednesday night WayOut "piano bar").

I did my usual bizarre getting myself partly made-up at home first (as described in Part 1), and travelled into London on the Oxford Tube coach. It was a journey frought with worry and panic, as I managed to convince myself that I had left the gas on at home! I was in such a state by the time I reached Marble Arch, that I just managed to persuade myself that getting the next coach back home was a bad idea (it'd be too late for me to do anything by the time I eventually got home), so I dived into the nearest public telephone box I could find and dialled my cousin's number. She lived just up the road from me. I explained my predicament, and asked her to look in at my house (she had spare keys) and check that my poor little cat hadn't been gassed. I was so upset, but my cousin seemed to think it was funny, and humouring me said she'd go and check.

I got to the Tatty Bogle, venue of the WayOut Club, and changed next to Steffan Whitfield in the toilets. She most likely though I was stark raving bonkers as I told the tale of my worries re leaving the gas on. I went on out to the club itself, and got chatting away to various trannies, and had quite a pleasant time. I was wearing a long elegant velvet black dress, and pointed suede stilettos with gold straps (they were Roland Cartier... very elegant). Throughout the night I noticed this large man over at the bar checking me out every once in a while, just glancing across and looking. One by one, the other "girls" left and I found myself the only TV customer in the place. The man from the bar passed by and said to come and say goodbye to him before I left. I said I would. Secretly meaning that I wouldn't. Minutes passed. Dammit, I wanted another drink. So, off to the bar I went, and I got grabbed by the aforementioned man, who wanted me to sit and chat with him (he didn't offer to buy me a drink though). Turned out he was irish and was on some business trip. He said he was in London buying some equipment industrial equipment, and he kept on and on about how he would only use cash. Kept on about how much CASH he had on him right at that moment. Which I thought was strange. Was he trying to buy me?

We sat listening to the piano player. I really didn't know what to say. Suddenly the man asks, "Will you come back to my hotel room with me?"

"Errrr... no thank you," I replied. We listened to the piano player some more. "Why not?" he asked. "Because that's just not my thing," I answered, "it's not what I do."

He was quite persistant, but after repeated "No"s from Yours Truly, he finally gave up and walked out. Thank goodness.

Then this couple came over to me. A guy and a girl. He looked like Christopher Biggins, and she was blonde and very attractive. They were both what you would have, several years ago, described as yuppies. For some reason the guy started buying bottles of champagne and plying me with glasses of it. Fair enough, I decided, I won't argue too much. And the girl... she was coming on to me, big time. She kept giving me little kisses, and all the while matey boy was looking more and more pissed off. But when she was out of earshot, he was boasting to me that she was one of about seven girlfriends that he had, that he saw a different girl each night and she didn't know it, and when he was out of earshot, she was telling me that he was just some guy she worked with. Very weird.

Laughing and joking she leaned across and kissed me again. That was the last straw as far as he was concerned... he started having a go, "I'll not have you kissing some TRANSVESTITE!" An argument ensued, which ended with her dragging him out onto the dancefloor and punching him one! And then he left, tail between his legs, and I continued to talk to her for a while. She asked for my phone number and said she'd phone me the next day. I said "Yeah, right," but she was adamant that she wasn't as fickle as that and would definitely phone. (She never did. So no surprises there.) Afterwards, Vicky Lee of the WayOut Club came on over and asked me what that was all about. I said, I couldn't figure it out. A couple fighting. Over me?!? Big Eeeeeeks!

To be continued...

posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:25 pm [edit] 

Other bizarre Google searches that have somehow ended up at this blog: Veggie Tale posters (what the ???) and mcdonald's and onion rings! I kid you not. Who on earth would want to do a search on "mcdonald's and onion rings"? I need to know why - please email me and explain.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:13 am [edit] 

OK, so my Loch Ness Monster of last night was most likely a fish, but it was pretty exciting at the time, and you should have seen the one that got away!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 7:57 am [edit] 

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Oooh! Excitement!!!! While I was writing all that (last entry) up, I had another browser window open, running the Loch Ness webcam (the underwater cam). I only had this open because the constantly updating pictures keep my internet connection open. My connection will close down if I am not actively surfing, moving on from page to page, which is bloody annoying when you're trying to read or write stuff on-line.

Anyway, I finished writing my piece on Tales of Crossdressing, and flicked across to the other browser window containing the Loch Ness web cam. Eeeeks! and double Eeeeeks! The very first thing I saw was this bloody great creature with fins. It struck me that it looked like either a shark or a dolphin. It looked like, whatever it was, it was pretty large, but I suppose I must consider that it could have been a small fish swimming very close to the camera. I did try to "take a snap" but the refresh rate on the frames was working too efficiently and the picture was lost. Grrrrr...

I stayed watching for a while, saw lots more fish, some of them appearing to be big ones, and some more with pointy fins. I also caught a very good shot of the speckled underbelly of something, but I managed to mess up saving this one to disk (it ain't as easy to do as you'd think).

Here's one of the photos I did manage to save. It's not as good as the initial picture I saw, and yes, I know it's most likely something mundane like a trout or something.
Something in Loch Ness, 28 August 2001, approx 23:00

posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:06 pm [edit] 

OK, are you all fed up with talk of bands, of Jamie Oliver, of kids TV shows? Are you asking youself, "When's the tranny going to start talking about slapping the old make-up on, squeezing into frocks and mincing about in high heels?"

Oh alright then... I suppose I could lower myself to talk about tranvestite matters if it means that much to you.

And so, to move on - presenting the first in an occassional series of anecdotes:

Tales of Crossdressing #1

A few years ago, when I first stepped blinking from the closet and rubbing my eyes in disbelief and awe, I just couldn't get enough of going out as my alter-ego of Gina Snowdoll. The name, by the way, started out as a pen name for I used to write in the small press and had one or two minor pieces published here and there. When I put the finishing touches to my female aspect, I already had a name for her - the pen-name that I had already been using; it just seemed natural to adopt it.

Quite early on, I met Sarah West who lived fairly locally. In those days she was responsible for the WayOut website. In fact our first meeting was in a cybercafe in Cowley Road, Oxford. I emailed her from there, and she telephoned the reception who put the call through to (a very surprised) me, and she told me to stay put, she was coming over. Anyway, I digress. Pretty soon, Sarah introduced me to the WayOut Club itself, which in those days was in a little basement bar in Soho called The Tatty Bogle. WayOut was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was full of drag queens and trannies, all perfectly at ease with themselves, and happy and partying. There were cabarets and alcohol and glamour and fabulousness! I was hooked.

I couldn't get enough of the place. Next time I went along on my own. I didn't really fancy changing and doing all my make-up in the ladies toilets on arrival, so I worked out a bizarre compromise. I would get mostly made up at home. Then I would put my stockings and all my female underwear on, and perhaps the dress I intended wearing if it wasn't too bulky. Then over that I would wear jeans and a loose baggy jumper. (Obviously, being subjected to this treatment, my choice of dress would have to be something that would not crease.) I would then gel my hair up a bit and spike it up, and perhaps wear a pair of sunglasses to detract from the eye-makeup I was wearing, and then perhaps when people saw I was wearing make-up they would asssume I was a goth or a punk, or alternative or whatever. It seemed to work and I didn't get too many stares, although I remember one occassion on New Years Eve (I believe it was), when some girl on the London underground started screaming "Oh my God, it's Eddie Izzard!"

But I'm getting ahead of myself again. I would pack the rest of my make-up I'd need and my high heels into a ruck-sack, and then walk to Didcot Station, catch the train to Oxford, then the Oxford Tube coach service to London (which could be very uncomfortable if I was wearing a corset). Then from Paddington I would take the tube the rest of the journey to the club. When I got to the club, I would head for the Ladies toilets, finish off the make-up (which usually meant doing my lipstick, although after a while I started getting more daring and would leave home with complete make-up, including lips!), remove my outer male garments, slip into my slinky dress (if not already in it), pop my stiletto shoes onto my feet, plonk the wig onto my head (and fanny about with it in the mirror for a little while - as you do) and I was done!

Then after a fabulous night of glitz and glamour, it would be time to "turn back into a pumpkin again". I used to hate this part. Back to the Ladies, shoes and wig off and in the bag. The bra and corset could come off now; I wouldn't be needing them any more this night (Phew! If you've never been trussed up in a wonderbra and corset, you'll never know the relief of taking them off... and if your shoes pinched too! Eeeks! And all in the name of fabulousness). Sometimes I would wipe away the make-up, but usually I was past caring. Then I would make my way back to somewhere I could catch the coach back to Oxford, and try to get a bit of kip on the journey.

Arriving in Oxford early on a Sunday morning was a problem though. The first train back to Didcot was several hours away (about 2 and a half, if I remember rightly). So I had time to kill, and I was knackered and invariably those early mornings were freezing! Sometimes I would huddle up on one of the benches on platform one, and wait for them to open up the station itself, so I could rush inside and sit in the warmth with all the tramps and early morning travellers. On another occasion I just needed sleep, seriously needed, so I went over to platform two and down the grassy bank (where there is now a Youth Hostel built upon that very spot) and I found a bit of a shrubbery, and curled up and slept beneath a tree, out of sight of everyone. I awoke when I heard my train, and rushed over to platform one to catch it just in time. On another occasion, I was much cleverer, and had the office keys of my place of work with me, so I let myself in, and went and slept at my desk. It was still uncomfortable and not much warmer, but at least I could grab myself a cup of coffee and doze in safety.

To be continued...

posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:34 pm [edit] 

Errr... perhaps I should take back what I said earlier today about Google. Someone has just found this site by searching for "birth photos + child labour pics" (!?!?!?!?). Not here, matey... Ta-ra...

I mean... how on Earth did Google manage to associate those terms with this weblog? Definitely points lost there.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:38 pm [edit] 

The popular music combo Metallica, having sorted out those blighters at Napster, are now taking a pop at a wheel supplier to the automotive industry for ripping off their brand name! Read story here (via Mookie). Apparently, Metallica have a history of aggressively protecting their brand name, launching lawsuits against a lingerie company, an off-shoot of Pierre Cardin, a perfume makers, a wrought-iron manufacturers and a nail file company. I can understand them clamping down on the sellers of bootleg t-shirts at their gigs, etc, but this is ridiculous. Personally I think they should chill out and keep it real. The words "greedy" and "bastards" spring to mind.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 3:04 pm [edit] 

Bloody hell! I'm well impressed with the Google search engine. I mean, someone managed to find this blog, using this search. And while we're about it, take a gander at that article listed at the top of that search. Some wonderful quotes in there, which I would reproduce here, but to hell with it - read the whole thing yourselves. It amused me anyway.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:43 pm [edit] 

Grrrrrr... [makes note to self] ... Never buy el cheapo jeans from Debenhams. I have a pair on, right now, which I only bought two weeks ago and which are quite literally falling apart on me. The question remains: Will I or will I not make it home tonight avoiding complete embarrassment?
posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:10 pm [edit] 

The Simpsons tops Kids TV poll ... but it isn't kids TV!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:09 pm [edit] 

Monday, August 27, 2001

Basil BrushPaul has been listening to the Die So Fluid CD, and reckons that it reminds him of early Rush. Now I know very little about Rush, and really can't be arsed doing a search for them on the net. I do remember, however, photos of them where both the guitarist and bassist were using double-necked guitars, and I do remember at school there were always certain kids who'd have "Rush" scrawled all over their bags, pencil-cases, books, etc. Until I came along, added a few letters, and Hey Presto! Basil BRush!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 10:03 am [edit] 

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Last night I developed a terrible headache, and after watcing a few episodes of Red Dwarf on UK Gold, I decided that it really was time to call it a night and go to bed. I had a long lay in this morning, and when I eventually got up, I decided that lying on the sofa and reading the Oliver Postgate book seemed like a mighty fine idea.

And so it was. Until... those bastards next door decided to play Ricky 'talentless bastard' Martin. At volume. So, I'm sorry - I know it's childish, but I did it. Yes, I whacked on "Grave Disorder" by The Damned and whacked the volume up. Well, it was high time I test-drove those speakers that Paul gave me.

And after that, the neighbours went out. Hurrah!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 1:57 pm [edit] 

Saturday, August 25, 2001

I'm currently1 reading an autobiography2 called "Seeing Things" by Oliver Postgate. This was the guy who was behind all those delightfully strange kids TV shows: The Clangers, Bagpuss, Pogles, Noggin the Nog, etc.3 (Thanks to Meg at for the recommendation).

The Clangers in particular were wonderfully surreal... I did have a videotape of many of the episodes, but I passed it to my sister to let her kids watch, as I figured no children should have to grow-up Clangerless. It would be a deprived childhood without them.

The book also came with a CD-Rom, which contains, well - the whole book itself if you want to read it on your computer - plus hyperlinks to bonus supporting bits and pieces not in the book, and little movies of some of the shows Postgate was famous for. The Pingwings were a bit bizarre, appearing to be a family of animated cloth penguins that live on an otherwise ordinary farm in the English countryside. The Pogles and Pogles Wood took me back a bit. I'd forgotten all about Plant, who was this wise and magical tulip who grew outside of the Pogles' tree and was a teller of stories. Watching the video clips I said to myself, surely these used to be in colour, not black and white? But looking at the age of the programmes they most likely were black and white all along. Perhaps my child-like brain had coloured them in for me all those years ago?

1: Not at this second, obviously. I'm writing *this* at the moment.
2: I love autobiographies!
3: And Ivor the Engine, which I wasn't too keen on. I found it a bit too sinister. I mean, this possessed railway locomotive? Disturbing!

posted by Gina Snowdoll 2:47 pm [edit] 

I had such a hectic week, what with Damned and DSF gigs, late late nights, etc, that now it's the weekend I don't know what to do with myself, and don't really want to go spending heaps of cash anyway. And what's more, it's a bank holiday weekend too, so I've got to think of something to do with myself Monday as well. The word Eeeeeks springs to mind.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:37 pm [edit] 

Friday, August 24, 2001

Postcard from Shel the silly tart
Shel and Tamsin have been away for a week in Cornwall. I had this postcard from them today. The sense of humour doesn't get any better.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:57 pm [edit] 

That awful busker is outside with his twelve string guitar, murdering David Bowie's "Space Oddity". Yesterday, it was John Lennon's "Imagine", one of my all time most HATED songs. I felt like asking him if he wanted to wear the guitar over his head.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:00 pm [edit] 

This was posted on the Wreckless Eric Yahoo! Groups list, of all places, Make of it, what you will:
From: Editor
Subject: Penguin Update Newsletter
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 16:12:11 +0100
Week commencing 23/08/2001

Jamie Oliver on Tour

Jamie Oliver will be undertaking a ten day tour around Britain in his VW camper van to promote his new new book, Happy Days with the Naked Chef (published on Thursday 6th September 2001). Getting kids interested in cooking is just one of the messages Jamie is aiming to get across loud and clear during his tour around the UK. Along the way he is helping a class of kids cook the school dinner as part of a competition run by CBBC's Blue Peter, visiting Betty's Tearooms Cookery School in Harrogate, as well as talking to children the length and breadth of the country. Another message he hopes to get across is just how good British food - and all its enormous regional varieties - can be, and so Jamie will be involving himself in competitions and talking to as many people as possible about both aspects.

The tour will be launched at Waterstone's Booksellers in Oxford Street in London at 12.30pm on Friday 7th September. From there, Jamie will head off on a 2000-mile round trip in his purple and white VW camper van, visiting 19 towns and cities en route.

Press Contact: James Holland.
Tel: 020 7010 3253

posted by Gina Snowdoll 9:02 am [edit] 

Another great gig from Die So Fluid once again last night. Not much new to tell, really. Chatted to all the band and the good Dktr Philosophikus, had a few beverages, blah blah blah. It wasn't a brilliantly attended gig. Perhaps Fulham is in the wrong part of London? That seems weird to me. I think Londoners can be very lazy (I've noticed this before). If something ain't on their doorstep then they don't want to know, but others of us will travel all kinds of lengths to go see our fave bands. Or whatever.

Al and Drew reckoned I must be their ... (I can't remember the term they used) ... biggest fan? No, that's not it... what they were saying was that they reckoned I'd been to more of their gigs than anyone else. Which surprised me, 'cos I would have thought some of the London crowd would have been to more. I was trying to work out how many of the gigs I've been to. First one was last December. Then there were three that I went to earlier this year with Annie. And now four over the last few weeks. So that's eight. Plus, I saw Ultraviolet (previous incarnation of the band) four times, and Feline before them three times (although Al wasn't drumming on the first two occasions)! So, that means I've seen gigs by bands featuring Grog and Drew 15 times now. Eeeeks!

And... as an added bonus, my hearing is not too bad today after all, despite all the worries I was having. Mind, I didn't go too close to the monitors this time.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 8:36 am [edit] 

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Despite worrying that I might be going deaf (seriously), I'm at it again tonight. Yes, 4th week in a row - off to London to see Die So Fluid yet again. Actually I've only just got my hearing back (although it's still a little fuzzy) after seeing The Damned on Tuesday night. If my hearing is really bad, distorted voices, etc, after tonight, then I think I'd better go see the quack and find out what the score is. It might mean some kind of ear protection; either that or give up going to gigs! Yikes!
posted by Gina Snowdoll 4:01 pm [edit] 

Grrrrrrr... the shops in Oxford are crap. Can I find anywhere that sells gothic and/or extravagant make-up? I wanted some black or dark purple/violet lipstick. But no bloody chance. Couple of years ago you could find all sorts of colours - orange, blue, green, etc... Now, the only ranges of make-up you'll find are very conservative. Tiger Lily used to do lots of glittery lipsticks, but I just checked there and they've got glittery stuff to stick in your hair, and nail varnish, but no other make-up. I think they're far more interested in the tattooing trade they are now involved in, and I ain't getting my lips tattooed for anyone!

I think a trip to Charles H Fox in London is called for in the not too distant future.
posted by Gina Snowdoll 12:55 pm [edit] 

Here's an example of the kind of emails I have to put up with from time to time:
Hi my beatiful lady
My name is [deleted] i send you this mail from greece i am very curius nad intersting of tg life style, i saw you in the web and i think that you are really really gorgeous and sexy lady...
Please send me mail with deatails, hot photo and nasty stories about your sexy body
i beg you my led give me pleasure....
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Sometimes I despair, I really do. Well, at least it wasn't a nasty, hate-filled email (and I've had those in the past), but how can anyone think sending an email like that is going to elicit a favourable response?
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Wednesday, August 22, 2001

...or maybe it's just SiteMeter being crap.
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Hhhmmmm... we've got an all-time low on hits to this blog today. Wassup? Are you having trouble getting through? Have I offended you all in some way? Have you all deserted me for the blog of a younger trendier more exciting writer? Talk to me, peoples!!! I'm getting all lonely here!
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Out in Oxford this lunchtime, I saw a woman with hair exactly the same colour as that punk girl's rat. However, I resisted the temptation to inform her of this remarkable coincidence.
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On the tube last night there was this punk/goth girl (although on closer inspection she was no spring chicken). She was wearing the usual gothic gear, lots of black lace, velvet jacket, torn tights, high heeled boots, and her hair was a two-tone mop of black and white on top. Her white face paint was wearing thin, and her eyes were red, with tears, it seemed to me. The poor girl looked most distressed about something. She had a large black shoulder bag on the seat next to her. As I looked across a little twitching nose appeared from within the bag, followed by a set of whiskers. Then this ginger and white coloured rat came out of the bag and went walkabout around the seat and up onto the girl's lap. It tried to climb up her blouse, and looked into her face as if to see what was upsetting her. She just looked down at it with a momentary but tearful smile, and the rat went about its own business for a while before going back inside the bag. It was one of the most pathetic, yet touching things I have ever seen.
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Damned gig at Dingwalls, 21 August
Well, I wasn't quite sure what to make of the support act Antiproduct. A kind of fucked-up, fluorescent, rocknroll trash outfit. A little bit Cramps in style but without the tunes.

And The Damned... good to hear them play just about the entire "Grave Disorder" album, save for "'Til The End Of Time". Each new song was recognisable and familiar - they've already pervaded my memory and I haven't even gotten around to playing the CD yet (I've not had the opportunity). It was a pity that there was a core of "fans" who didn't seem interested in hearing the new stuff, and whenever the intro began for a song they didn't recognise they resorted to chants of "Sensible's a wanker" and calls for "Happy Talk". Which were slightly funny once. Over a decade ago. Personally I wished they would shut up... I for one wanted to hear the set opener "Beauty of the Beast" properly. Poor old Monty (keyboards), he was being drowned out. Of the old songs there was only "New Rose" ("this is the last time we're going to play this bastard"), "13th Floor Vendetta", "Neat Neat Neat", and on the encore, "Eloise" and "Smash it Up".

The standard of musicianship was excellent, especially Monty on "13 Floor", and I don't think I've ever heard Captain play "Smash It Up, Pt 1" better than that... perhaps the new guitar (a red Epiphone SG) helps.

Other observations... well it was a bit of a violent one, with the mad "core" in the middle just crashing around and knocking people in all directions. And it was so hot. You know when you've been too long in the bath and your fingertips go all wrinkly and start to resemble prunes? Well, that's how it was! I was drenched in sweat. Thank you to the guy who produced a pint glass of ice-cubes and passed them around! And was it any wonder that Captain played the encore in just his underpants? Even Dave Vanian seemed to be dripping, and he's a guy I've seen do these manic gigs and at the end of it he looks like it's been no effort at all with not a hair out of place.

And I picked up a signed copy of the "Grave Disorder" CD before the gig began. I had to stash it away in my pocket, and I was so worried that the damn thing would melt and warp out of shape - really - it was that hot!

Also, great to catch up with me ol' matey TinTin again, who was there with Becci, who I met at the Blockheads/Wreckless Eric gig earlier this year (March?). Good to see Louisa too!
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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Off to London in a few minutes to see The Damned. Hurrah!
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When I left the office for a wander around Oxford this lunchtime, I observed a decapitated Noddy doll positioned carefully on the doorstep. Is this an ill omen, I wonder, or some kind of inner-city voodoo ritual? Is it akin to waking up and finding a horse's head on your pillow? Should I be scared?
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Eeeeeeeks! Did you know that, so far, there are 28 entries on this blog that mention Jamie Oliver? Whoops! Make that 29. I'm sorry, but I just can't help myself. I find him fascinating in some strange sense. Like, how could someone be that dreadful and yet be so succesful, so omnipresent in the media? What's the secret of his success, because, let's face it, he's nothing special. I think it must've been a case of being at the right place at the right time, appearing confident and having the gift of the gab, not letting things like looking like a complete dickhead worry you.
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"I don't belieeeeeeeve it!"
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I'm feeling a lot better now, having had a couple of coffees. But I shouldn't really rely on coffee so much to get me through the day. I know I drink too much of it. And I know that it's a much worse drug than many people realise. Last year, having been going through a period of intense stress and depression, I decided to cut caffeine out. But Oh No, I didn't wean myself off regular coffee gradually. No, I cut it out altogether and drank decaffeinated instead. BIG Mistake! The withdrawal symptons were severe and quite awful. I had such bad headaches that I could not get myself into a vertical position. I really did have it bad.

These days I try to avoid regular (i.e. caffeinated coffee) after midday, although lately I think I've been squeezing one too many extra cups in during the morning. Gonna have to start easing off a bit.
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I feel rotten this morning. I couldn't feel much worse if I was lying in a ditch with poo on my head.
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Monday, August 20, 2001

...and of course, The Beaumont Society was named after Bombadier Beaumont, a.k.a. Gloria.
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It Ain't Half Hot Mum
Who remembers It Ain't Half Hot Mum? It was a BBC sitcom about a wartime concert party posted in India. The show featured a liberal dose of cross-dressing as members of the concert party (most notably 'Gloria' portrayed by Melvin Hayes) would drag up for their shows, much to the consternation of the Sergeant Major (Windsor Davies) who wished he had a platoon of real soldiers. Anyway, this is what fascinated me: Can you believe that it ran for a whole eight series? That's 56 episodes. Yikes indeedy!
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And that reminds me of another thing that pisses me off about recorded announcements. I've noticed that often the announcements at Oxford rail station will begin with "This is an announcement about the..." blah blah blah. Yes, state the bleedin' obvious, why don't you? We have already worked out that it is an annoucement. I didn't think it was the voice of God speaking to me from the Heavens! When I look around the platform at all the posters they are not headed with "This is a poster advertising..." etc etc. Pointless.
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I've been doing the post office slalom again. I hate going to the post office. It's just such a scuzzy experience. And my comments about those ridiculous recorded announcements still stands. It just gets my heckles up. Whatever that means.
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Grave Disorder - The Damned
It's out this week. Hurrah!
I'm going to try to grab a copy at the gig at Dingwalls tomorrow night. Apparently there are 200 signed copies to be had.
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Sunday, August 19, 2001

I've just been watching The Best of The Frank Skinner Show on telly. One of the guests was the naked malarkey pukka chef matey skip blue parrot droppings lad, Jamie Oliver himself. Skinner managed to embarrass the mockney fool royally by wheeling out his wardrobe door from when he was a kid, over which the young Jamie had scrawled numerous pictures of phalluses. Which is quite an insight into the working of this man's mind. I mean, a lighthouse formed from a giant penis with a lift (elevator) going up one side of it and a Union Jack flag stuck in the top? Errrrrr... yes, well... And Sainsbury's want this guy on their adverts?
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And I've also been playing lots of Brain Donor and Die So Fluid ... lotsanoisystuff! Yes! The CDs came yesterday. Thanks to Action Records.
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About midday Paul came over with a pair of speakers that he no longer wants. Eeeeeks! They are big and they're on stands too. And they are capable of mucho loudness! Karen (housemate) is going to be well pissed off when she gets home and sees them. The song I chose to test them with initially (having checked the neighbours were out) was "No Sympathy" by Super Furry Animals, which I thought would be a good test of dynamics. It starts out almost folky, but at the end goes into this mad techno racket. I love it. I think it surprised Paul a bit too, which was part of the reason for me choosing it.
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Yesterday, I met up with Gillian in Oxford, and we walked along the river to The Perch where we had lunch and alcoholic beverages. Then we continued walking over Port Meadow alongside the river. Along the way we tried climbing a tree, but got worried when we were both in its branches and heard a loud creak! Eeeeeeks! Abandon tree!

We also tried to re-create Gillian's encounter with an angry swan earlier in the week, although the one swan that came to say hello to us seemed to be quite a friendly bird. And I had my camera at the ready to capture the moment of swan attack. Tsk!

Then, after my destruction of a pair of shoes (I tripped on a tree root), an encounter with some fighting cattle, and generally getting rained upon and getting soggy, we reached The Trout (another pub) where we met up with Jenny and friend Alison, and we all partook of further alcoholic beverages.

And in the evening came the bit were we all went out to the Indian restaturant in Oxford. Hence my earlier post.
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I think that I've proved to myself, once and for all, that Indian food does not agree with me.
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Saturday, August 18, 2001

Mmmmmmmm... TOAST!

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Friday, August 17, 2001

Newly promoted sergeant major in Norwegian army is a penguin! Oh, those wacky scandinavians. Actually, it sounds like a bloody good idea to me.
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That vegetable orchestra sounded shite didn't it?

According to Fortean Times (FT150):
The first Vienna Vegetable Orchestra blows carved-out carrots, taps turnips, claps with aubergine cymbals, twangs on rhubarb fibres, and rustles parsley and greens to create an experimental sound that eventually winds up, literally, in the stomachs of the audience. As the concert progresses, the musicians toss their instruments into a large pot stirred by a cook. (Anything with too much residual saliva is discarded.) After a finale of loud pureeing with an electric mixer, which necessarily precludes any encore, listeners eat the fare resulting from this smorgasbord of sound.
Sounds lovely, doesn't it? What worries me is how much, exactly, constitutes "too much residual saliva"? So, a little bit of spit is OK, is it? I think that's one stew I'd give a miss.
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Bloody hell... It'll Be Alright On The Night 13 is on telly as I type this. Only number 13? But they've been doing it for years... I remember watching it as a kid, at least 25 years ago. And Dennis Norden looked really old back then. How old is he? He must be at least 110, surely?

For those who don't know what I mean, it's a clip show of humourous out-takes from TV shows. Which is better than those clip shows compiled from people's crappy home videos. "Oh, here's some people dancing. Oh, someone's fallen over. How hilarious." You get the idea.

And when will TV presenters handling animals learn? Ferrets bite. That is what they do. It's their job.
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Busy today, so I'll try to blog some more later on. But for now, check out the sound of the vegetables!
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Thursday, August 16, 2001

Also, sorry, but I had to gloat a little when I saw several weblogs linking through to this today, when I'd already linked to it almost a month ago (July 20). See, this is a quality blog... You see, you get all the most important topics and the news that matters here first!
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Was it really so very bad of me to take such enormous delight in the news that earlier today the vomit-inducing Britney Spears broke down in tears when asked to do a wet t-shirt scene in a film?
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Something I noticed about these football supporter lads last night. There's a hell of a lot of them wearing their team's (i.e. England's) football shirts. I found this funny, the supporters feeling that they should dress in football kit too, almost as if they belong on the team. (It's the old football fans' "we" thing). I mean you don't go to a rock gig and dress like the band, do you? No wait... bad example? OK, you don't go to the cinema and dress up like characters in the film... No... another bad example, I was forgetting The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease, The Sound of Music, etc. Errrrm, OK, I'm going to make a point of sorts here in a minute.

OK... how about other sporting events. You wouldn't go and watch a professional golf match dressed in ridiculous trousers. Or wear the penguin suit and bow tie to a snooker tournament. Or a beer and sweat-stained t-shirt to a darts match... No, wait.

OK, for some events, it's appropriate for others it isn't. Me, I'm considering going to see a triple bill of The Love Bug, Herbie Rides Again, and Herbie Goes Bananas at my local cinema, and I'm going to drive into the theatre in a Volkswagen Beetle. A bit dangerous perhaps? OK, I'm going to go all religious like and start going to church and dress up like the vicar. How's that?
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So, after a near panic-attack on the Circle Line (the tube train stopped for at least 10 minutes in the tunnel between Paddington and Edgware Road... very hot, frustrating, and Help! I don't want to be here!!!) I arrived in Camden at around 8:00, just in time for the gig.

I got to the Monarch and ordered myself of pint of the black stuff, and looking around me I observed at disproptionately large number of Japanese people. OK, so I appreciate Camden is a touristy part of London, but this didn't look like the usual crowd you'd get at these gigs.

Then when I went upstairs to where the gig was actually about to happen, a young lady came across and introduced herself to me... we were both wearing Die So Fluid t-shirts so she was seeking out fellow fans. Turned out she was Laura a.k.a. bassistfromladymuck on the forum at DSF's website. Indeedy, she was a cool and groovy lass, and we chatted and we bantered and had a drink or two.

The first band came on. There were three of them, and they were Japanese. Ah! That explains it. Obviously got a lot of their fans in. They were fast and furious. They were quite tight musically, although to be honest I couldn't tell one song from another. But best of all was their inter-song banter. Very funny guys, especially the bassist. I believe they were called The Apes. Apparently they had a CD on sale after their set for £3, but I didn't see this anywhere... I might've bought a copy too, as I did quite enjoy that band. Also I noticed that the guitar player was wearing a black shirt with a badge on it saying "Coroner"... bizarre thing fashion, innit? It makes you wonder about the people you see wearing t-shirts with japanese or chinese characters on them... They could say anything and the wearer would not know. You could be walking around, thinking you were looking really trendy and cool, with a t-shirt that says "wanker" or "arsehole". Or something.

Next was DSF's set. What can I say? They were back on form again, and brilliant, after the bad sound we experienced at the Brighton gig. But for some reason Grog seemed to be trying to get as much red-lipstick as possible onto her microphone! Heh Heh!

Yapped to them all after the set, and Drew roped me into giving him a hand lifting some of the gear. Spoke to the usually quiet Al (drums), who was telling me about the biker do they played at last Friday (the Bulldog Bash). I resisted the temptation to make a crack about contestants in dresses and high heels when he mentioned watching the drag racing. Which was good. Not putting my foot in it, that is. Also caught up with Clare and Dktr Philosophikus. So that was groovy too!

Next band on were Groop Dogdrill and they were a bit too heavy and ugly for my liking, so me and the Dktr went to the downstairs bar for a bit and had a drink and a chat. About philosophy and gardening and stuff.

I went down to the tube with Laura, who was heading that way too, and managed to get the 12 minutes to midnight train back home. Which was delayed. And full of football fans. Not that they were badly behaved or anything, just that they were talking VERY LOUDLY and I had developed a headache by this point.

Finally crawled into bed at 1:30 a.m.
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Once I'd arrived at Paddington, and as I hadn't eaten, I decided to risk Burger King again. You may recall my dissatisfaction from the inept service in the Oxford branch two weeks ago. OK, a bit better this time: My Large Onion rings numbered twelve, and not the pathetic measly eight I'd been given in Oxford; and the sauces were ones in little tubs designed for dipping, unlike the sachets of the Oxford Burger King experience. But the Veggie Whopper? Well, it was better than the Oxford effort - this time it had relish, and pickles and cheese, etc piled on top inside the bun, but the actual burger was definitely not like the Veggie Whoppers of old. They used to be textured protein meat-substitute type stuff, and were quite yummy. This was just a plain generic vegetable burger... i.e. made of minced vegetables. Not unpleasant, but not what I was expecting. I can only assume that the whole Veggie Whopper experience has changed... new recipe, new supplier or whatever. Grrrr... I liked the old ones!
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In my time I've met some pretty damn irritating people. But the lad on the train from Oxford to London last night had to be a contender for the Most Irritating Person I've Ever Met Awards. First of all he insisted on sitting on the same four group of seats as me despite the rest of the train being empty at this point, and quickly grabbed a copy of The Sun which was lying on the table between the two sets of seats, as if he was desperate to get to it before I did. "It's OK," I assured him, "you can have it." I mean - really, The Sun? Perrrrlease! He then proceeded to unfold the paper onto the table and take up as much room as possible, and THEN he extracted from his bag all of his worldly goods and spread them about him, and all over OUR table. Grrrrr... I hate it when people try to mark territory in that way. Ignorant is the word that springs to mind.

But worse was to come in the form of a bag of food: crisps, chocolate bar, Coka Cola, and Lord knows what else. This also occupied a large proportion of the table, but what really offended me was his table manners. Eating crisps as noisily as he could, crunching away with mouth wide open. It was cringeworthy. Then used empty packets and wrappers just flung down roughly in my direction. More territory marking.

Further annoyances included his twitchy foot which he kept pounding excitedly against the floor next to my foot, and occasionally on top of it. Git! And then there were the calls to and from his mobile phone, which he had to conduct at high decibels for some reason. Several times he couldn't hear his phone with its irritating fucking stupid ring-tone tune cos he was listening to his walkman. I think everyone else in the carriage heard it though. Grrrrr...

I did manage to capture back from him a few square millimetres of table space upon which I parked a can of cider from the in-train trolley service. But Grrrrrr...! Isn't it?
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Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Phew! It's nearly the end of the working day. In about a quarter of an hour I'm going to get myself freshened up and changed and then I'm off to London, 'cos guess what? I'm off to see Die So Fluid again. Yeah - third week in a row!
Grog, Die So Fluid
They're playing at The Monarch, 49 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden. Should be on-stage at about 8:30, possibly 9:00, I reckon. If anyone is interested.
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Last night I finished reading "Cardiff Dead" by John Williams, which is (and I quote from the publisher's own description 'cos I can't be bothered to summarise it in a sentence myself) "A wicked dip into the shady side of the Welsh capital". And a nice little page turner of a thriller it was turning out to be. Until the end, when it all went flat and kinda fizzled out and left me with that "Oh" feeling. Like so many other books that I read these days. Which is quite the opposite of what happens in the movies where you get bigger and bigger explosive climaxes. *Sigh*!
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Back on Monday, July 23, I said:
Today's nailvarnish is Sparkling Blueberry by Christian Dior.
And... errrrr... it has been ever since! (Admittedly I have re-applied it several times). I really must get out of this rut and start wearing some different colours. So, tell me, what's your favourite colour nail varnish?
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Let's have some more interactivity from you blog-readers out there today. I'm going to pose a couple of direct questions and I would appreciate some feedback.

First of all, about the layout of this blog. When I set this up, and wasn't very aware of the whole blogging phenomenon, I opted to have postings displayed chronologically within days, rather than in reverse chronological order like all the other blogs I've ever seen (i.e. most recent posting first). I've always thought that the reverse chronology thing was weird... if you're reading a diary you don't start at the back and work forwards. But, I'm willing to change things if people think it's a good idea. So... comments please!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Transgender Heroes: Klinger

Corporal Max Klinger from M*A*S*H as portrayed by Jamie Farr
As a kid, well before I knew anything about transgendered related matters, I always felt an affinity for Corporal Klinger in TV's M*A*S*H. Klinger spent most of his time at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital trying to prove that he was crazy so that he can get out of the army, which was the reason he started wearing dresses and high heels (although I always felt he secretly enjoyed it a bit more than that). When crossdressing didn't earn him a discharge from the army, he turned to other crazy stunts in order to prove that he was mad, such as his attempt to eat an entire army jeep, wrapping himself up in a rubber suit and a fur coat during a heatwave, and his extended vigil atop of a pole during a spell of severely bitter weather.

And when Radar O'Reilly left the series, and Klinger took over his role and actually stopped wearing dresses, I felt that the character had lost something, but I couldn't put my finger on what. Perhaps, I could no longer identify with him.
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...and if you're really keen you can comment on postings in the archives too!

But you know what this could mean? Pay-back time from Jamie Oliver! Oooh-errr! I'm shaking in my stilettos already.
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Righty-o! I've decided that it's high time to bring this effort of mine into line with all the other blogs out there and make it more interactive and so have added this snazzy little feature that'll allow you all to comment on my postings here! So, don't be shy... get involved! See where it says comment after each posting? Well, click on it and you're away!
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Also, I dropped my CD walkman on the way to work. I don't think it's damaged, but things seem to be going wrong already this morning.
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Got off to a bad start today when I set the alarm off at work. Couldn't remember that damn code. That's number dyslexia for you! Very traumatic experience. Still trying to calm my nerves.
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Thanks for the link on your blog to Donatien at a HOOKER bit my nose off (formerly Glen's Homophobia Newsletter ... tongue in cheek title - he explains that in today's blog entry)! He says, about me:
i happened on Gina Snowdoll's blog by chance on blogger. i thought "hmmm, sounds like the Adventures of a Small Asian Girl. Ill check it out". heh ;)
Small Asian Girl? Eeeeeks! Hardly! Does he know? He must know...
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Monday, August 13, 2001

Today, I've made several new entries on the other blog - Sherri & Gina's TG News, Gossip and Links! Check 'em out!
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I'm not normally one to champion the likes of chart-topping pop-stars - I usually like my music a bit more "underground" shall we say - but I was reading an interview with Sophie Ellis-Bextor in this week's The Guide (which comes with Saturday's The Guardian) and she says:
"I think people at the moment are a little afraid of appearing untouchable. Everybody wants to be wearing stuff that you can find in your local high street store. If you're going to stand on stage you might as well look like you're supposed to be there."
I like her attitude! That girl knows the meaning of fabulousness! And looking at the fashion links on her website she's got some expensive tastes. The prices of those shoes! Eeeeeks! And those were the ones at sale price!
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I was talking to Mel about buying clothing and shoes when you're globetrotting, and Mel said, "I'm a bit nervous of putting heels in my luggage when flying - what would the x-ray show? 'No, officer, I'm just taking these rather large high-heeled shoes to someone as a gift...' - yeah, right!"

I countered with: "Oh, I'd just do it. They must see ALL sorts of stuff in people's luggage - all part of the job and that."

But perhaps Mel's caution is wise. See this story from which may explain why customs officials could well be interested in high heels in your luggage!
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I see that Jamie Oliver is in yet another Sainsbury's advert. This time he and wifey Jules, seem to have abducted some small child, and are at the zoo having a picnic, and Jamie - ol' Monkey Man himself - has the cheek to tell the kid that "Sorry, but you can't eat that" as said child is about to take a bite out of a sandwich, and points to a sign saying "Do not feed the animals". Someone please pass that guy a mirror!
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I bought a great single on Saturday when we were in Oxford: "Get Off Your Pretty Face" by Brain Donor... I love it - it's guitar-riff-tastic! Brain Donor have been described as a bubblegum metal trio, and you know they've got to be something special when you find out that Julian Cope is involved. If you like pre-fabricated chart music or dancey clubby stuff then you'll hate it, but if you like music with balls, and big guitars (believe me, Brain Donor have BIG guitars, two doublenecks that is!) and big riffs, then you'll love it.
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Sorry for not posting anything over the weekend. I was a bit too busy on Saturday, and on Sunday, it wasn't too easy getting to use the computer as Karen (housemate) had her new fella over and I thought it prudent to make myself scarce so went up and lurked in my bedroom.

Friday night Sherri came over to visit, and we watched telly, chatted and drank wine and whisky. Sherri stayed the night, and next morning - after a large plate of TOAST - we went into Oxford and met up with Gillian and went for lunch. In the evening we both fabulised ourselves, experimented with make-up and looks, scoffed some pizza, drank more wine and whisky, and watched repeats of Red Dwarf on UK Gold. We also did a shoe swap... I had a pair of heels that were too small for me, and Sherri had a pair that were too large, so we swapped and everyone was happy!
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Friday, August 10, 2001

It was good to catch up with Grog, Drew and Al, a.k.a. Die So Fluid on Tuesday night in Brighton. I had really long chats with both Drew and Grog, which was groovy. And as for the music, as ever, they played their hearts out, although they seem to have dropped "Versus" which is one of my faves. Ho hum. I suppose it was the oldest song in the set and they want to play more new stuff. But it was a bit of a weird gig, to be honest. I've heard them sound a lot better than this... not the band's fault at all, it was the resident sound guy and/or the PA system at the venue (The Pressure Point... took me ages to find it... didn't help that the map I'd downloaded from the internet had the venue incorrectly located over the other side of the road... well, more than a road - there was a whacking great grassy area and a church in the middle of it all. Grrrr...).

The other weird thing was that Die So Fluid were second on the bill, between two punk bands. Most the audience seemed to be a rent-a-crowd mob that the "headlining" band had brought with them. I wasn't too impressed with this band. When one of the guitar players broke a string, he said "Oh well, doesn't matter"... and continued playing with five strings. No finesse. So, anyway, most this crowd were not expecting Die So Fluid's dark rock stylings. And tough luck to 'em... DSF were the most musical and talented band on that night. But not a very good turn-out from the Fluid fans. There was a small bunch of us... mainly some of Drew's mates, one or two others and me. After the show, Grog said to me "Thank god for a familiar face in the audience". Actually, we had a really long chat, and ended up talking about all sorts of things, even one of my fave subjects - high heeled shoes! Well... I had to tell Grog about the 7" platform heels that I'd bought in the Lanes in Brighton earlier that day. (YES! Another pair... but this time they are red. And the girl in the shop remembered me from way back in March when TinTin and I went in there and bought the black pair).
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I just found the following on Wreckless Eric's website:
...if you live anywhere in the UK I'm sure you won't have escaped seeing the Sainsbury's ad on the telly - the ones with that hilarious Jamie Oliver. We think he's got an eating disorder - bulimea. The way he's sticking his head in the fridge and wolfing down the ice cream in the latest one is quite disgusting. The poor boy. Imagine if, in the following advert, you had Jamie Oliver rushing into a bathroom and throwing up violently down the toilet… then he'd grab an enormous wad of toilet paper and you'd get a freeze frame close-up of Jamie wiping vomit off those big wet lips of his, and the talkover would go 'Andrex… because we know, you're more than just an arsehole…' I suppose I'll get a cross email from him next.
Eric, you'll have to wait your turn. I'm next in the line for a cross email from the naked malarkey pukka chef matey skip blue parrot droppings lad.
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Some of you out there are having a laugh aren't you? Admit it. There's been even more searches ending up at this weblog along the lines of sexy girls in flip flops. Stop it! It's not big and it's not clever.

Let me explain one more time. The words sexy and flip flops are mutually exclusive. They can not be used together in a sentence, and occupying a position in that sentence where they are placed adjacent to one another. They shouldn't even be used together in a sentence whereby they are in close proximity to one another. Except for just then when I said "The words sexy and flip flops are mutually exclusive".

Why? Because flip flops are vile, that's why? They are about as sexy as a rotten cabbage. After it's come out of the back end of an elephant.

OK, are we all clear on this now?

Footnote: Seems like I've ruffled a few feathers here - This, about ME from Woo:
"Flip Flop Bashing!: This chick is a bitch. You may read this entry, but never visit her site again."
Oh dear oh dear oh dear... I don't know where to begin with responding to that one. Sheer madness.

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Thursday, August 09, 2001

Back again... I'm a little bit pissed off right now, 'cos I think someone pickpocketed me in Brighton on my way to the station. I know I left my Uncle's with £10 in my pocket, cos my Uncle gave it to me, but it wasn't there when I got on the train. And one thing I've noticed in Brighton, is that the people in the street seem to have no sense of an individual's personal space. They'll walk right up to you; they'll push past you within millimetres of your nose, and generally dodge around the place. I should have been more alert.
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Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Twenty minutes here at home now and I'm off to Brighton. I've packed light, just in case I have to come straight back home after the gig tonight... in which case I don't need to be carting loads of luggage around with me. So... I may be back tomorrow... otherwise it'll be late on Thursday.
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Monday, August 06, 2001

Oh, and while I think of it, a quick rant: When I was on the tube in London t'other day, I noticed a poster for Paul Hogan as Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles... Bleedin' 'ell, Hogan, give it up already! No one gives a damn anymore. (If indeed, they ever did in the first place.)
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There's some warped minds out there. According to SiteMeter, someone - somehow - found this website by doing a Google search for photos of women wearing flip-flops! Sick, sick, sick...
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Here I am with a quick mid-holiday blog posting. I just got back home from Wales, where I spent a few days with my parents doing nothing much really. In some ways it was just like the old days, what with my dad playing an eclectic bunch of records: I think in the space of one half an hour we had Django Reinhardt, Shostakovich, and The Stranglers. And for some reason I've been extraordinarily tired; on Sunday afternoon I simply couldn't keep my eyes open. Perhaps it means I've been able to relax. At last.

So now I'm back home again... only to have to pack my bag pretty smartish, for tomorrow I will be on my travels again. This time, to Brighton. I plan on seeing Die So Fluid again tomorrow night, and spending a couple of days at my Uncle's. The only problem is that I've been trying to phone him to remind him that I am coming, and no-one is answering the phone. I hope he hasn't forgotten and gone away somewhere!
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Thursday, August 02, 2001

So, despite the best efforts of Thames Trains and London Underground to thwart me, I did get to Water Rats in King's Cross just in time for the gig. I had intended just watching Die So Fluid do their set, and then leave when the next band came on, but then I took another look at the posters advertising gigs around the venue, and noticed that the name of Die So Fluid was the one in the largest type face. In other words, they were headlining, which meant wouldn't be going on stage until 10:00 or thereabouts. So much for getting away early!

First band on were called Last Man Standing - they were young and enthusiastic and noisy, and quite good fun actually. Their bass player had the look of Sid Vicious about him. Towards the end of the set, I saw Grog, and had a quick chat with her, and passed on Annie's best wishes (she'd text messaged me from Italy). This was the first DSF gig this year that I'd been on my own... the last three occassions had been with Annie.

Next band up were Huge Baby... yawn... I've seen them a couple of times before, when Die So Fluid have been in the support slot. Nice to see that DSF have been promoted now! Anyway, this Huge Baby crowd... they're OK, I suppose, but mostly their sound is based around the rather gimmicky guitar stylings of their baseball-cap wearing guitarist, who seems to enjoy trying to look as bored as possible whilst making his Ibanez Steve Vai guitar squeal like a host of demons.

Then of course, there was Die So Fluid. I positioned myself near the stage, but off to Drew (the guitarist)'s side, because as I said yesterday, I had been asked by Paul to take some photos. Over on Grog's side there was a guy with a video camera, and I didn't want to piss him off by getting in front of him, so I stayed mainly over the other side, venturing into the middle a couple of times and sitting on the floor, so I could take a few photos from a looking-up perspective. I took as many pics as I could during the first two songs, so that I could watch the rest of the gig properly, and not through the view-finder of the camera. As well as playing the favourites, Versus, Operation Hypocrite, Concealed Machine, there were also a couple of new songs (well, new to me anyway) including the closer, Shiva. But from where I was standing I could see Drew's set-list on the floor in front of him, and I could see that they had another song scheduled after that! An encore possibility perhaps? But they never played it. But then again, the crowd never called for an encore; they're probably too used to the fact that this band have never played encores in the past. Grrrrr... if only a few of us had shouted out for more.

After that, we all repaired to the bar, and I caught up with Grog again and bought her a JD and Coke (my favourite! the girl has good taste!), and I chatted with Captain B and Dktr Philosophikous, who also frequent the DSF forum on the website. Oh, and I grabbed a couple of DSF t-shirts that Grog was selling; one for me and one for Annie. And then I had to be off, and thankfully managed to make it back to Paddington in time to get on a homeward-bound train that was just about leave.

And now today, I'm deaf!
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A couple of quickies from the Beeb Beeb Ceeb:Note: I've removed the wisecracks about Mariah Carey going into psychiatric care, after having read some more about this story. Suspected suicide attempt or not, the alleged slashed wrists just ain't funny, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even her.
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Fast food is something I usually avoid. But now and again, it has to be said, it is a covenient way of getting a quick bite to eat should the need arise. And sometimes it does. So, if I ever do feel this way inclined, I definitely avoid Kentucky Fried Chicken (hardly very vegetarian friendly, and their TV adverts showing pieces of dead meat in close-up border on the pornographic as far as I'm concerned, and that "Colonel" character seriously pisses me off too), and of course I also avoid McDonald's (nasty global corporation; plus their veggie food is cooked in animal fats; AND I saw that picture of the deep-fried dead mouse that someone found in their meal that time).

No, the fast food place of choice for me, is Burger King. Hey, it ain't wonderful, I know, but it does offer three things in its favour:
  • It has a few decent veggie options...
  • ...which are cooked in vegetable oil
  • It also serves onion rings! (Yum!)
BUT... - you knew there was going to be a "but", didn't you? -
Yesterday, my plan was to go to London straight from work, so I'd be at the venue in King's Cross in plenty of time for the gig. So, having undertaken a quick change of clothes in the toilets at the office, I decided to grab a quick bite to eat before setting off for London, and naturally gravitated towards Burger King. As usual in these situations, the guy who took my order didn't seem to understand much English, and I had to repeat my order of "Veggie Whopper, Large Onion Rings, and Coffee" several times, taking care to enunciate the words properly.

The lad went away and soon returned to plonk a carton of eight onion rings on my tray. Eight? That's a large portion of onion rings? How many do you get in a regular portion? Four? Then he went off and fetched me a miniscule paper cup containing my coffee (OK, I hadn't asked for large in this case; I just didn't realise that "regular" meant small). Then after much waiting he fetched a paper-wrapped burger and plopped it on my tray. It was a not a Veggie Whopper. It was the wrong shape for starters - more of an elongated oval shape, rather than the regular round shape that is a Whopper. Also, it was not in a little cardboard carton. It looked suspiciously like a bean burger to me. I have nothing against Burger King's bean burgers, but it was not what I had ordered. I brought this to the attention of the dim-witted foreign lad, and somehow communicated to him that this was not what was required.

After several more minutes the bean burger was replaced with another paper-wrapped effort, still no cardboard carton, but this time it was ROUND, so I assumed that it was a Veggie Whopper that the lad had procured quickly and hadn't bothered to box up, so as not to keep me waiting. I then confused the stupid boy even further by simply asking him for some sauces for my onion rings. In a panic he ignored the boxes of cartons of sauces for DIPPING behind him, and shoved regular sachets of ketchup and mayonnaise at me. SACHETS? How, in the name of arse, am I supposed to dip an onion ring into a sachet?

But I was eager to be getting on... I didn't want to be here all night and I had a train to catch. So, I took my meal and went and found a table and began munching. But, it was not a Veggie Whopper. It was nothing like a Veggie Whopper. It was just some bland generic vegetable burger, which from what I could see, wasn't even listed on the menu. I was bloody livid, I can tell you. In fact, I wished I'd shut up earlier, and kept the bloody bean burger. I didn't know when I was onto a good thing, it seemed. But, as I said, I didn't have the time to kick up a fuss... unfortunately! Grrrrr...

And there the story sort of peters out, I'm afraid. No grand finales. No spectacular explosions. No twist at the end of the tale. Sorry about that.
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Before I get involved in all the cut and thrust of today's exciting blog entries, I'd just like to say that after today, I'm not going to be able to post anything for a few days, but please stay tuned and do not forget me; I will be back with you shortly! Tomorrow morning, I have to be up bright and early to catch the train to Wales, as I'm going to be spending a long weekend at my parents' in Pembrokeshire.

I shall be back on Monday night - and if time permits I'll post something to the blog - but I have to seek out several fresh pairs of knickers and re-pack my bags pretty damn spanky quick as the next morning I am off to Brighton, and I should return home again Thursday night.

So apologies in advance if it all goes a bit quiet in this 'ere blog for a little while. I'm going to try to post a number of new entries today in an attempt to make up for the inactivity over the next few days. If I resort to posting news stories from, then you may safely assume that I have run out of ideas.
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Wednesday, August 01, 2001

A rather disturbing story from
Baby named Sainsbury after mum goes into labour in store
A woman has named her baby after Sainsbury after going into labour in her local store. Rosie Seifu was shopping in Stockwell, South London, with her husband Mulualem Afres when she collapsed in an aisle. She gave birth in hospital. The boy's middle name will be Sainsbury but the couple have yet to decide on a first name. According to the Daily Express, Mrs Seifu, 29, said it was her husband's idea to name their son after the supermarket. She said: "I don't mind. I'm just relieved he got there safely."
Being named after a supermarket isn't something that you would grow up to be proud of, but I think the really alarming thing about this story is that the parents haven't chosen a first name for this child yet... And if they continue with the same line of logic that inspired the middle name, then the poor little mite could easily end up being a Jamie or an Oliver. Or both.
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Oh... and I ought to say, big congrats to Adam (at Mookie) on his engagement to Andrea.
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How did I get talked into that? Paul came around last night and said as I was going to be seeing Die So Fluid (tonight) could I take his camera and finish off the film for him? Eeeeeks! And I said, I suppose so. Erk! I always feel extremely self-conscious using a camera in situations such as this, almost as if what I'm doing (taking pictures) is in someway underhand, or is in breach of ettiquette. There's been so many gigs I've been to in the past where cameras are not allowed, that it seems somehow wrong. But the band don't seem to mind in this case. Still, if I get a chance to talk to Grog, Drew or Al before their set tonight, I think I'll ask permission. It's only polite.
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